Too Yi Dao bodhi old zu said, "Although this flaw in the imperial map is insignificant, it is also a chance to realize this flaw. If you have a little heart, you can detect it."
Speaking of which, it’s too Yi Dao’s bodhi old zu said, "If we fight on weekdays, even if we are aware of this flaw, we can endure it, but now it’s different. You and I will work together to expand this flaw in the imperial map."
More than a few bodhi old zu nodded and looked at the imperial map. Sitting in the distance, the ancestor of virtual Taiping felt his brow wrinkled slightly. "These old guys have to make do together, even uneasy. What good intentions must be planning something to break the plan? Don’t fall into the trap of these old guys. Now the situation in the middle domain is not good, and there have been repeated changes. The general trend will no longer be under control."
There was a flash of worry in the eyes of the godfather of Taiping, but then it turned cold. "Dare to rebel against me? Taiping Dao is serious. My godfather is a vegetarian. You will settle accounts one by one in the future."
With that, close your eyes and carefully control the flaw in the imperial map.
Too Yi Dao bodhi old zu looked at the crowd and then a whisper. The bodhi old zu’s eyes suddenly brightened, then he mumbled something, and then the scene was calm. Everyone was connected by divine light. It seemed that Qi Li deduced something.
Huangtu Cold Water Road flyover wants to rush out and say some scenes, but I never thought that the wonderful show of children was so fierce that Xuan Bing, the god of cold water, was so scared that he ran back to the abode of fairies and immortals, but he did not dare to come out.
Looking at the cold water river jade Duxiu at this time, my heart is also nai. These two old guys do little pussies and refuse to come out. What can he do?
With a sigh, Jade Duxiu turned around and returned to the victory camp, only to find that Liang Yuan was pale and came out. "Senior Brother has an urgent report."
"Back to the big account, besides, people here are talkative and can’t let the news out." Jade Duxiu looked around and then at the cold water river, the cold water river. If there is inexplicable induction, it is not beautiful to be hidden in the army.
Opposite the Dayan camp, Huang Puqi and Su Chi sat in front of the high-spirited tent, and the atmosphere was a bit dull.
"Why don’t you see the clear water Taoist coming back?" Su Chi sank.
Huang Puji touched the bar. "Previously, seeing Miao Xiu’s children’s cold water river with great power, even the cold water river elves have lost the enemy, but his great power, the clear water road flyover, has been slow to disappear, even …"
Speaking of which, Huang Puqi looks ugly. If there is no clear water Taoist priest, what can they take to resist the great victory over the army? It is obvious to all that they are all looking at each other at this time and don’t know what to say.
"Why don’t we withdraw? Otherwise, wait until the child is killed and we suffer heavy losses. It’s better to keep a body to serve the court." Su Chi looked ugly.
Huang Puqi heard words and immediately shook his head. "General, this cold water river is the last natural barrier for my big swallow to win. If I let this child cross the cold water river, I am afraid that in the future, my big swallow will be Yongning Day, and the wonderful show of children’s door lock gold will not be without seeing a mere 5,000 people. I can stop 100,000 military forces. Who knows how many soldiers have been trained in door lock gold in the opposite camp at this time?"
Huang Puji is once bitten by a snake, twice shy, twice shy, and his head shakes like a rattle. No matter how hard the lock gold is in the water, there is no fart. That soldier’s ordinary foot soldiers are not a virtue. If the lock gold is placed, it is not one plus one equals two, but the power is dozens of times and one hundred times more.
While they were thinking, they saw a soldier come in with hurried steps and "plop" on his knees. "Report to two generals, there is a soldier outside who claims to be a scout of Nanyuan who wants to see the general."
"Oh" Huang Puqi heard that Su Chi’s glances suddenly brightened. Nan Yuan has just defeated the invasion of Taiping Road and sent scouts here at this time. There must be good news.
"Come on, please welcome" Su Chi hurriedly said.
Victory camp jade Duxiu looked at the letter in his hand and flashed black and white light in his eyes for a long time before he slowly raised his head. "That South Yuan responded really quickly and counterattacked so quickly."
"Brother, we should be so good." All my classmates looked at Jade Duxiu in unison.
Jade Duxiu carefully looked at the map of the case, and after a long time, his eyes flashed with divine light. "Now we are not busy crossing the river, and the soldiers from the South Yuan are bound to be tired. There is a natural barrier behind us, and the big Yan soldiers dare not attack easily. Let’s take this opportunity to attack the soldiers from the South Yuan and tell them to defeat them here."
"Oh, brother, do you have a good opinion?" Liang Yuan looked at Jade Duxiu.
Jade Duxiu’s finger map was scratched at the crowd, saying, "This place is a good location for ambush. The South Yuan soldiers came from afar and would never have thought that we would give up the big Yan soldiers. They turned around and attacked them halfway, and they were caught off guard. We must surely ask the South Yuan soldiers to eat a big loss, first to lose momentum and then burn his hay. See what they fight with. Maybe we can’t fight with an empty stomach."
They smell speech and nod in succession. These monks are all bent on practicing where they know what the art of war is. They think that the art of war can’t be bad, so they all nod in agreement.
Yu Duxiu looked at Li Yunhui. "What do you think of General Li?"
Li Yunhui nodded. "The Lord will arrange it properly, and at the end of the arrangement, he will admire it. I am willing to listen to the Lord."
Jade Duxiu turned his eyes and stared at the big tent soldier friar and then whispered, "We have nearly 100,000 troops here, but we can’t leave them. Otherwise, the big swallow soldiers took the opportunity to cross the river. We are really caught between Scylla and Charybdis. Now the general wants to send 50,000 soldiers to sneak attack the remaining soldiers. No abnormalities can be revealed. We can’t let the big swallow soldiers find out about our reality or the old fox Huang Puqi won’t miss the opportunity."
Chapter 27 Too Yi Dao
Jade Duxiu flashed in her eyes, and all the soldiers bowed their heads and dared not look at each other.
Jade Duxiu looked at Li Yunhui. "General Li, you ordered fifty thousand soldiers and horses to ambush South Yuan soldiers along the turning road."
Say that finish after looking pale Liang Yuan "Liang Yuan teacher younger brother here depends on you to guard"
Liang Yuan nodded. "Brother, be careful that there must be too Yi Dao experts following too Yi Dao. He is the most adept at planning, deduction and calculus. Don’t want to win that too Yi Dao trick."
Jade Duxiu nodded, "The provinces, autonomous regions and regions are too Yi Dao to be looked at."
Yu said that the calculation of the cat’s nest can be done. At this time, when the robbery broke out and the robbery force disturbed, Yu Duxiu needed to mobilize the robbery force to disturb the cat’s nest, which was too easy to be blind.
That night, a number of soldiers in the camp quietly left the camp in batches, and the big Yan soldiers did not find anything unusual. On that night, Jade Duxiu patrolled the cold water river, and the Taoist priest with clear water was afraid of Jade Duxiu at this time.
On the second day, it was rare to see a calm victory on both sides of the Hanshui River. The soldiers cut down trees and built boats to prepare for another attack.
Looking at the enthusiastic victory over the camp, Huang Puqi, the veteran, has also been fooled by this age when the art of war is unreasonable. Who would have thought that Dayan, who is opposite to "be a thief without a guilty conscience", had other plans, but it happened that it was deliberately provocative.
"Now, the Taoist priest of cold water and clear water can’t count on us, and we are definitely not winning the military and military opponents. I hope that the South Yuan army will be faster, or I am afraid it will be a disaster this time when the wonderful show builds the ship." Su Chi is old and many at this time
It took Huang Puqi a long time to silently sigh, "If Xu Sheng is not allowed to lose this time, the hinterland of Dayan will be completely defenseless against the big victory."
Is it because he doesn’t believe that he can beat the sergeant? Can you fight a wonderful show?
If you can win each other’s home, you will flee thousands of miles and give up Xisan Jade Fighter City.
Victory camp Liang Yuan silently looked at the sergeant Dayan across the river and looked at Huang Puji’s heart like fifteen buckets of water in seven hearts. "Don’t find that my victory is abnormal. Don’t find that Maneba is definitely not the other side. The other side has cold water and rivers to help and clear water. Don’t ask the other side to find flaws."
At this time, Liang Yuan’s lack of confidence in andao Jade Duxiu is unreliable. If the flaw is discovered by the other party, wouldn’t it really lose its advantage to flee?
It was Liang Yuan who didn’t know that Huang Puqi and Su Chi had long been frightened, hoping to win the army but not the river. Where can I expect to counterattack? This idea never rose, hoping to delay the way of the reinforcements of the Southern Yuan Dynasty, and that the reinforcements of the Southern Yuan Dynasty attacked and won the victory.
"Brother Miao Xiu, brother, this trick is unreliable." A Taiping Taoist brother leaned in and said that although he was strong and calm, his eyes were empty but he could not conceal it.
"What are you afraid of? Brother Miao Xiu is proficient in walking on clouds, even if there is a change, he can quickly return to curb the scene." Liang Yuan thundered at the younger brother who didn’t know that Jade Duxiu had become the backbone of everyone here, and everyone didn’t think that Jade Duxiu had left at this time, and everyone was nervous.
When they were all nervous and restless, they saw a group of people winding and turning towards Nanyuan’s route, hoping to give each other a heavy sniper before Nanyuan soldiers arrived.
Jade Duxiu’s eyes are dark, and a black lotus is floating in the air. It’s breathing, and the vitality around him is surging, and the disorder is more blurred than the victory over the camp.
The Southern Yuan Dynasty defeated Taiping Road with 100,000 military forces and attacked Hanshui River with great victory, hoping to defeat Taiping Road military forces here in one fell swoop and make Taiping Road completely lose its initiative.
Ten Maneba’s counting hay is definitely a winding motorcade, just like a dragon, running around the mountain with 100 thousand soldiers.
In a luxury carriage, there are five brothers Tai Yi Dao. These five people look like old people with ruddy faces, but there seems to be a trace of decay in their whole bodies.

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