Seeing this, he curved the road of saving the country. "The grandmaster said that he would return in a hundred years, but he didn’t say that he had to wait until a hundred years. Even so, after that, you are already too far away to find the grandmaster …"
After hearing this, Tianhou smiled quietly. "Is it so easy for you to soar?"
Luo Yu grinned. "How can grandmaster know that he can’t do it?"
"You this mouth ~" Days later shook his head Cheng eye feather "after you don’t know? The sky can soar because of his five spirits and miscellaneous roots … "
Obviously, there are quite a lot of people who know about Tianhou as a grandmaster, but I think it’s worthwhile to rack my brains if I can see Tianhou as a grandmaster.
After seeing Tianhou throwing a white phoenix feather jade order, he walked towards Feiyun Building and softly said, "That’s the spirit of heaven. Come with me."
Los feather while studying the token into the gods.
But after he branded the gods, he felt that he had suddenly connected the Feiyun Building. Generally, even the grass, trees, stones and pieces of Wendao Mountain were all perceived by him!
Seeing this Luo Yu, I have to marvel that this is simply the possession of a mountain god, so it is called sitting in Wendao Mountain!
After entering Feiyun Tower, it is simple and pleasant. There are roots standing in all directions, and there are four night stones embedded in the huge solid wood columns, which are emitting soft light to illuminate the stiles around it.
The building seems to be on the second floor. There is a circle on the second floor, but three people can parallel the cloister. In the temple, there is a pool of water, blue waves and a round pool. The heart of the pool is slightly exposed. The mist on the six-foot floating platform surrounds the ethereal dome, and it looks sparkling like Sendai.
There are three sword-shaped stone tablets with vague words on the water steps of the giant column pool at the root of the building.
At this moment, Tianhou has come to the pool and observed it for four weeks. After seeing her frown, she said, "The boundary has been broken. Has he come in?"
Luo Yu was puzzled. "Who?"
"Peach Face Man" Tianhou Phoenix looks straight at Luo Yu!
Facing the gaze of Tianhou, Luoyu knew that she had had a conversation when she was confronted by Taomian Lingling on the top of the mountain, which was difficult to arouse suspicion and temptation.
But don’t say it’s Tian Hou or he himself.
Chapter 339 Tiansanbei Building will be intimate?
Facing the eyes of Tianhou, Luoyu herself is also a mystery.
Because he has never seen anyone enter this Feiyun Building since he reached the top of the mountain, Taomian people have been fighting …?
Thinking of this, Luo Yu indecision speculated that "Taomian people had secretly applied a fourth-order trapped and killed large array in the 12th Law, so I arrived a little late and estimated that this was when he sneaked into Feiyun Building".
As Luo Yu spoke, he seemed to understand very well. "Since Feiyun Tower is guarded by an enchantment, how can he enter without anyone knowing …?"
See los feather eyes clear seems to be really don’t know.
Days later, she withdrew her eyes and sighed and pointed to this Feiyun Building. "In this building, there is a three-point residual spirit guardian of my family’s heaven and earth. Except for the later generations who sat in Wendaoshan Tianling Road, people can enter unless …"
"Unless what?" Luo Yu asked in surprise.
After a moment’s meditation, Tianhou guessed, "Unless he has my unique treasure."
Said the queen’s face was covered with gloomy clouds. "… I’m afraid that Baidicheng suppressed Mo Ling’s Lord and my clan’s different treasures. The mountain has already been attacked by the devil …"
"This …!" Los feather instantaneous dazed in situ.
He clearly remembers that Brother Tao once told him all kinds of experiences in Baidicheng!
Don’t ….. Brother is not misguided but the magic place …!
At this time, Tianhou sighed, "It is very likely that the Lord of Moling has reappeared in the mountains and seas. After the death of billions of creatures, he will go to Yanyu Pavilion now …"
Then she looked at the three sword-shaped stone tablets. "This is where you sit in Wendaoshan Dojo. Everything in Wendaoshan is under your control, and these three inscriptions are called Heaven."
"day? !” Luo Yu listened to the word "day" and suddenly felt that these three stone tablets were awesome!
Days later, when she saw Luo Yu’s excitement, she went on to say, "The mission of Tianlingdao in Wendaoshan is to protect the sky. Remember that no one can spy on anyone except the previous Qingyun Keqing …"
I’m even more curious to see Tianhou so solemn!
So as I approached, I looked forward to asking, "Can I watch it that day?"
Tianhou nodded slightly. "You are a heavenly spirit, and this Wendao Mountain is natural for you to watch."
Luo Yu looked at Tian curiously, reaching out and dancing, and asked, "Is it common for this Tian stone tablet to look plain and plain?"
Tianhou smiled noncommittally. "Although the stone tablet is ordinary, it has been written for 100,000 years, but people can understand it. It is said that being able to understand a thing or two is a great thing … and it is also necessary."
"Oh?" Los feather suddenly curious turned and came to the stone tablet positive look at the sword tablet that dense text.
But for a moment he frowned, hugged his chest and touched the smooth bar, lost in thought …
And days later, when I saw Luo Yu’s confused appearance, I immediately relieved, "Don’t be depressed. I don’t know how many amazing talents have failed to understand the words in the past 100,000 years. You also need to insist …"
But Luo Yu looked at the dense seal script’ Chinese characters’ and smashed it. His mouth was cold and cold.’ This is a fucking Chinese character. You illiterate people can understand it and want to understand it ~ Hey!’
At this time, Tianhou has turned to leave.
Seeing that she suddenly stopped, her voice softened a lot. She said, "When it’s dangerous outside Lingzhou, you should smell the Taoist Mountain and love the stars. You can discuss and decide for yourself that the celestial clan is not interested in your Terran etiquette. You can form a common road and become a couple. You will never regret it."

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