Tian Jue this gaffes for a long time because he also has a long time didn’t hear Su Yonglin say so overbearing words.
His impression is that Su Yonglin has always been quite gentle unless he launched a major purge, and he will encourage the Ministry to make various suggestions, even if it is against him.
So during his reign, even when he was emperor, the political atmosphere was relaxed and not tense.
Su Yonglin is not a radical most of the time, unless he decides that he must do something and it will inevitably meet with a lot of resistance.
Then he will become tougher than ever and will not listen to people.
This is not the norm
But this time it seems to be this abnormal state.
So it took Tian Jue a long time to understand Su Yonglin’s meaning and then squeezed himself out of his throat to talk.
"You really still want to take our department away."
"That’s nature."
Su Yonglin smiled and said, "I don’t know if you’ve noticed it, but I have noticed that people in our country are too strong, not only strong but also strong enough."
Later, there were newcomers who passed the imperial examination. When they faced us, they often insisted on their own attitude or were unable to hold their heads. He was calling because of this inheritance.
Whether we and they admit it or not, everyone has acquiesced that this country is me and us. They are more like visitors and we are the real masters. Where does it make sense to usurp the host’s role since ancient times?
Even if some people want to usurp the host’s role, isn’t it meaningful for us masters to put our strength, including the powerful deterrent force of the big army, there for people to watch?
Obviously, it is not normal for latecomers to be strongly resisted and confronted by the elderly if they want to do something, especially in Shandong Province. "
Tian Jue seriously thought about it and then nodded decisively.
"I have noticed this situation, but I don’t think it’s a big deal. It seems quite normal. I don’t think we are that strong. It’s only natural that some newcomers don’t know much about it."
Su Yonglin spread his hands.
"That’s because I, you are my repression, which is not so strong, but you are very strong and oppressive to the younger generation. This situation is not the first time I have seen it, but the norm.
This is not normal. This country was founded by us, but this country should not belong to our country. Everyone should be its owner, and there should be no distinction between subject and object. However, no matter how I emphasize this fact, it is difficult to reverse it.
I don’t think we can create a distinction between subject and object by one country. We can’t be like the feudal dynasty in the old days. In addition to the emperor, we have to create a lot of honours and make the country private. This is impossible. The country is a public instrument, not private.
But just like your prestige and ability to us, I can’t do anything about this actual subject-object division. At this critical moment, the way I can think of is that you must follow me and not stay. "
Tian Jue was silent for a moment, then sighed deeply and said slowly.
"I figured it out. I finally figured it out. We can stop you from acting against you. You said that some of them are right, but some of them are wrong. You said that we are also the masters of this country, but I don’t think so.
There is a master in this country, that is, you, including us, are either your servants or your guests. Our strength actually comes from you. You pulled us out of poverty and gave us everything.
I read the history and the stories of the countries in the past dynasties, and found that many heroes have their own power. They often take their own power to go to their own places to see the emperors and help them achieve great things. The empire actually established by them is shared by them.
But big or small, it’s you alone. We people didn’t help you. Instead, you saved us from starvation and gave us everything. We are not you, master. You are alone. "
Su Yonglin looked at Tian Jue for a while and smiled and nodded.
"You see it."
Tian Xuan followed nodded his head.
"I see. To put it bluntly, do you think the current Great Democratic Republic is an appearance or an empire that has never changed?"
"That’s right"
Su Yonglin nodded. "I realized a long time ago that this country has never changed as long as I live. I have the power to change its appearance at any time. This is not a Republic. This is an empire.
But that doesn’t mean that it can’t change. If I get everything ready, then the Great Democratic Republic will be a real democratic Republic from the moment I die.
That’s why I can’t allow my son to go into politics. If he goes into politics, then everyone will see him as my heir and the second master of this country, which is not acceptable to me.
All the people who came with me from the imperial era and have my brand must quit the whirlpool of power with me. Everyone must be monitored by me and never set foot in the political field again. They must come with me.
We have been preaching that the imperial era has passed and will never come back, but people will not think that those of us who took us to democracy in OneRepublic are the real last remnants of the empire, which is another division of our identity law. "
Su Yonglin finished Tian Jue seems a little surprised.
Later, he took a deep breath and seemed to be quite emotional.
"So you want to take us remnants with you at last?"
Su Yonglin nodded.
"We are all remnants. Now that I’m gone, you have to go. Otherwise, how can I resist you little remnants? Without me to suppress you, don’t you have to turn over the sky? "
Tian Jue was silent for a while, and then his face showed a calm smile.
He also seems to understand a lot of things.
"Su Yonglin, you are really affectionate and cruel to the extreme. You are a group of revolutionaries who followed you to the end and got your evaluation. If I didn’t know what kind of person you are, I would be really chilling."
"Don’t separate me from you."
Su Yonglin paused for a moment and then laughed. "It is because of my affection and cruelty that I said that I am an imperial remnant and you are also imperial remnants. Do you still doubt it?"
"Don’t doubt you, I am a remnant and you Su Yonglin is the No.1 remnant of that day! As long as you are alive, the Great Democratic Republic is in danger of overturning at any time! "
Tian Jue gnashed her teeth and pointed to Su Yonglin. "It’s been 30 years, Su Yonglin. I’ve been following you for 30 years. Today I really know you! You are a great chairman and the most despicable lover! You are a saint and a complete villain! "
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
Su Yonglin laughed wildly, clutching his belly, and almost cramped for a long time before he barely stopped this crazy smile.
"Jue I don’t hide so deep? I don’t think I’ve deliberately hidden it. I came from the imperial era. I was educated in the imperial era. I grew up in the quagmire of the imperial era and realized that people are called people who are not stained with mud. Is it true?
I don’t think so. I grew up in the imperial era and received Confucian education. I doubt reflection and eventually deny it, resulting in new ideas, but my background will never change. I have desires, but I have always suppressed them.
Xuan: I want to be a real emperor. I want to be an autocratic monarch. I want seventy-two concubines in three palaces and six hospitals. I want a wine pool and a meat forest. I have thought about it all my life. I almost lost control of myself when I was in Hongwu for six or seven years.
Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night. Do you know what I dream? I dreamed that I gave up restraining myself. I dreamed that I personally destroyed everything I had created. Everything I had done was destroyed by me.
Then I became an emperor, a real emperor, a real iron-blooded husband, a 72-year-old princess with three palaces and six hospitals, and a big draft to recruit beautiful women to enjoy themselves. The palace built a real wine pool, and the meat forest drank and ate meat every day.
Do you know how happy I am in my dream? The feeling of wanton indulgence, the feeling of reaching the peak, I woke up and my whole body trembled, the feeling of excitement and trembling, you know? "
Looking at the excitement, Su Yonglin Tian Jue was a little crazy for a long time, then tears welled up and then developed into crying.

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