"But I have one condition that you must promise me!" Li Jiancheng Gao said.
"Please say it!" Someone answered.
Li Jiancheng took a deep breath and said, "Dear folks, I hope you will set up a donation point in the city. I hope you will do your best and write down the amount of money when donating. This money is owed to you by Datang. Father and I will try our best to repay it!"
"I salute you folks here!" Li Jiancheng said with a slight bow.
"Taidian!" Someone suddenly cried, and the people all knelt down. "You are a good person!" "
Li Jiancheng’s smile disappeared as soon as it floated around his mouth. He helped several people up by himself and said, "Get up, folks!"
"It’s getting late, folks, let’s go home and rest early! There are still many things to be busy in spring ploughing now! " Li Jiancheng continued to shout that the imperial city echoed.
When the people heard Li Jiancheng’s words, they put out the bonfire and went home along Suzaku Street for two quarters of an hour before the people gradually dispersed. Li Jiancheng wiped himself straight and walked quickly towards the imperial city.
Li Shimin, the imperial city, saw this scene, and he couldn’t help clenching his fist. He hadn’t thought of a good plan yet, and it was solved perfectly. He still had too much to learn in Li Shimin. Li Shimin looked at the star with a long look and took a deep breath, waiting for his father to speak.
Chapter 595 Attack again
There was a surprise in the eyes of Tang gaozu, the tower. Because Tang gaozu didn’t hear clearly what he said, he saw it clearly.
Too Li Jiancheng went out and changed the situation in a few words. These unruly people actually knelt down and cried, and soon they dispersed automatically, which made Tang gaozu very puzzled. What was the solution? Tang gaozu is very curious.
Li Jiancheng hurried over and saluted Tang gaozu, "Father!"
"What is this?" Tang gaozu could not help but ask out.
"Father, it’s windy here. Let’s go back to the baby and tell you more!" Li Jiancheng replied before holding the tang gaozu.
Tang gaozu felt very gratified that Chang Cixiao inherited Lao Li’s family style. In the future, it must be a gentleman. Tang gaozu Li Jiancheng supported him and left the tower. After a slight hesitation, Li Shimin followed.
This time, going back was much slower. It took less than half an hour to get back to Tang gaozu’s imperial palace. Eunuch Wang Xinjun brought tea and Tang gaozu’s father added a cup of Li Jiancheng. He was thirsty and took the tea and drank it off.
After drinking two cups of tea in a row, Li Jiancheng stopped with a smile on his face. Tang gaozu and Li Shimin explained that Tang gaozu had an epiphany while Li Shimin was thoughtful.
Li Jiancheng was really a little flustered when the people besieged the imperial city, but he finally thought of a way. He secretly sent Tang Fengren to mix with the people and learned something.
After understanding, he knew that it was instigated by a willing heart. He played the emotional card at the first time, hoping to influence these people to walk out of the imperial city. Li Jiancheng was not sure because the suspicion was a gamble.
Li Jiancheng bet on the prestige of his people. Only with enough prestige can it be possible to curb the people. Of course, this is only one aspect. If the people have lost their minds, they will be torn to pieces by angry people at any time.
With the help of the mixed people, tang style and Li Jiancheng solved the problem perfectly and got the pity of the people. With this money, they can get back more things and minimize the losses in the first world war.
Tang gaozu sighed and relaxed. After all, he is mature. He has been able to take charge of himself. After praising Li Jiancheng, Tang gaozu still hesitates in his heart. "Although the people agree to fund, they still have to be careful and must solve it perfectly at this time, otherwise things will get worse."
Li Jiancheng expressed his understanding that he coughed, "Dad, it seems that this time it will be as soon as possible, and it will take two months to exchange the hostages back or there will be positive news, otherwise …" Li Jiancheng took the message, although he didn’t say it, but the meaning was already there.
Li Yuan coughed, "Please write a letter at once and tell Fang Xuanling to handle this matter as soon as possible!"
"hey!" Li Jiancheng promised to write a letter in his father’s room and then stamped the seal of Emperor Tang gaozu and quickly sent it out.
Chengdu city
Yang You is fishing in the imperial city. Xiaogui is staring at the pursuit. It’s too bad luck today. After fishing for more than half an hour, there is no hook, but Yang You still smiles as if he is very happy.
Yang You naturally has reason to be happy. After struggle, his wife and concubine have signs of pregnancy, and after being diagnosed by the physician, Du Guyan and Yan Ran have children again. Soon after entering the door, Yin Shaohua will continue to work hard.
Of course, this is a happy event-Yang You has received news that the Chinese and German leaders have successfully launched a wave of offensive, which is beneficial to the people to attack the imperial city. Although the result is ultimately unsatisfactory, the gains are not small.
Chang’ an soldiers and civilians donated money and materials. Li Yuan won’t save money for the people, so Yang You won’t save money for Li Yuan. He decided to redeem the hostage chips high, which can squeeze the potential of the pseudo-Tang Dynasty to the maximum extent.
Yang You narrowed his eyes and told Xiao Gui, "Call Du Guwu to see me!"
Small laurel replied in a hurry to leave less than half an hour later, small laurel and Dugu Martial Arts Division came to Yang You to pull up the fishing rod and put it on the case. After sitting in the stone pavilion, Dugu Martial Arts Division said this, small laurel picked up the Yang You fishing rod and saw that it was a dog and there was no bait. How could you fish?
Yang You asked about the recent situation in Fang Xuanling. After all, he has been in Chengdu for more than half a month and hasn’t seen him yet. I think he must be worried. Fang Xuanling has been looking for Du Ruhui these days, but he can’t see Du Ruhui. It seems that Duke has disappeared from Chengdu.
Yang You smiled, knowing that the temperature was up, he got up in disguise and walked out of the imperial city with Dugu Qianshan and others.
At this time, Chengdu has been full of vitality, and Yang You is particularly comfortable when he walks down the street. Yang You regrets that life is coming when he is exercising.
It is the grandson taboo and Fang Xuanling who seem to say something. Fang Xuanling looks anxious and the grandson taboo is a little tired and impatient.
Chang Sunji recently formulated a law. Because this is a big project, he spent a lot of time and energy. Chang Sunji knows very well that he must work hard for what he just took refuge in the Sui Dynasty. Otherwise, how can he attract Dou Shang’s attention and get the appreciation of the Sui Dynasty? All these days, he looks very tired after sleeping for an hour or two a day.
This man is in a bad mood when he is tired. It is understandable that his grandson should avoid depression. Why did this fellow Fang Xuanling tie himself up? I have already told him that I just took refuge in Da Sui and I don’t know many people. How can I put in a good word for him? Grandson avoid not don’t want to but can’t.
There is an opportunity, for example, Yi Gong, but when they met for the first time, they chatted very unhappy, which made Yi Gong very dissatisfied. At this time, Grandson Ji had been grateful to Yang You, and his weight would naturally be biased towards Yang You, but he was very dissatisfied with Fang Xuanling.
However, despite his grandson’s harsh words, Fang Xuanling kept pestering himself like a playboy who saw a truly beautiful woman. He insisted on introducing Yi Gong, whose grandson also felt very headache. Yi Gong has not seen it for some time. How to introduce him?
Just as they were talking, they saw Yang You Fang Xuanling again. Suddenly, they walked quickly and said, "Xuanling has seen Yigong!"
Yang You waved his hand and said, "Good talk!"
"Yi Gong, please take a step to talk!" Fang Xuanling hey hey smile habitually took out a piece of silver from the sleeve and handed it to Yang You.
When Yang You saw this scene, his grandson turned pale. He walked quickly and shouted, "Xuanling, what are you doing?"
Fang Xuanling one leng immediately remembered that this is not Du Fumen’s family’s easy public, but the rich people will not care about this ingot of silver. Isn’t it insulting to give him money? Fang Xuanling passively withdrew his hand and his face was embarrassed.
"This that Yi Gong Xuanling was rude and still looked at Gong Haihan" Fang Xuanling said.
Yang You, a moment and turned his head at the grandson avoid greeting way "avoid some days not see you thin".
Grandson avoid ha ha a smile "recently enacted the law, the law relaxed department officials have been arguing for several days without a good rest".
"Well, the law is the root law of the country. Only when there is no definite, effective and enforceable law can the people and officials be restricted by the royal family so that the society can be stable." Yang You encouraged him with a faint smile. "Don’t work hard to show that your talents will be appreciated by the officials!"
The eldest grandson nodded, barely revealing a smile on his face, and immediately remembered something. "I haven’t seen you for days, but what’s the big deal?"
"Great things are natural, but it’s not a bad thing for Da Sui," Yang You said lightly.
"Oh, what’s the good news?" Grandson avoid to the interest Fang Xuanling also intentionally leaned over.

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