The rest of the Kunlun patriarch and Penglai hierarch think the same thing. It’s really heartless.
Therefore, the mind also falls on Qin Mu Ye, Qin Mu Ye, and he has a Shinto body. Although he can’t see through it, he must have a deep understanding of it.
The three men wondered whether they could ask Qin Mu Ye to help them with a second-hand job afterwards, so that they could also play a better role in teaching their younger brothers.
But the idea was pushed by them, which is not a big problem. After all, Qin Mu Ye is generous and informal in all aspects, which is not a big problem.
What we really have to face is the share of Shinto’s interests.
With Qin Mu Ye out of the three religious leaders and the discussion of heaven has gradually become heated.
They’d like to push it off again, but they can see Qin Mu Ye want to improve this Shinto body as soon as possible, so they can crustily skin of head.
Qin Mu Ye gave them face-to-face help. As a result, if they and others push the 256 words, they will be looked down upon by the other party
Under normal circumstances, this time, it is necessary to wait until at least one thousand years later. I didn’t expect Qin Mu Ye to be caught off guard. It was only two days before it was discussed again.
And look at this posture, it is necessary to give a result today, otherwise Qin Mu Ye will be ruined with great probability.
If the chief engineer is ruined, then their plan to worship the gods will also lead to problems, but they can also understand Qin Mu Ye’s thoughts. After all, everything is discussed, and everyone has to hesitate whether it will fall on themselves or not. He is still alone.
Unfortunately, these are their guesses. Qin Mu Ye said in his heart that the longer you wait, the better. It is best not to beep and fight directly.
It’s a pity that it’s not as good as people’s wishes. It’s normal for the leaders of the three religions to discuss with Heaven because of the Shinto exam.
In the end, as Qin Mu Ye thought, the Shinto interests of the younger brothers of the three religions gave way to Heaven by 10%, and Heaven was to give the younger brothers in the teaching period an epiphany compensation.
A period of 100 years is equivalent to an epiphany in a hundred years, which is simply a great benefit for the cultivators. After all, some cultivators can’t have an epiphany in a generation.
Not all people who can become immortals are arrogant, but they also come one step at a time.
Moreover, epiphany is not that easy. It requires not only one’s own understanding, but also the cooperation of heaven, which means that heaven can only help him if he is pleasing to the eye, and that generation has no chance.
This kind is similar to the destiny to have.
But now it has been won by the leaders of the three religions as Shinto welfare-of course, in addition to an epiphany for a hundred years, there are other benefits, but they are much inferior to epiphany
After discussing this matter, it is definitely not over yet. Now that it has been decided, the following things, such as heaven, hell, temple of people and so on, also need further confirmation.
Is this the case? It’s Qin Mu Ye.
Well, Qin Mu Ye has been ready for a long time and has produced a lot of drawings, which means that it is very good that he can help design the construction by yourself.
In addition, we must determine the boundaries and so on.
As far as the land god is concerned, it can’t be said that you can take it wherever you want, can it?
Well, they don’t have to worry about these things. Heaven will arrange them, and the third brother will also help them build suitable buildings in the right areas.
God’s edict to the priesthood will have to wait until these things are done and then be issued by Qin Mu Ye. After the second authentication of heaven, it will directly change from a wild god to a god of heaven and earth
When all this is agreed, this great event will be a success.
Is there any objection at the end? That root is impossible, which is good for everyone, and there may be opposition, but they have to commit themselves to the overall situation
Qin Mu Ye, the leader of the three religions of Heaven, they are the overall situation. There is no need for them to oppose the three religions. However, if someone really opposes the deity, it is guaranteed that the beneficiaries will get rid of it first
Although the three religions have rules, it doesn’t mean that there are no dark suppression, exile and other things.
The leaders of the three religions naturally know that they didn’t intervene in this kind of incident, but turned a blind eye. For my brother, this body is a kind of tempering.
It is also called that there is no shortage of genius in teaching anyway, just grasp the degree
For example, things that go too far, such as bullying the small, sneaking around, and so on, will be dealt with, such as things of the same generation and strength, which are generally not too harsh.
"This sacred event is now settled. I wonder if you Taoist friends have any objections?" Since Qin Mu Ye came out, it was naturally settled by Qin Mu Ye.
"If you disagree, let’s implement it according to today’s consultation." The Taoist Lord was the first to agree.
The patriarch of Kunlun and the leader of Penglai naturally followed.
Heaven is directly the default.
"I don’t agree that three Taoist friends over there should become the temple of heaven and hell first. I’ll go back and prepare some teaching materials first. I think your teaching brothers should be quite unfamiliar with Shinto, even it’s hard to be sure. You can just go to my training class to make up some lessons."
"Of course, I think the three Taoist friends don’t mind."
Qin Mu Ye said this, the leader of the three religions thought the language was a little strange, but it was generally understood that Qin Mu Ye was willing to teach, so what could be the big deal if he spent some money?

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