"White" Sun Zhen should look at Qin Mu Ye’s drifting away, and his memory of Qin Mu Ye is gradually disappearing in his mind.
"Who was I talking to just now? I always feel that I have forgotten something. "Sun Zhen looked confused and then reacted." No matter what the official personnel are going to do, they have to prepare for it, otherwise the follow-up will be more difficult. "
In Sun Zhen’s mind, he constantly thinks that if he wants to deal with the government, he will have to change from a prisoner to a staff. At present, his strength still has some room for negotiation.
Anyway, I’m not worried about being shot as soon as I meet you.
"Strange, I always feel that something is missing …" Sun Town muttered something and then observed one direction. He planned to go back to the bus to hold a group.
It’s not a good thing to be too detached.
"It’s a lot easier to go back after walking for three hours." His strength boiled and the whole person ran into a black line.
He can return to the bus position in about ten minutes at most.
"Cat Star ~ The ancestral power is incredible. Can ordinary people really master this power?" Running Sun Zhen thought about it in his mind.
Although he thinks he may have overlooked something, it is illogical to think that he has a leading role aura.
"By the way, how did my protagonist aura come from?" Sun Zhen’s brain was a little confused, but he didn’t remember anything.
Chapter 637 Friendly exchanges between neighbors
"After ten years, I finally got this thing." Qin Mu Ye in the villa called a sigh with emotion that he could not find Huang Yuanying in his lifetime.
As a result, the incarnation gave a protagonist aura to some unlucky person who was cheated by his ancestors, and then … he found it.
I don’t know if it’s good luck or bad luck for Jade Emperor, the dragon and snake. Well, if Huang Yuanying falls into Qin Mu Ye’s hand, it’s almost like grasping each other’s lifeline. But if it’s bad, it’s really not bad. If it’s not Qin Mu Ye, it may not be able to get it back in his lifetime.
It is impossible to find it unless you break free from the shackles after the collapse of Long Mai and the destruction of the world defender organization
This possibility is not as good as waiting for Huang Yuanying to be accepted.
Qin Mu Ye analyzed that although the incarnation of Huang Yuanying had acquired the memory, he also got the memory, and he had to have a deeper understanding than Xuanzang’s baby-bearing method.
He is not interested in immortality, but if he is interested in the emperor, he will naturally have to study it from the root.
The root is the theory that the Emperor Yuanying is the real emperor. The Emperor of the Imperial Palace is more like the fusion of the dragon snake god and the mysterious fetus than the original emperor.
"Spiritual wisdom is badly worn. No wonder it’s like losing your mind when you face the incarnation."
I didn’t see the avatar. After all, the atmosphere at that time didn’t look at these.
The reason for the dementia is naturally that Yuanying is in a harsh environment and the nutrients are cut off. It seems that the other party is alive, but in the test results of Qin Mu Ye, there has been a very serious atrophy, probably malnutrition
In another 35000 years, the baby of Emperor Yuan will naturally wear out and die out, and if it really occupies the dragon and snake gods, it will come back to life.
As far as the Star Divine Area is concerned, there is no supply at all. If the Dragon Snake God is not dead, he will give up the Star Divine Area.
Not to mention the fact that there is a baby emperor left, the actual optimal solution is to reincarnate and wait for the sky, otherwise it is meaningless, and it is really alive.
"There’s not much difference between Xuanzang’s baby-knot method and Jade Emperor’s price."
In ten years, Qin Mu Ye beat each other many times, and the other party was also very car-scrapping. Even if he was beaten, he wouldn’t say anything.
This Qin Mu Ye is also a headache. He can understand, but why do you want the other party to say that Qin Mu Ye is sorry?
Compensation is impossible. He apologized. What else does the other party want? Anyway, Qin Mu Ye is so shameless. It’s not a big deal to apologize if it doesn’t involve personal interests. Even if the other party scolds him, there is no problem.
"Long Mai made the law, I want the dragon phase, and I want it."
These two technologies involve artificial anomalies. Qin Mu Ye also thinks about them.
Now take the initiative to squeeze his hand to the death. If he had said even half of Qin Mu Ye, he would have to leave a sigh for the other party. Unfortunately, the other party didn’t say that Qin Mu Ye would certainly not be polite.
"Cat star … forget it. Forget it. I just want his department to remember it directly."
Qin Mu Ye pondered over what to do from the east to the west, and just took the memory.
Before the other party to defend his post and his own strength is also a 9-order, even if it is disabled, it is not so easy for Qin Mu Ye to directly search for souls.
He is afraid that the other side will definitely not die if the larger foe breaks through, and he is afraid that the other side will start work on his memory, and then he will lose a huge fortune.
The knowledge contained in these memories in Qin Mu Ye’s eyes is extremely valuable.
Carrying Huang Yuanying, I’m going to visit the next door. Because of the sense of decline, the guardian organization has become more and more wary of him.
Dr. Long, however, is monitoring all the abnormal bodies in Long Mai, such as Qin Mu Ye. This kind of feeling gradually drops, which naturally attracts his attention after a period of time. At present, his collection measures are getting stronger and stronger, like his departure will definitely trigger the alert.
Dr. Yinlong himself has forgotten Qin Mu Ye, and only by physically forcing him to wake up can he create new communication and restore his memory with Qin Mu Ye.
Otherwise, under normal circumstances, Dr. Long will wonder which abnormal body collection measures this thing is even after Qin Mu Ye Villa.
Unfortunately, although Qin Mu Ye’s feeling has dropped to this level, there is no way to bypass the network firewall organized by the defenders. He can make people ignore himself, but he can’t be ignored when locking the door.
If you really want to ignore these things, then he has no feeling but a negative feeling.
However, it is estimated that it is impossible to drop to a negative number, and there is no way to achieve it. It will continue to drop, and Qin Mu Ye guessed that this ability to drop is coming to the limit.
The status of a walk-on is not as bad as that of a protagonist.
"You’re not going to hit the emperor again, are you? He didn’t provoke you." Dr. Long arrived at the first time. He was also very headache to Qin Mu Ye. He was going to restrain the other side from devouring the world. The progress in this area was good. It was suppressed in recent years
But after that, he was caught off guard by the sense of health, and he suspected that it was caused by restraining the other party from devouring the world, and then it was out of control and alienated
Well, in the eyes of this out-of-control alienated dragon doctor, there is not much harm except trouble
Compared with Qin Mu Ye, it is more harmful to beat the emperor every three to five months. After all, Qin Mu Ye’s hand is frivolous. What should I do if he beats the emperor out of control? How to say that the emperor is also an Omega abnormal body.
"Today, let’s have a look and talk about it." Who is Qin Mu Ye? How can he admit that he beat the emperor? It’s against the law. He wants to be a law-abiding person!
"You can’t change a scourge? Next door … "Dr Qin Mu Ye that mind dragon can also don’t know? It’s true that I’m not lying, but it’s true to say that I’m half hiding and half seeing if it’s true, and it’s true to talk about it, but I must do it later

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