From a distance, many light spots suddenly fly out of the asteroid belt, and these light spots come together to give people a sense of a mask, which is like a slightly sunken heavy screen waving a sickle shadow.
"Boom boom boom …"
More than 30,000 star cruise ships launched an attack at the same time, and each ship fired hundreds of missiles at a rapid rate. When it was calculated, it was a horror. What’s worse, some advanced ships dropped nearly 1,000 missiles as soon as they were launched.
The mother emperor wants to test Lin momo, will he let it do so? Although the first wave of attacks made the missiles all inferior, they could not hold many ships.
Four or five million gamma-ray bombs are too large to cause a phenomenon similar to the strong shooting of satellites. The violent thunder screen is particularly shining. Many captains close their eyes at this moment.
The white dragon bared its teeth and rushed into the insect tide, almost touching the core of the insect tide, and then rippled slightly, and countless insect corpses flew out. The dragon seemed to be bitten by the insect tide.
The power of the shield defense body first showed that those missiles were not far apart, and it was only through the comparison of the attack power of the shield defense body that such a terrible scene was created, which made the vast majority of the crew feel more confident.
30 million sickle worms have gone up in smoke, but it’s a little difficult to create such a magnificent scene again. It’s difficult to achieve the expected effect. Louis, together with the wise men of the fleet, can push forward the deduction, which can make the shield defense zerg enter a short and perfect state when it comes. All star cruise ships attack at the same time, with bonus power that can be superimposed.
The only drawback of this move is to wait until the Zerg gets close to France to make stronger missiles, because that will wave to the asteroid belt. After all, the destructive bomb is so powerful that it is terrible to get together.
Heavenly shield defense relies on the asteroid belt to disperse the Zerg forces to the greatest extent. The asteroid belt is divided naturally by the celestial shield defense method. Before the battle enters a white-hot state, there are still many places that need the help of the asteroid belt mother prominence before ordering the sickle worm to try its best to clear the obstacles.
"Armor-piercing projectile destruction bomb attack" Lin momo again.
This time, however, it is not the swarm missile but the gamma-ray bomb manufacturing base that attacks the sickle worm from the "surface". After all, the chance of insect tide disorder is extremely rare.
On the species of zerg, it is difficult to break through the worm tide with a number of over 100 million. Once the worm tide is broken, it must not be recovered, otherwise it will be very troublesome for Lin momobai to launch an offensive flagrantly. However, the second attack on the destruction bomb and the armor-piercing bomb is very divergent and will not cause itself to bite.
The worm tide is still running, and many insect carcasses have been thrown out. Sickle insects can rank forty-three in the list of strange insects, and their attack power and defense power are far superior to those of bile worms. Although the insect tide has suffered some heavy losses, it has not destroyed the bomb offensive and collapsed. On the contrary, the insect tide is getting closer and closer, and the insect shadow is killing against the sky shield.
A large number of sickle worms kill in the middle, and the huge whirlpool is like a meat grinder. Lin momo temporarily doesn’t want to let Tiandun’s defense body worm tide smash the official battle instructions.
The dense cannon light interweaves with four reserve fleets, and nearly a thousand star cruise ships display their long-range ship fighting skills, covering the whole star brilliantly.
The asteroid belt is like a magical area, but it emits billions of bright cannons, which are sometimes colorful, sometimes brilliant and changeable, sometimes interwoven into a galaxy and sometimes turned into rain.
From another point of view, the insect tide has been rotated several times, and the gun light has been steadily held to hold the dark insect shadow. So killing the sickle insect damage will definitely aggravate the roar of the mother emperor Promenade and show the general attack so soon.
Volume 21 fighters star! Cloud nuclear chapter 125 force
Sickle worms killed and injured more than 50 million people in the main era, and the mother emperor prominence was furious. It no longer carried out meaningful tests and growled and ordered all insect tides to rush to the asteroid belt. We must find out the hateful enemies and see if those difficult metal cans of humble humans were cheating and the daughter died. Is there any situation here?
"Damn the worst situation, the mother emperor made a determined effort to urge all zerg to attack the shield defense array and give it to the master to run." It was quite flapping its wings and emitting a golden aperture. The asteroid belt suddenly burst into dazzling golden light and instantly formed a golden Great Wall. Asteroids were plated with a thick layer of golden light.
"Good job, pretty good. Help me resist first."
Lin momo for screen quickly ordered "gruss don’t continue to wait to give me to you fifty thousand pieces of super radiation missiles are launched to minimize the power of insect tide".
"It is guaranteed to be completed" gruss was brought away.
"As soon as the Blood Dwarf Super Radiation Missile comes into effect, it will display its long-range ship fighting skills. Since prominence wants to fight a decisive battle, we can’t fight back with the strongest firepower hidden."
"It’s time to prepare the ship’s lighter." The blood dwarf responded greatly
"All the captains of the Tenchu fleet will listen to the order that the Great Mighty will settle the most difficult one-horned worm for a moment, and the 600 million one-horned worm will converge to form a research-level worm tide. The worm tide has never appeared in the history. I don’t know if the entropy furnace can successfully intercept it. If it doesn’t work once, it will be the third time to do so. The burden on the entropy furnace is very great. Once, you have to accurately locate and clear all obstacles in the attack range, and launch the Taikoo ultra-radiation missile to the predetermined point. Be sure to launch the Taikoo ultra-radiation missile to the predetermined point, otherwise you may not have to do what I say to lock the attack position now. "
After half a month’s reorganization, your captains have ordered the Tianzhu fleet to be composed of 72 odd-class star cruises. Among them, 10 ships are from the Discovery Fleet, 40 ships are suitable for the Discovery Fleet and the Reserve Fleet, and the foundation of elite-class star cruises has been promoted by cosmic wonders. Twenty-two ships have been elected from those odd-class star cruises, and each ship has passed the rigorous test of Lin momo.
In addition to the tenchu fleet gruss blood gnome aquiline nose old fox rose, everyone left the flagship is not just assigned to five odd-class, but some of these odd-class star cruise ships are unsatisfactory. The captain belongs to the type of muddling along, and Lin momo wants that elan experience, but it is good, so he still keeps his post.
Seventy-two odd star cruise ships are no less powerful than 500 senior elites. What a powerful new force is this? Interstellar again difficult to find a similar fleet, I’m afraid there are those super family owners who can cobble together. Now the devil takes the hindmost, not the Ministry, still lacks a flagship, which is expected to become the Phantom of the Opera.
Lin momo is willing to throw resources at these seventy-two ships, and it is a first-class and rare resource. Otherwise, how can the reorganized Tenchu fleet be qualified to defeat five hundred senior elites? After all, 40 star cruise ships have just completed their promotion, and it would be difficult to exert their super combat effectiveness in such a short time without a large number of rare resources in place.
Of course, rare resources are not everything, but without the support of these precious resources, it is absolutely impossible
When Lin momo quickly drew up the attack order, billions of insects shrouded the prominence in the asteroid belt in an attempt to lift the mysterious veil here in the most barbaric way, but it was obviously disappointing that the golden light magnified to resist the impact.
Flames spew out flames far away. Bluetooth bugs with purple spots encourage cold storms. Fireflies spew out flowers, fireflies sting, and golden wings, causing one virtual flash after another.
More zerg are directly swept across the asteroid belt by the worm tide, which seems to be in jeopardy, and the shield defense holds up the golden light as if it were extremely fragile and is being devastated by terror.
"Kaka Kaka …"
After only half a minute of stalemate, the first-order defense of the shield defense body was broken, and many insect shadows poured in. In the process, the cannon light actually became sparse, as if the fleet had been exhausted after the initial heavy shelling.
In fact, abandoning the first-order defense is quite a command.
Because it is not important to put some Zerg into the mirror array, the first-order defense is broken, and at the same time, 50 thousand super-radiation missiles will render the worm tide into layers of golden light, and then the radiation will slowly spread out
In these 20 days, Lin momo will be unprepared again? Rose once attracted a group of blue-line necrophilia to gather, but the petite blue-line necrophilia army in the maze mirror array of adult tide was wiped out. Refining rare metal elements from blue-line necrophilia is just a good prescription to build a super-radiation warhead, and the Triassic Yuan Dynasty mother moon brain tissue is mixed together to make raw materials, which is considered to be the foundation for mass-produced super-radiation warheads.
After working day and night, Lin momo overcame all difficulties to produce these 50 thousand ordinary super-radiation warheads. It is said that steel should reach the blade. At this moment, the insect tide is great. There are also some super-strong zerg individuals who have to accept the call of the mother emperor prominence because of the ancient zerg Covenant and come to this battlefield to make trouble for the fleet
The main purpose of these 50,000 super-radiation warheads, in addition to weakening the strength of some insect tides, is to kill those super-strong zerg individuals and let these guys rush into the mirror array to rampage and destroy the various settings in the formation.
This kind of individual super zerg is like a sword-tip shield. It is really strong, but it also has some inevitable defects, that is, it can resist the storm at a certain point
The action of ordinary zerg caught in mirror array will be limited. Most of the zerg individuals are not strong enough to rely on it, but it is the group power that makes Momo reach the "extinction" order.
The ultra-radiation wave runs away, and the golden lotus flowers are blooming outside. This scene is full of beauty, but it is the most cruel beauty in the universe.
Every minute, a large number of zerg are killed, and the tide of insects immediately collapses to resist the ravages of ultra-radiation. Those who act alone, the zerg moan and the radiation gradually slows down in the poisonous light.
Don’t look at the extreme lethality of ultra-radiation, poisonous light, and actually dial out the insect tide. The insect tide composed of two or three layers of insect shadows and one-horned giant insects has little loss. This is the horror of insect tide. Once it reaches a certain order of magnitude, the peripheral zerg will lose one or two layers of shield. What’s the matter? There are thousands of layers of fear inside and outside.
The shield defense body runs at a high speed, and hundreds of units of crystal refining are consumed every second. Fifty thousand ultra-radiation missiles more or less slow down the insect tide offensive. It is this delay that Linxi asks for it.
At this time, thousands of lights rushed out of the asteroid belt, and the wave frequency was full of roar. The lights reflected bright, and there were several insect shadows. There were colorful light beams, hot light groups, black poisonous light and huge auras. It was really eye-opening that the destructive energy was shown in so many forms. However, they were long-range ship fighting skills.
The ship’s fighting skill means that the star cruise ship has the strongest strength, showing that the mother emperor Prometheus feels that the ultra-radiation missile condenses the spiritual power of the full moon and urges its amethyst insect tower to rush in. At the same time, ten huge figures lead the rest of the mother emperor’s guards to rush in, and the larger foe will not give Lin momo a chance to escape.
Lin momo never thought of running away. He is not as bad as Tyrande, but more reasons are based on the perfect arrangement and preparation of Tyrande these days to help kill a large number of zerg. These are all indispensable for winning.
"time entropy furnace starts"
The bright light hat appeared on the hull of the Great Mighty as if there was a quivering white mushroom on the hull. Soon, the white mushroom grew into a towering tree, and the previous light hat bred a light hat. So the two arc light hats were superimposed together, and the thick light beam crossed the mirror array with a hint of mercerization and headed for the insect tide.
One-horned Hercules ranked forty-seventh in the list of strange insects. These one-horned Hercules were not born by catalysis, but the real team accumulated by the mother emperor prominence in the main era for millions of years has the strength of destroying everything. However, today, the one-horned Hercules has always been tyrannical and overbearing. Suddenly, a light beam appeared in front of his opponent and directly printed the outline of the insect tide.
This light beam can cause material decay. Even if there are many unicorns, is there any external disturbance in the operation of ash worm tide? 600 million one-horned giant worms immediately reduced the decay ability of light beams, and after paying nearly one million insect corpses, the base has controlled the situation and there will be no more major casualties.
Just at this moment, another earth-shattering decay light beam came through the insect tide, and the one-horned giant insect became a little fidgety because this second light beam just hit the first light beam.
Not only that, but the blink of an eye, the third light beam is like inserting a slender steel bar into a wooden wheel. Although the steel bar looks weak, its toughness is still strong, which makes the insect tide run a little sluggish
It’s a rare opportunity. Lin momo has tried his best to chew off this worst insect tide. Besides having super strength, he needs a little luck. Never make a mistake.
A moment later, seventy-two odd-class star cruise ships arrived at the edge of the shield defense body, and the fleet suddenly burst into super fire, eliminating all the insect corpses in the attack path and rapidly shooting 3,000 Taikoo ultra-radiation missiles.
It’s 3,000 Taikoo ultra-radiation missiles. This is Lin momo’s limit at hand. Don’t you dare to have reservations about the zerg army led by the mother emperor in the main era? Isn’t that a death wish? The number of shots of Sotheby’s ultra-radiation missiles
"Boom …"
Taizhong blooms more brilliant fireworks. It’s pretty tough to control the zerg to enter the mirror first, but it’s actually torn by the shield to resist the cosmic super radiation and spiritual storm.
Seventy-two ships of the Tianzhu fleet retreated at the fastest speed without looking at the results. The edge of the asteroid belt counted, and the one-horned giant worm fell into the golden light, and the tide of insects collapsed like a domino.
Volume 21 fighters star! Cloud nuclear Chapter 1251 Furnace
The one-horned giant bug panicked and spread outward. It’s like a tower suddenly collapsed layer by layer. It’s not a day’s work to rebuild the tower. Although the mother emperor prominence screamed to stop the insect tide from collapsing, 3,000 Taikoo ultra-radiation missiles triggered a vicious mental storm. It’s not up to these bugs to be afraid.
Wave after wave of collapse, and soon the tsunami-like insect shadow washed around. Those near the unicorn were unlucky. In the face of the huge body, the unicorn was not running smoothly, giving birth to a little stagnation.
"Give me a good chance to kill" Lin momo’s high-spirited insect tide has been subverted, so the next step is to slaughter the second-order defense of Tiandun defense body and withstand the baptism of super radiation and mental storm. It seems that the second-order defense has been untenable, but the mirror array built up by the second-order defense has confused the Zerg, and these insects offset the negative effects of Taikoo Super Radiation Bomb. Generally speaking, it is not a loss.
At this time, all the star cruise ships in the asteroid belt were ordered to fire wildly. You know, the collapse of the one-horned giant bug line and the chaos caused by the collapse could kill a giant bug with just one shot. What are you welcome to these ugly bugs? Everyone is screaming to kill harder! The more you kill, the better
"Boom, boom ….." The cannon light shot out to render the worm mountain and the worm sea shining brightly. The life emblem of the Zerg is rapidly disappearing, and the dense blue spots are visible to the naked eye. Now that the mother emperor prominence dares to launch a general attack on Lin momo, there is no choice but to go all out.
"ouch!" The mother emperor was angry and heartbroken, and ordered all Zerg to enter the asteroid belt. What Zerg are good at is the worm sea tactics. Since the one-horned worm tide has collapsed, all those asteroids will be swept away, so they will infiltrate into it to fill in this strange area. I don’t believe that so many Zerg can find each other by entering.
"Ho ho, the zerg is coming, and the shield defense body is running in the third direction", which is quite aimed at the screen and flapped its wings, revealing a green and misty shadow behind the bird.
Pretty pretty behind this group of virtual shadow released a golden halo. In an instant, all the golden auras were printed on the screen, and the shield defense body changed its array at the fastest speed. The hidden umbrellas in all directions supported the layers of illusions. Those crazy flies rushed into the asteroid belt and the insect shadow became headless flies, which accidentally injured the nearby insect soldiers.

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