"Pull me!"
The target object of Lu Chen’s frequent roar is not the painting of pears, but the high-spirited Chu Hang arrived before the expedition. They just gave the team knot scroll to Chu Hang, and the unexpected situation can guarantee him and the painting of pears to retreat.
This irresistible feeling makes the soul tremble and oppress him. He has not experienced it for a long time. This feeling is … taboo!
Chu Hang, the high god, instantly crushed the scroll, but the sending force did not come. The crimson will enveloped this place and it was completely isolated.
That big hand slowly enveloped Liu Chen as if to appreciate the despair of all beings.
Have no martial ethics in the inner world!
Liu Chen denounced in his heart that he had lost the war, but there were still taboos. The target was himself! ?
It seems that the ship passed slowly, but the pear-shaped clothes still realized the danger. She didn’t know how to save her husband. She knew that fate’s ability would never be against taboos.
Nowadays, sending has failed. Even if she moves her team skills, it will only pull Liu Chen to her side. It is meaningless to be in this root.
Draw pear clothes and grind your teeth to urge you to bet on this indescribable function when you get stuck in your hand!
Chapter one thousand five hundred and sixteen The magician
Everything is like being slowly released from a warship. People’s expressions gradually change from cheering or sadness to consternation and fear.
The same is true of painting pear clothes. Lu Chen seems to be moving very slowly. You can see that the worry in the eyes of the eyebrows has just started to wrinkle, and the hand has not yet passed through.
The red-dyed grey moon turns into a deep red, giving human despair.
Slowly, slowly, the big hand that covered the sun fell to Liu Chen’s head with fog.
He felt as if he were shrouded in death and bound by despair, and his mysterious blood was boiling and his soul was stirring, but he could move himself and watch the big hand fall.
Does he want to end here?
Died in the inner world’ have no martial ethics’?
And that big hand is about to touch Liu Chenshi and make a ring in the air.
Like the first sound in the silent world, like the first light piercing the darkness, so the world turns upside down, crimson and the world turns again.
Close to the cover to the Liu Chen-shaped hand, there is a loose sound in the virtual space.
"I didn’t kill anyone. Wouldn’t I be ashamed if you crushed me to death?"
I can’t smell anyone, but this sound Liu Chen feels familiar.
He can’t remember clearly, because once he saw the one who didn’t want him to remember clearly, he couldn’t remember the sound of the other party and didn’t know the exact appearance of the other party.
Seeing the cards in the hands of girls wearing red and white clothes at the bow of distant warships is like blowing in the wind’s ethereal fog, and it is like a little bit of fate scattered in the virtual distance.
Those shimmering lights reunited Lu Chen’s head, and a man in a red suit appeared, looking at the depths of the inner world in an illusory Gherardini shape.
"Virtual hunters! ?”
Lu Chen exclaimed that although the costume seemed different, it was not the first time he saw a man in a purple suit, but the smell was very similar, and the momentum seemed to rule the battlefield in an instant.
But for a moment, he realized that something was wrong and the tone was wrong. When the virtual hunter came to the battlefield, his tone should be more overbearing and there would be no such joke tone.
He seems to be familiar with this tone, not because of his origin and taking care of his circus leader Jker many times, but because his hometown world has seen illegal giants magicians!
Just as Lu Chen was wondering, the projection of fate seemed to connect with some unreal posture, and gradually solidified it as if someone had stepped.
From the end of time and cause and effect, a figure moved towards this projection of fate.
For a moment, the projection of fate solidified, and the red suit became more bright and bright, and the original face seemed to have changed. Lu Chen couldn’t see it really, but he could feel the change. It was not a face.
It’s not that he can’t see clearly, but that he saw it but couldn’t remember it. It’s not a person who can describe the difference between them.
He vaguely feels that both faces are handsome, and the latter seems to be more easygoing and lazy.
White gloves appeared in the original hand, and the gloves were white and flawed, and they still kept snapping their fingers after playing.
"No, Hill … killed … Kumisi …"
A sound from the depths of the inner world is the sound of the battlefield. Gao Tianjiao, like a lost soul, fell into a mental shock and fainted in large numbers.
It’s not intentional, but the natural force of sound and shape diffusion makes the monks unbearable in the early stage of true self.
Lu Chen also felt that the magic sound penetrated his soul and trembled, but the moment was immediately offset by another force.
The other man seems to understand the language that Liu Chen doesn’t understand. "This is really a big misunderstanding. I just sensed that someone moved my card to fulfill the final contract."
"Sadami … Orxisada … Huhu Gusmo Menace …"
In the world, the sound sounded again. This time, Lu Chen didn’t feel uncomfortable again. The distant card messenger painted pear clothes equally safely.
Others are not so lucky. The man summoned by the card seems to travel, and his function protects the performer and the performer’s goal, regardless of the life and death of other creatures in the high world.
"oh? Is this the purpose? "

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