It’s time to be tough and not be soft at all!
Do you still need to be timid after killing?
Su Yu wants to keep a low profile, but it backfires. Master Liu is pressing hard, and Liu Junshou behind him may not necessarily be soft on Su Yu!
People are bullied to the end! Still need to give in?
So Su Yu can’t cut him with a long knife?
Su Yu always remembers that Su Long taught him a truth.
Kill the enemy quickly! Be cruel! Be accurate!
Dead enemies will not pose a threat to you!
Su Yu lost his long knife, took out a handkerchief and wiped her hands. She said indifferently.
"Does the little noble have orders?"
The shopkeeper was shaking hurriedly hand yi.
"Send his body back to Liu Fu with thymelaeaceae Qin. If Liu Chief asks who killed Su, he has come to Beishan County! In addition, it’s not as simple as dying a son to bring a sentence to the chief. "
Su Yu’s tone is cool, and there is no panic and fear in everyone’s imagination
Su Yu doesn’t even fear the big emperor. How can he be afraid of the big emperor’s help?
If it’s peaceful, let it be. If the enemy is pressing on Su Yu, it’s hard to take this great mountain river in Beishan County!
"It’s a noble person!"
Jade Qing pavilion shopkeeper respectfully bowed to Su Yu upon.
"Oh my God! After killing people, you have to send the body to the door! "
"Too crazy! Too overbearing! "
They were shocked by Su Yu again.
Kill somebody else and send the body to the door?
This is simply a slap in the face and then a kick in the face!
"Well, I’ll leave it to you."
Su Yu light nodded his head.
"Precious people, do you want to go out of the city for a while? This Liu Junshou even won’t let you go easily. "
The shopkeeper hesitated for a moment and whispered to Su Yu, "I have a secret passage to the outside of the city, and I can definitely walk away unnoticed!"
"No, he didn’t dare to kill me. He didn’t dare to do it himself or do it now!"
Su Yu shook his head tone is very betting said
Su Yu didn’t do less homework before coming to Beishan County.
Liu Junshou’s cautious character never dares to risk killing Su Yu easily!
Su Yu is 100% sure of this!
Su Yu took Ling Aner’s little hand and calmly walked out of Yuqing Pavilion, which was full of customers with dull and shocking expressions.
Kill Liu Jun Shouer and have no fear!
Who the hell is he?
What is his identity!
They looked at Su Yu leave back heart crazy shout in succession.
There are also many sensible people who sigh and whisper slightly. "It seems that there is a great man in Beishan County!"
Going back to Lu Linganer’s lack of interest, Qiao face is full of entanglements and worries. She thinks that Su Yu killed Master Liu because of her. The little maid is very worried about what trouble this matter will bring to her master.
However, Su Yu didn’t guess the beauty’s mind at all. He was silent all the way and always secretly calculated the bureau.
Don’t expect the reality to follow your imaginary route at all times, and accidents will keep appearing. What Su Yu has to do is to firmly control all the accidents.
I don’t regret killing Master Liu Su Yu. If I do it again, Su Yu will kill him decisively!
And in that Liu Jun Shou Su Yu’s heart has been disputed.
The two men went all the way back to the inn, and soon Yang Mingwei came back with soldiers and servants who asked for information.
Su Yu got the information of food prices and shops in the capital and went into the room overnight to think about the next strategy.
At the same time,
Liu jun shou Jia Liu fu
An old man in his fifties was sitting in the hall wearing a Chinese costume with a sullen face.
In front of him lay a dead young master Liu, whose body was covered with white cloth.
The servants knelt down and trembled with fear to the extreme.
Liu Jun-shou has been sitting here for two incense sticks. His silence without saying a word is suffocating!
Three months ago, he had already negotiated with the emperor to kill Su Yu in Beishan County!
However, Liu Junshou didn’t expect that he hadn’t started to lay out the Su family’s children for Su Yu before killing him!
This makes Liu Junshou feel sad and resentful, and it’s totally implacable!
It’s hard to imagine that Liu Jun-shou’s child is actually dead in the hands of the first waste of the empire!
This is a disgrace to Liu Fu!
My son was killed by a loser!
Sadly, alas, pitiful!
Liu Chief’s anger rises at the thought of Su Yu’s jade pavilion shopkeeper sending him a message!
"Wrong team cost not die a penny so simple? What qualifications do you have to threaten me? "
Liu Jun-shou tried to usurp his fist and roared. His old eyes were full of resentment and anger.
62 Chapter 62 Liu Chief fought back
Chief Liu couldn’t wait to lead an army to surround the inn and kill Su Yu today!
But the situation in the imperial city is still not long! It’s hard to say whether the emperor wins or loses!
Chief Liu is sure that if he kills Su Yu and Su Wangfu now, he will definitely kill everyone in Liu’s house at all costs, even if he struggles with the situation in the imperial city!
It is true that the emperor would like to see this scene, but Liu Junshou would not!
If you don’t have a son, you can regenerate one, but if you lose Liu Jun’s current title, Liu Fu will really have a chance to turn over again!
Su Yu wants to kill!
But never kill it now!
Can’t let others know that Su Yu was killed by himself!
Liu Jun Shouxin sighed. He is very wronged now, but he has to bear it.
"Just a waste to provoke me Liu Fu if it weren’t for you behind Sue Wangfu I must you die today! Bury my son! "
Thought of here, Liu Junshou gnashed her teeth and roared.
Liu Junshou’s decisions and ideas are as general as Su Yu’s guess!
Liu Jun-shou hates Su Yu, but he is more afraid of the power of Su Wangfu.
He must wait for the opportunity and never implicate himself by killing Su Yu!
After a long time, Liu Junshou said in a hoarse voice, "Bring me a pen and paper and I will personally write an invitation to the little prince."

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