The old woodcutter thought for a moment, and the one-eyed man stole a glance at Luo Yu, who looked anxious from time to time, and then nodded. "~ Look, Xiao Langjun is really sincere, and you and I are predestined friends. Okay ~ I’ll order you one or two."
"Oh ~!" Luo Yu suddenly turned into a surprise and hurriedly sent a wine gourd to smile and asked, "Please ask the old man to tutor me."
Seeing the old woodcutter naturally collected the wine gourd and hung himself around the waist!
He grabbed the steel beard and looked at Luo Yu, who was sensible, and asked with a smile, "Since Xiao Langjun came from the pure land, have you ever heard that my God loves refining vessels and gold ingots …?"
Los feather startled slowly nodded "this ….. heard"
The old woodcutter looked a little excited and raised his eyebrows cheerfully. "So … did Little Langjun bring a little filial piety?"
"Filial piety … filial piety! ?” Los feather first one leng and then suddenly wake up.
Boy, this is a gift for yourself!
Feelings ….. It’s not enough to send a tiger’s eyes and beads all the way, but you have to’ cross the road’ by yourself. You’ve received my fucking road. It’s outrageous!
Okay, you want a gift, right? Then I’ll give you a big gift to see if you dare to accept it.
At the moment, although Luo Yu’s heart is uncomfortable, his face does not show half a point, but a white face suddenly becomes clear.
He nodded deeply. "So that’s it. Thank you, old man."
"Good talk, good talk" The old woodcutter looked forward to seeing Luo Yu so sensible and satisfied.
But at the moment, Luo Yu uncharacteristically took the green rod and casually crossed the fishing rod with a faint blue streamer in front of the stunned old woodcutter and smiled apologetically. "When the younger generation came, it was said that the green rod was in a hurry, and it was said that everything could be caught. I sent the emperor to hope that the emperor would not abandon it."
Obviously, this pole is the destiny green pole of the real self artifact of the old man’s fishing channel and sound pool!
This pole is nine feet long and contains nine points of destiny. The life line is extremely palm-born, spiritual destiny, divine power, a present law, a hook, a sound pool, a decree, and a destiny. It can be said that it is a source of congenital weapons.
The sound of the Tao is green and the five elements are a true self; One is my device.
If ordinary people see this rod, they will not know the true face of Lushan Mountain, and it is hard to recognize it as an ordinary bamboo fishing rod.
Now I’m afraid that only those ancient immortals can recognize the truth of this thing.
And Lou Bai, the guardian beast of the West, is naturally among them.
That is to say, those who can recognize the true beauty of this green pole in today’s mountains and seas must be great fairies!
Los feather heart sneer at andao at the moment’ and I play role-playing, right? Ok ~ I’ll see if you dare to accept this gift!’
Obviously, from the previous signs and the characteristics of the old woodcutter’s appearance and one-eyed, Luo Yu has suspected that the one-eyed old woodcutter in front of him is probably played by Lou Bai.
It is not clear what his real purpose is.
At the same time, he has pushed the green pole forward
As soon as the old woodcutter saw it, his one-eyed eyes suddenly opened like a quiver, but he quickly avoided the fear in his eyes and passed away in a flash. At the same time, he disdained to laugh. "Hey ~ Xiao Langjun joked about me … doesn’t my god like fishing and want this vulgar thing?"
Although the change of the old man’s moment is short, Luo Yu will have a panoramic view.
Obviously, the old woodcutter knows the green pole’s actual situation and looks changeable, so he refuses to accept it under an excuse!
It seems that this old son’s achievement is Loubai God.
Plus, I saw that the shape of the firewood knife was somewhat like the shadow of the knife when Xiao Arm Slayer left, so I was interested.
At present, the old woodcutter seems to answer casually, but he can do it manually by loosening his belt to hide that he moved the firewood knife to the back of his waist, which is difficult to observe.
All kinds of signs add up. I’m afraid the old woodcutter is the god of Loubai, and the tiger-headed man with Xiao’s arm is probably transformed by the spirit of God’s sword!
That is to say, there has always been Lou Bai and the second person in Vientiane Dojo.
But if that’s the case, then god will perform this play? Are you unwilling to help me return to the mountains and seas or have other intentions?
Thinking of this, Luo Yu’s heart was a little curious and still looked sincere and said, "Does the old man dislike the younger generation’s gift book and think that this thing can’t enter the eyes of God?"
Then he will force the green pole into the hands of the old woodcutter.
The old woodcutter felt that the green pole in front of him was like a red soldering iron in the jailer’s hand, avoiding being struck by lightning.
He hurriedly pushed and said, "No, no, no, this thing is for me … my family is a god! ….. Little husband quickly back "
At the moment, every time he touches this seemingly ordinary green pole, it is like being struck by a thunderbolt in the depths of his soul. It is an illusion, and it seems that there is a dragon roaring in the gv 10 …
This little ancestor is cruel, so I’ll ask you something good about this secret. Do you have to be so stupid? Can anyone touch this green pole? That’s an old man’s artifact. You’re trying to break me!
See los feather also diligent’ strong send’ old woodcutter hurriedly humility stretched out his hand to stop.
I can’t stand it if you come and I go.
Suddenly the old woodcutter had a flash of inspiration and shouted!
"Wait a minute! I have a way to make a gift from local materials! "
Los feather immediately stop with a smile.
Chapter 749 Iron woody bait hanging pole theory
"Wait a minute!"
Suddenly, the old woodcutter had a flash of inspiration and shouted, "I have a way to make a gift from local materials!" "
This a feather suddenly stopped and with a smile.
What the green pole represents is very clear to him naturally, but now I’m afraid that in addition to my second foolish brother in the mountains and seas, others seem to know that the green pole is’ true Yan’
And those who have seen the old man holding a pole to give directions to the mountains and rivers are also convinced that the green pole is a secret instrument, because they don’t know the true identity of the old man.
The nine-foot green pole in the eyes of Shan Hai Da Jue Di Xian almost represents the old man who holds this pole face to face, just like the man who walks away and holds the talent.
At the moment, seeing that the old woodcutter finally let go of Luo Yu, he asked in surprise, "Oh ~! The old man quickly said that it is a law and how to use local materials? "
The old woodcutter looked at the green pole fearfully and then pointed to the lake. "There are three-color spiritual fish in this pool, shouldn’t you know?"
See los feather nodded to know.
He went on to say, "However … Xiao Langjun doesn’t know that the spiritual fish in this pool has been cultivated, and there are ten percent fine djinn objects in the years …"
I heard the old woodcutter come to Luoyu and looked at the calm lake in front of me in shock.
I didn’t think that this trichromatic crystal pool should still contain a fine djinn thing that has been cultivated for years!
According to the old woodcutter, Loubai God passed by here every day, just waiting for an opportunity to catch the djinn thing and think about it.
However, I never thought that this spiritual object was extremely cautious and rarely appeared out of the water. Adding this spiritual object to the spiritual pool was born. This pool is muddy and can be hidden in the water.
So, even if the God himself makes moves, it can be found, let alone captured.
That is to say, there is a way to cultivate this into a refined djinn thing before it can be called hiding
At this moment, the old woodcutter just stared at Luoyu fishing rod and said, "I think this green rod of Xiao Langjun will catch you well, and I will work together to deliver the capture to the God. Then the God will be glad to send Xiao Langjun to the mountains and seas."
So heaven and earth are pregnant, and the creatures are naturally very impressed, but they have been fishing for a long time, not to mention that the mysterious spirit is the golden fish.

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