Elder Mo Qing seems to have something to deal with. "Xuanxing, we’ll talk about it another day. You are our blue spirit guest. Let’s stay here for the time being."
"Excuse me, then." XuanXing promised to come to the corner. The secret hasn’t been learned from them yet.
Xuanxing came out of the hall to offer sacrifices to Zhan and immediately greeted him warmly. He took Xuanxing to watch the planet everywhere, while Yu Lanling’s foot department followed Xuanxing curiously.
A few days later, Xuanxing offered sacrifices to Zhan, but Xuanxing didn’t get any valuable information.
However, Xuanxing discovered a very strange phenomenon: all members of the Blue Elves belong to this planet, but few people practice it. There are dozens of people in the whole Blue Elves, and those dozens of people only practice in the fairy period …
"Ji Zhan, don’t you people practice all the time?" Xuanxing will doubt ask out in my heart.
"Practice? ….. We are not suitable for practice … "The Zhan look bleak tunnel.
Just then, Elder Mo Qing suddenly appeared beside Xuanxing to prepare to continue to explain the sacrifice. Zhan also stopped.
"Xuanxing and his elders want to see you. I wonder if you would like to?"
"oh? Then let’s go "XuanXing immediately promised to come.
It’s a rare opportunity for the seven elders of the blue spirit clan to summon themselves in the later period of the immortal emperor.
It’s still Xuanxing in that hall who came here again, but there are seven more people here. They are the more than seven elders of the Blue Elves.
After a greeting, all the people sat on the spot.
"XuanXing, how much do you know about desperation?" One of the elders asked directly
"I’m new here and I’m not familiar with it. I hope you can answer a thing or two." XuanXing hurriedly said.
The desperate situation left by oneself is precisely to explore the secret of desperate situation.
"Actually, we don’t know much about despair." The elder wry smile way.
"oh? How do you say this? " Xuanxing asked doubtfully that they didn’t understand the desperate situation in their lives.
"This needs to start with our Blue Elves," lamented the elder. "Our Blue Elves are bred by heaven and earth, and our constitution is very suitable for cultivation, but …" Said the elder here. "You must have found that our Blue Elves have no one to practice."
Xuanxing nodded his head, and he was just about to ask JiZhan this question.
"Do you know what this is?"
Xuanxing which guess shook his head.
"This is the sadness of the blue spirit clan. Although we can repair it and quickly rise to the late stage of the immortal emperor, we will need to face the robbery of God at that time."
"Isn’t that normal?" Although Xuanxing’s heart is dangerous, it is something that every practitioner must face calmly
"We blue spirits have been around for trillions of years. Do you know how many of us blue spirits have ascended to the divine world?"
Xuanxing shook his head again. "There should be many, right?" Xuanxing heart way, after all, the blue spirit clan was born in the trillion-year period, and there must be many predecessors who soared to the gods.
"Ah … to tell you the truth, so far, no one in our Blue Elves has been able to successfully survive the disaster."
"What?" Xuanxing exclaimed
Trillions of years, no one of the Blue Elves succeeded in Du Jie!
"That’s true" aside MoQing elders for XuanXing nodded affirmation tunnel
"It’s a pity that we never practice closed practice … our practice has been growing slowly, but for billions of years … we have been practicing in the immortal emperor’s period, especially the seven of us don’t know when the apocalypse will come." Elder Mo Qing and others look bitter. They are all very aware of the possibility that they can survive the apocalypse!
After listening to the explanations of Elder Mo Qing and others, Xuanxing got a deeper understanding of the Blue Elves.
The blue elves can live in the depths of despair and they haven’t had a chance to soar to the gods, which means that the blue elves will never appear outside!
Even though they have unique cultivation conditions, they still have their own sadness …
Chapter 272 Protective beads
"Xuanxing, how did you turn over the scene of the fairy god robbery?" MoQing elders suddenly asked
The blue spirits are isolated and desperate, and they are not clear about the fairy robbery.
"Our fairy robbery and divine robbery are divided into nine times, and the heavy lightning robbery is a test of Du Jie people’s cultivation realm, while the ninth heaven robbery is the most powerful lightning robbery. It also tests Du Jie people’s self-cultivation realm, and almost all Du Jie failures are the ninth heaven robbery." Xuanxing told everyone about his understanding of the celestial robbery.
"Repair, state of mind …" Elder Mo Qing muttered with a slight frown.
"What about your robbery?" Xuanxing is very curious about the blue spirit clan’s robbery. No one has survived the robbery in trillions of years! Is it that their robbery is too horrible?
"We don’t test any state of mind, and we don’t have demons. It tests us and cultivates our flesh."
"Don’t test your state of mind … don’t you have bottlenecks when you practice?" Xuanxing asked in surprise.
The members of the Blue Elves are the darlings born from heaven and earth, and their physique is absolutely suitable for cultivation, even if they are born with spiritual bodies. If the Blue Elves have no requirements for mood, wouldn’t they be able to practice at will?
"Yes," Elder Mo Qing nodded. "Take the newly born clansmen outside for example. It will take millions of years for them to be willing. They can definitely have the immortal emperor’s later repair, which directly leads to the disaster!"
"Newborn people?" Xuanxing asked incredulously
"It’s those people in the early days of the fairy. They are all just born."
"The realm we cultivate can definitely reach the standard of soaring to the celestial world, but … our bodies are very weak, and our roots can’t stand the bombing of God’s robbery. We must cultivate a real body to dare to meet God’s robbery." Elder Mo Qing was unwilling to tunnel.
At this time, Xuanxing realized that the most important thing for the Blue Elves is to cultivate the flesh, and it is only after transforming their bodies into flesh that they can survive the disaster.
Xuanxing carefully looked at the seven late immortals.
Although the seven of them already have the immortal emperor’s post-cultivation, their bodies are still between the physical energy bodies.

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