For such a big fairy fate as Xing Teng Ling Ye, they naturally have no resistance, and there is no reason to refuse. They are eager to be tied together.
After all, they also know that they can only get greater benefits in the future if they are tied together with the Five Elements Sect and the Fantasy Palace Sect.
Because after this, Gu Ying, Xuan Tian, Qiu Shui, etc. will definitely identify them as one of the five elements, so it is better to completely team up with the five elements to achieve a win-win situation.
Less from the immediate point of view, this is a blockbuster, and it can be said that it is a disaster! And they, the strong in the temple, are filled with swords and sharp edges, and the talented people are in the middle of the coordination.
So can attack and defend, worry and hesitate?
Chapter 21 Three people enter and Zhao Xuan will come to make it
God has given the border between China and Jersey on the mainland and
And the strategic location of Wan Ren, which is located in Nangukou, Shandong Province, to block the two States, is a strategic point for military strategists throughout the ages!
This experience towards repair and reinforcement can be described as vigorous and dangerous.
As high as seven feet, the two sides of the mountain are connected to the left and right mountain walls, and there are layers of arrow bases, which can be said to be the most important thing.
Hundreds of years ago, the state of Zhao was in peril, and the central and eastern States were only a corner of Zezhou.
However ….. Even so, hundreds of thousands of troops of Beiyan took turns to attack this endlessly for more than a year and could not be broken! It can be seen that this is dangerous.
Because of this, if Zhao Guofang’s breathing space at that time were not inseparable, how could Zhao Guotian be today?
Now the Zhao rebellion has not subsided, and Zezhou still holds the hands of the prince Zhao Xie, the puppet emperor.
Although Fang Yi was recalled by Zongmen to join the secret realm, which led to the suspension of the counter-insurgency, before leaving, she had made a strategy of defending the north and defending the south.
At that time, it happened that Wang Zhaoxuan came out and was ready to quell the chaos.
However, Zhao Xuan is a traitor who is well known in the court. Although there is a guest outside the mountain to help, it is only a state and the past has lost the natural barrier and it is even more impossible to defeat the 300,000 Zhao Ruishi who has been at home and abroad at the moment.
And the rebels are still trying to fight back, but they just want to catch Zhao Che’s weakness when he doesn’t want to be a roommate today, and he wants to be naive and rule the north and the south.
That is to say, Wang Zhaoxuan, a traitor who wants to be emperor in the south, can admit the legitimacy of Nanzhao!
At the same time, if Zhao Xuan can promise to ask Nan Zhao, may Zhao Tian inherit the legacy of the former king forever and discuss Beiyan together.
Such a fantasy was naturally opposed by Manchu civil and military officials, and at the same time, the puppet emperor was strictly required to remove the emperor’s number and disarm and surrender, so that his life could be saved. Li Shu in Zezhou suffered from the sword and soldiers
And Zezhou rebels learned that they were frantically forced to enlist men in the state. It can be said that all the rebels were forced to enlist in the army, and now they have reached two hundred thousand giants!
So it’s nothing to worry about. The 200,000 temporary conscription of Ukrainian rebels and the wanton conscription of labor can be described as extorting money and wasting people’s money.
At that time, every family in Zezhou had enough food to eat, such as bark and weeds, to satisfy their hunger. It can be said that the world was deserted and hungry, and even tragedies such as cannibalism occurred from time to time.
And this 200,000 rebels, general Zhao Neng, lied that 500,000 elite armored soldiers camped on the north bank of the border with Waizezhou and made a desperate situation.
In the face of this 200,000-strong Ukrainian Union, Zhao 300,000-strong Swiss are naturally not afraid to well-documented!
Even for them who have been through many battles, this clumsy strategy of the rebels to cross the rubicon is simply ridiculous and generous. I am afraid it should be called self-destruction.
However, Zhao Xuan seems that the traitor’s move seems to be a cross-the-rubicon plan on the surface, but it is actually that it was forced to recruit soldiers and civilians to blackmail him.
He knew that most of the 200,000 Uzbeks were forced to take care of the people.
And once the war is bound to be a river of blood, the people of Lebanon will lose their fathers and children … It can be said that linen is white, which is the last thing he wants to see.
But there are monks in the rebels who can help themselves for a while.
It’s hard for the emperor Zhao to care about the blood of the same clan, and he doesn’t want to kill the people of Koo. Zhao Xuan, who has never liked complicated national politics, is now hesitant.
So hesitant, Zhao Xuanzheng is just like Luo Yu’s private talk with Zhao Huangyi in the Peach Blossom Village. Zhao Xuancong is smart and free and easy, and he is smart and has a strong personality.
This seems to be a compliment, but it also reveals a message, that is, Zhao Xuan’s character has a heavy feeling and righteousness, which makes him a king but not suitable for the emperor
After all, emperors sometimes need to be ruthless and decisive!
Zhao Sheguo was finally handed over to Zhao Cheng, the second brother who had always been calm and calm.

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