"It is inevitable to be wiped out by the imperial court. I woke them up at the beginning."
Speaking of this, the Zen master Lingyou seems to remember the general pause for a while and then slowly said
"But it is also not a good thing to worship the Tao and destroy the Buddha and trust the alchemist’s’ immortality law’."
Zen master has long been pessimistic about the struggle between Buddhism and Taoism.
Otherwise, we wouldn’t have run to this into the badlands to take the initiative to avoid the "difficult" wave.
"The royal family is the secular ruler, and every move affects the general trend of heaven."
"It’s only an inevitable thing if you try to survive for a long time under the rule of the elixir of medicine and stone."
It seems that I didn’t expect this old monk to have this opinion in front of me. Pei Hui actually froze in place at the moment.
"That is to say, you anticipated the present situation before the emperor ascended the throne?"
It’s hard to believe that Pei Hui doesn’t want to believe in the vision of Zen Master Lingyou.
But at present, there are various signs that the other party did foresee the "legal difficulty" before.
"Is it Fatalism?"
Keenly associated with the six magical powers of Buddhism, because besides, Pei Hui couldn’t think of anyone who could predict things decades later with such certainty.
"Eternal avatar is Eternal avatar, Prajna wisdom is Prajna wisdom, and the two cannot be confused."
Shaking his head again denied Pei Hui’s idea that Zen master Lingyou’s tone was still so calm, as if he were facing a fox that was not disturbing the world at the moment.
"I caught some clues from my personality and therefore left the wrong place."
Narrow eyes can’t help but close and concentrate. Pei Hui doesn’t believe this old monk’s story at all.
The famous Buddhist monk, who has been crushing Buddhism for a lifetime, is not as timid as he says.
Good Pei Hui doesn’t intend to pursue those details. She just needs the present Zen master to keep his promise.
"Well, then it’s a deal!"
"If Wende loses his spiritual foundation tonight, come home with me honestly and be a mortal and live a peaceful life."
"If I don’t, I will promise you to let him stay in Weishan and continue to practice with you."
"But all this has a front …"
"That is, he must have enough self-protection ability before the’ Fa Nan’ wave reaches Tanzhou."
"Otherwise, when I come again, I won’t be so accommodating as this time."
Chapter 34 Deceive the demon and subdue the demon
At the foot of Weishan, there was silence in Zhangjia Village.
Dadada …
I have already noticed that Pei Wende is moving quietly towards Mandrill, and the direction in which it comes out is impressively the old peasant family that Zhang Tu had talked with before.
A few days ago, when it was hit hard by the serpent, it had already disguised itself as an old farmer’s wife and quietly hid in Zhangjiacun to absorb all kinds of blood and food to recover from the injury.
The original mandrill was intended to be hidden until July 15, when Diliu pulp appeared.
Nai’s reality is always more unexpected than planned. First, the haunted snake with green scales chased itself and left traces near the village.
Then it was discovered that he was stealing livestock from the stubborn old man’s house next door, which led to a three-way climate. Civet cats increased the difficulty of stealing blood for themselves.
Now even the village butcher doesn’t know what’s wrong. Not only did he find his hiding place, but he also had a butcher knife, which forced him to reveal his identity before he recovered.
The only thing that is fortunate is that the three civet cats led away the green-scaly serpent mandrill for themselves in advance, so that they had a chance to drag it until the emperor’s pulp really came.
Mandrill believes that it is impossible for a monster to give up the once-in-60-year-old snake on Gengshen night tonight, and it is no exception.
In other words, it is determined that Pei Wende has already appeared in Zhangjiacun. After the completion of the mountain, he can devour and absorb his essence and life as planned to form a real earthworm.
This temptation made mandrill give up his weeping, and Emperor Liu pulp simply recovered his injury and then decisively walked in the direction of Zhang Tu’s family.
Dadada …
Mandrill was different in imagination. When it came to the door of Zhang Tu’s house, the man who bravely forced himself back was gone, leaving only a bloody butcher knife in place.
And those villagers who had been invaded by evil spirits returned to normal after the half-closed door were still lying unconscious.
It’s not that Pei Wende and Zhang Chusheng don’t want them to lie down better.
It’s good enough that Naizhang Tu’s family is so big that they haven’t prepared an extra bed and a place for these villagers to lie down.
The closer to his place, the better the effect, so the two of them didn’t move the villagers’ positions.
Cheep …
So when mandrill pushed the half-closed door completely, he saw Pei Wende, who was pale but still sitting cross-legged in the middle of the courtyard.
Like sensing the arrival of mandrill, Pei Wende suddenly opened his eyes and chanted along with the pause at this moment.
"Brother Pei is this monster!"
Have been vigilant staring at the outside Zhang Chusheng also mouth at this time.
Fighting back the fear in his heart, his trembling hand firmly pointed to the mandrill-pointing to the culprit who almost destroyed the whole Zhangjiacun.
"Ha ha is a little uglier than I thought."
The corners of the mouth are hard to raise a smile. Although Pei Wende is still pale, he still tries to reconcile the repressed fears in Zhang Chusheng’s heart
Because Pei Wende knows in his heart that "evil spirits enter the body" seems extremely unscientific, but it has a common sense that conforms to the law
If Zhang Chusheng’s heart is not completely overwhelmed by fear, then he will be safe from evil spirits in a short time by drinking his own blood.
What’s more, Pei Wende is telling the truth
The mandrill in front of him is much uglier than he thought.
At first glance, the mandrill, which is nearly three meters tall and has a strong sense of oppression in every move, looks a bit like a deformed black-haired baboon.
Similar to human facial features, it is extremely ferocious and fierce.
The blue veins in your arms are blown up and knotted like mechanical booms in later generations.
The legs have a reverse structure similar to that of cattle and horses, which means that the speed of the other side is convenient and it is far more explosive and vigorous than human beings.
In fact, Pei Wende can make up the powerful strength of this body even if he excludes all kinds of supernatural abilities from the monster.
However, compared with mandrill’s strong bullying, all kinds of wounds on its body surface are equally noteworthy.
Those who were strangled, bitten and poisoned by the green-scale serpent will not be mentioned for the time being. The particularly eye-catching knife wound is obviously caused by Zhang Tu.
Pei Wende can see scabs on some wounds, which is obviously the residue of rapid healing but incomplete wounds.
From this point alone, it is obvious that mandrill has mastered some supernatural ability to heal wounds quickly.
"Pei Wende?"
Not angered by Pei Wende’s rhetoric, mandrill looked at Pei Wende carefully and asked in a hoarse voice
"I’m Pei Wende, the one you’ve been looking for."
Without denying his identity, Pei Wende slowly rose from the ground and stretched out his hand to signal that Zhang Chusheng behind him should not be impulsive.
"Good. I’m not looking for the wrong person."
The ferocious smile gradually emerged, and the horrible face of mandrill was accompanied by wisps of red flames.
"Don’t resist honestly. I may save your life."

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