Taiyi seems to have realized something
"Seal it!"
"The whole galaxy has a huge seal!"
"Since Zixing wants to hide, let him hide all the time and never come out."
Taiyi Seal Feng Zichen gave Di Jun a lot of inspiration.
"Purple MSI can neither wait for us nor let others."
"It is the best choice at present to seal him and let him live forever."
Too a little nod agrees.
This is the best way at present.
Do it as soon as you think about it, and immediately stop people from laying seals.
This seal is much more powerful than that forbidden by the Sun God of the Terran.
After all, this is the real seal of the demon clan.
Di Jun and xi he instigated the sun and the moon to seal the main body with the power of two stars.
Taiyi United with many quasi-saints and more than 4,000 demon gods, and scattered the stars everywhere to bless seals.
Ziweixing is strong, but the sun star Taiyin is also his same level. The combination of two stars can definitely seal Ziweixing.
The demon race’s concerted terror and coercion from the galaxy star shocked the whole universe.
Many great magical powers have looked at the stars to see if the demon race is moving.
But they were disappointed.
The sun star, the lunar star, is so dazzling that it covers the whole galaxy, which leads to the great gods who can’t see it except the bright light.
When the light recedes, the seal that enveloped the whole galaxy is completed.
But Di Jun and others did not leave.
Because they still have a very important thing to do.
Taking this opportunity, it is rare for Di Jun to impose a curse on the clan.
Specifically for the Terran curse.
This war of cutting people made Di Jun see the great potential of Terran.
Once this race finds the opportunity to grow up, it will surely become a demon race, and it has to be prevented.
Can’t leave the Terran the opportunity to grow up.
This time, since the Terrans have been destroyed, let them be destroyed all the time and completely ruin their hope of rising.
Chapter four hundred and ninety-three The wind zichen dilemma
Anyway, the demon terran has already settled the blood feud.
"Our demon name seals the Terran"
"The first heavy seal seals the blood vessels and breaks the congenital machine!"
This seal will make it possible for the Terran to be born again. From then on, it will be said that how surprised the Terran descendants are that they are absolutely brilliant.
With the sound of Taiyi falling, a force emanated from the galaxy and spread to the whole universe.
It is also at this time that all living terrans in the universe feel that there is an extra shackle in their blood to prevent them from changing into innate creatures.
It’s just a congenital creature, while the Terran feels that its innate blood is deteriorating step by step and falling into the acquired blood.
A panic spread among the terrans, but they could do nothing but sit and watch it happen.
At the end of a seal, the demon race did not stop, but continued to cast the second seal.
It’ s forbidden!
The first one is to seal the flesh, and the second one is to completely break the hope of Terran cultivation.
"The second seal seals the soul and breaks the road of cultivation!"
This seal cloth Terran people intuitively know that the sea has cast a shadow, and it is difficult to perceive the rules of Heaven and Earth Avenue.
"The third seal seals the soul and wisdom to find the way."
This is a real trick.

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