For Surdak, without Aphrodite and Selena, I don’t want to have a head-on conflict with the queen in the ant colony for the time being. After all, it is level 1 and level 4 Warcraft. Even if it has just hatched from a different egg, it is scary to have high-level Warcraft.
Surdak killed five ghost-patterned queens before and after, but there was no real close contact.
Even the last group of ghost-striped red ants in Plantos town was shot by Samira’s bed crossbow. It can be said that Suldak killed the first and fifth ghost-striped queens with a dead bed crossbow and a giant crossbow.
And the second ghost queen is rushed into Selena’s dark fog and killed by everyone.
The third queen and the fourth queen are even more dead rocks.
According to Chester’s swordsmen, the ghost queen has spiritual skills such as spiritual puncture, mental control and dreamland, etc. Keep as far away as possible in wartime, otherwise it may be influenced by the ghost queen.
This time, I walked out of Duodan Gorge to hunt, so there was a thunder rhinoceros carrying four crossbows behind me, or Surdak really wanted to design a method to hunt the ghost queen.
It seems that there are no living creatures outside the ghost-striped red ants in the whole hilly and mountainous area for a long time. As soon as the cavalry entered the hilly and mountainous area, some ghost-striped soldier ant scouts outside the free ant colony found the cavalry team, and it didn’t take long for a queen ant to slowly approach the cavalry with a large group of ghost-striped red ants.
Tens of thousands of ghost-striped red ants can cover almost several hills in the hilly area. From a distance, there are ghost-striped red ants everywhere.
Surdak doesn’t want to confront these ghost-striped red ants head-on. They have a steady stream of red ants. No matter how strong the cavalry is, they will eventually be exhausted
The cavalry brigade stopped several kilometers away, and Andrew and the two-headed ogre led fifty cavalry to kill them directly.
They rely on the running speed of Gubolaima to circle around the ant colony.
A large number of soldiers in the ant colony rushed out towards Andrew and others, and several giant ghost-patterned soldiers were mixed with them.
Andrew didn’t fight, so he immediately turned his horse around and ran in its direction.
The cavalry come and go like the wind in the hills. Can these ghost-patterned soldiers chase the cavalry and eat ash behind them?
Surdak led a large cavalry unit to wait for a hill on the edge of the canyon.
After Andrew pulled the original formation several times, some bloated ant colonies were quickly torn apart by Andrew cavalry.
Originally a circular ant colony, it is now like a cracked continental plate with gaps everywhere.
Andrew and the two-headed ogre are simply two ants running amok. They are not giant ghost-patterned soldiers fighting. They are the speed advantage of cavalry. Ghost-patterned soldiers cut a series of wounds.
In the ant colony, soldiers spit acid at two people. Andrew has the earth shield, the magic pattern, the Gulitim, the good brother, the brain, the flowers and the frost armor. Both of them have protective measures, so no one cares much about these sour liquids.
Two people are like two sharp arrows in an ant colony.
Even so, the ghost-striped queen did not send the pro-guard male ants, but sent the largest force in the ant colony-ghost-striped worker ants
Ghost-tattooed worker ants are the lowest drudgery of ant colony. The dirtiest and most tiring work of the whole red ant empire is done by ghost-tattooed worker ants. Even the queen wants to prepare some rations. These ghost-tattooed worker ants eat food in their stomachs, convert nutrients in their stomachs into sugar, and finally turn it into honey honeypots, and then hang them on the top of the cave to dry slowly.
Although these ghost-striped worker ants don’t have much fighting capacity, their biggest feature is that they are numerous.
They rushed out of the ant colony according to the queen ant’s instructions, trying to surround the cavalry. If they can hold them back, the ghost-patterned soldiers will cling to them.
Where will the cavalry give them such an opportunity? Even if they run around in the mountains with these ghost-striped red ants, they will have the opportunity to launch a charge, and of course they will not miss it.
In this way, the tug-of-war lasted all day, and the surrounding hills and mountains were full of ghost-patterned worker ants’ bodies.
The cavalry led the ant colony to the edge of Duodan Canyon several times. Unfortunately, the ghost-striped male ants just don’t want to leave the ant colony. They are also very reluctant to protect the ghost-striped queen, preferring to eat sand in the trapped ants rather than leave.
When the sun was about to set, I saw the’ Fire Path’ burning again behind the two-headed ogre
Two-headed ogres run like flies in the hills and mountains. Everywhere they go, flames burn.
It happened that these ghost-striped red ants were very afraid of fire, and even if they were two feet high, the ghost-striped red ants would not cross it
Finally, these ghost-striped red ants can be led by a two-headed ogre. Andrew and a group of cavalry are free from these ant colonies. If there is a chance to make moves outside, even the queen ant can’t stop Andrew from coming and going.
The cavalry has been harassing the ant colony, and there are more than a hundred cavalry every time.
It was not until two days later that the ghost-striped worker ants and soldier ants outside the ant colony were cleaned up and trapped in the center of more than 30 ghost-striped males that the queen found that she had lost the best opportunity to escape.
The giant crossbow kept shooting ghost-striped males one after another and fell to the mountains.
At the last moment, the ghost-striped queen finally realized that she was dying, and it was no longer in the middle of it. Those Peng birds fluttered their wings and rushed towards the sky.

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