Yan Qinghan shook his head to "I heard that the patriarch woke up and Qing Han wanted to have a look", but his eyes were inseparable from the clouds.
Xingyun was embarrassed when he saw it, but he wanted to let go, but he was afraid that it would turn into a frost and then he was in a dilemma, but he gently pushed Xingyun to say, "Teacher younger brother, don’t worry, I am much better."
Xingyun saw that her look was really calm, and she received a lot of input. Her hand was just about to open, but it sounded like frost. Suddenly she asked, "How can I be with Yan Xie?"
Clouds smell speech zheng immediately dark to "into the teacher elder sister unless the qing han recognized as her brother? How can you tell that Qing Han is easy to become? Ah, yes, the teacher elder sister must have confused her sister and brother when she heard the sound of Qing Han. They are not only alike in appearance, but also very similar in sound, otherwise they would not have deceived me in those days. "
Cheng Gradually Frost suddenly asked about how to thank you at this time, which made the heart of the clouds move dark. "I thought it was not natural when I first met the teacher elder sister, but I didn’t pay attention to it when I was a novice at that time, but now I think that the teacher elder sister is like a family."
Sister Shi was arrested in Anle Valley and was so frightened by the sound and appearance of Yan’s brothers and sisters that it seems that Wan Jianzong was the one who abused her at the beginning and Yan’s family was very connected! "
The more I think about it, the more I feel that it is reasonable to look at Yan Qinghan, but I secretly shake my head to "But when the teacher elder sister is young, Qing Han’s brother and sister are not a few years old unless"
It flashed in his mind that he had heard the name "Dao" when he heard Xiao Shouchen talking with Chai Xian that night, and he thought, "Does this man seem to be an elder of Yan’s family?"
Although the change of mind is not the truth, even if there is any involvement in the gradual frost, it is also Yan Qinghan. The elders have a cloud and don’t want to become a gradual frost. Therefore, the gap should be explained as "this is not a thank you, but her sister Qinghan is not the true face at this time."
I had a delicious meal, and then I said, "I am now the patriarch of Wan Jianzong. Many things have happened in the past two years, but I can’t tell you for a moment, but the teacher elder sister needs to remember that no matter if the younger brother never harms the teacher elder sister Qing Han, neither will he."
"Qing Han?"
Cheng Gradually Frost’s look suddenly turned ancient when he listened to the clouds.
Clouds smell speech heart to "bad! I call it too affectionate, and the teacher elder sister thinks. "
However, Cheng gradually sighed that "I naturally believe in my younger brother" and asked "How is my master?"
The cloud heard a speech saying that "Uncle Green Water is still alive but not in Tianshan Mountain", and when he saw that his face was getting busy, he went to "Tianshan Sword Sect was rescued by a senior two years ago, but now people are not in Tianshan Mountain, but they are the most safe"
Cheng Gradually Frost spent a year in a desert island and was imprisoned in the mountains for a year. Naturally, I don’t know the changes in the Jianghu. When I saw the clouds, I suddenly disappeared from the Tianshan Sword Sect, so I said it again and said that Yan Qinghan silently retired.
Cheng Gradual Frost is likely that Yan Qinghan’s elders have great hatred, which makes it difficult for Yun Yun, but it is hard to explain why Yan Qinghan is holding Cheng Gradual Frost and seeing it all over his eyes. Yan Qinghan took the initiative to retreat to Yun Yun, and relieved himself that "Sister Cheng is now in a very unstable mood, seriously injured and has been wronged for a while. I will definitely go to her to make amends later!"
At this time, the clouds have said that the Songshan reunion will become a gradual frost, and the enthusiasm seems to have forgotten that Yan Qinghan is nearby. Generally, the clouds will simply combine their own experiences after leaving the island. Of course, the danger now is that the word is not afraid of becoming a gradual frost, so they are worried.
Listening to the clouds will cover your mouth and hold your heart when it comes to the dangerous place. When you are proud, you will laugh and smile. When you look at the clouds, your heart will be wide and dark. "It’s not bad for a senior sister to be like this, but it’s much better than not being restrained on a desert island."
As the saying goes, it’s already late at night here, and suddenly it’s too busy to "Is Sister Cheng hungry?" Shall I ask their senior sister to get some food? "
It’s been a whole day since I left the cave, and it’s getting frosty, so it’s not right for my body to eat something. It’s already a secret complaint that I didn’t pay attention to it.
But when Cheng Gradually Frosted heard the news, he chuckled, "I was so fascinated by the story of my younger brother that I didn’t feel hungry. You see, my spirit is healthy and vigorous."
Xingyun realized that Cheng Gradually Frosted’s complexion was ruddy again, so it was a big surprise! Busy, I crossed a trace of true qi into my heart and realized that "Elder martial sister’s body is weak, even if I repaired the meridians, it is impossible to have such a rosy complexion!"
However, Yun Yun, such as exploring, gained everything. Just when he wanted to get up and discuss how to find a clear culvert, he was caught by Cheng Gradually Frost and chuckled to "Brother, don’t go."
A walking cloud can break away from itself, but it can become a gradual frost. Now he is so weak, how dare he make any big moves? When I was ready to laugh, I said, "I don’t want to leave because I want to get some food for my sister."
When Cheng Gradually Frost heard the news, he didn’t answer. He chuckled, "Can you promise me something?"
Xingyun is anxious, and when he thinks about it, he can’t help nodding to "Of course!"
The fragrance of the dead eliminates the delusion of the children of Judah (chapter 523)
The fragrance of the dead eliminates the delusion of the children of Judah (chapter 523)
As soon as the clouds were finished, Fang smiled and said, "I won’t go back on my word if I answer it myself!"
When the clouds heard the news, they felt a sense of difficulty and frost. At this time, their behavior was very abnormal, but it was difficult to ask each other. They answered, "Don’t go back on your word, but you must go to rest after the teacher elder sister finished speaking."
Yun Xin has made up her mind for a while. No matter what Cheng Gradually Frost said, she agreed for the time being. She can go to rest early. "It’s not a good thing that Sister Cheng is really weak but so energetic!" There is always a bad feeling in the clouds.
Cheng gradually frost promised to be happy when he saw the clouds. "Then I should also take a rest as soon as this matter is over, no matter how long I have a rest."
Xingyun was delighted when he heard this. "That senior sister wants me to promise something?"
Cheng gradually frost see clouds turned out to be a little nervous light say with smile "I won’t be difficult to teacher younger brother this request is just to teacher younger brother to spend more time with the teacher elder sister to chat.

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