After Lu Chen made the decision, no one raised any objection, which is the tacit understanding of everyone.
They will analyze and prepare, but Lu Chen will accompany him after he decides, and there is nothing to hesitate.
A week later, team member Lu Chenfang married again and waited for the new world to start.
[Will be put into the world in an hour, please be prepared for the respected virtual pioneers]
[Target World Native World No.231]
[Does it make it possible to detect that the pioneers hold the "martial god theory"? 】
Lu Chen directly crushed the prop he had obtained. This prop was uncertain when he returned to his hometown for the second time to obtain the locatable No.1 native world.
[Redirect successful pioneers to the world …]
[Location succeeded, target world has changed]
[Target World Native World No.1]
It’s very dangerous to be scheduled to come to the world. Please get ready for the pioneer to send it in 59 minutes and 29 seconds.
Everyone waited in a quiet room for a little golden dragon to eat potato chips, but there was also expectation in its eyes, as if it was remembering its hometown.
Kama also has a look in his eyes. At this moment, he is not like a mechanical climber, but an ordinary creature with physical thinking
Going home? Professor ibuprofen, will I see you again?
Leng Yue’s short blade crossed his knees and looked like he was going to perform. The eyes of the dead man reflected the blue light.
Painting pear clothes is very easy, and they are still packing dishes and chopsticks. They just had a party before they left, eating and drinking well.
Xia Mi seems to be trying to adjust himself to the peak and prepare for war as soon as he enters the world.
Chuhang’s expression, but having him here makes people feel that the trip is much more stable.
[Send soon ten, nine, …]
When the countdown is over, the harsh white light drops and everyone disappears into the room.
A strong sense of weightlessness and tearing came to Lu Chen, but now he feels no discomfort because his body is too strong.
During his shuttle, he can see the sky and the sun, the stars flashing and the floating bubbles in the world sea.
[Target World Native World No.1]
[The number of secondary originators is 23 explorers]
[How to send 19 explorers at the end of the second time]
[The number of people sent by the second fairy is 17 explorers]
[The number of people sent to Heaven next time is 21 explorers]
[The number of people sent to HarmonyOS is 1 explorer]
[The number of visitors to the Olympic Games is 2 explorers]
[This world’s large-scale radioactive primary world is not the first exploration]
[Those who don’t want to enter the world positioning props team will put them in separately. If the node is uncertain, they will invest according to the comprehensive strength, style and team situation of the explorer.]
[In …]
[The pioneers arrange reasonable world identity …]
Lu Chen was a little surprised to listen to the sound. I didn’t expect Leng Yue to say it was good. This time, there was really no one from their team to enter, but all the explorers entered, which was almost the same as when he came.
That is to say, although the world taboo is not very friendly, it will not interfere with the explorer casually, otherwise the Ninth National Congress will not do such a thing.
This time, there was a transit platform, and Lu Chen and others appeared at this time. After this platform, they will definitely send strength to continue to put them in.
Lu Chen, a pioneer on the open platform, saw the painting of pears and clothes, but several people did not see him.
"What’s going on? Shouldn’t there be quite a few people? "
Liu Chen wonder way
"I’m afraid we don’t enter this world at the same time. There are a large number of explorers, and it’s not fixed when we match the world. Some explorers may enter a few days earlier or a few days later, but it depends on the situation. We may be the last to enter this world."
Chu Hang analyzed.
Just as they were the first to enter the world of the sky or the perfect world before the origin adventure group, this time many explorers will definitely be sent to different times, and the probability of meeting each other is very low

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