After that, Sun Hao inadvertently glanced at Ji Yuliu and Ji Yikou as if to himself, saying, "Maybe we need to pay more Bianhuang resources to get the ranking order."
Ji Ruxue looked back at Pang Daji’s team and shook his head and said, "I didn’t expect the Sword Sect to rank with an average score this time. We are a little too many. It costs a lot to get promoted, even if I do everything I can."
At this time, Jian Jun has long said, "This is our preliminary statistical results and now gives you the last chance to correct it. Is there any family objection or hidden Bianhuang resources that need to be reported again? If not, then it’s settled …"
Just after the words were finished, several family brothers raised their hands high. "We still need to report resources."
Jian Jun nodded slightly to the monks on the other side.
After the tea ceremony, the latest ranking came out. After Ji Jia, several families handed over a lot of resources, and Ji Jia was pushed to the ninth place.
Only two test places!
Ji Ruxue is as heavy as water.
Corleone eyebrows are not tightly wrinkled.
The situation is very strange. As far as Sun Hao knows, those families behind it can’t grab such a multilateral shortage of resources, but they just have it and push her family into a corner.
Inadvertently, Sun Hao looked at the high platform, and those who crossed their legs and sat on the sword sent their younger brothers to see a face of laughter, which seemed to be a good show.
The ginger family is better than her family, and all of a sudden, there are so many resources. There is no doubt that the problem is that the sword faction is younger.
The Bianhuang hunting sword sent brother defeated didn’t stop a few monks.
There are many soldiers who broke in.
However, Jian Paidi’s acquisition of a large number of Bianhuang resources can change the ranking pattern, and Sun Hao guessed that the family average score ranking method may also be influenced by Jiang Fuhe.
Her home with BianHuang lone Wolf some eyes can see that.
Jian Pai’s brother ate the lone wolf and suffered a big loss to retaliate against her family. It’s easy to understand that she deliberately targeted her family.
Sun Hao sighed in his heart that he designed others, and others were not fools at the same time. The counterattack was very sharp and fierce.
Jian Jun continued to ask if there are any families that continue to report resources?
Ji Yuliu and Ji Yikou raised their hands at the same time, "There is still" in her family.
Ji Ruxue glanced at the two men in amazement.
Ji Yukou’s novel says, "The lone wolf finally gave a lot of resources to thank us for helping him deliver the information. Miss, rest assured that our ranking will not be too low."
Sun Hao found that Bian Jiangfu’s eyes shrank slightly and looked at Ji Yuliu and Ji Yikou’s eyes were full of sharp cold light flashes.
The bottom of my heart sighs slightly that I even mean to give these two little girls a strong enemy. I didn’t expect such a situation. Sun Hao has quite a few nai in his heart.
Friars of the Sword Sect took away the resources of Jiyikou and Jiyiliu Bianhuang.
Ji’s ranking finally jumped, and the fourth place got the opportunity for seven younger brothers to take the test.
The untrue warrior in her family burst into cheers.
But Ji Ruxue and Xiaoqing are frowning slightly, and they feel very bad.
Chapter 1424 A Textual Research on Sword School Sword
There was no change again, and the final ranking was finalized. Sixty test brothers were announced.
Her family was shortlisted for seven younger brothers, Sun Hao, and she breathed a sigh of relief.
I finally succeeded in being shortlisted, and it was not easy to come to this step after planning for so long. Sun Haoke imagined that it was not easy for him to reach the boundary, but he did not expect it to be so difficult.
Left many loopholes and hidden dangers, and finally stumbled to achieve their goals.
Sun Hao has four words in his heart: "It’s not easy!"
It depends on how the Sword Sect needs to test whether it can pass smoothly and finally become a sword Sect brother, find the method of tempering bones and then start the cultivation road.
Sixty finalists were invited to the high platform.
If he failed to make it into the squad, he was dispersed to the city wall and returned to his family, Gusai, looking at the chariot and building a high platform to wait for the test results.
Sixty brothers were divided into six rows, and ten people in each row lined up in a phalanx and neatly stood in front of Jian Jun.
Jian Jun took a few steps back and forth in front of the phalanx, and his body slowly floated cross legs and sat in his wrist. A flying sword flew out, and the cold mountain flew to Jian Jun, and he fell flat on his knees and palms.
The flying sword blooms with white brilliance, illuminating the face of Jian Jun sacred and solemn. Lang said in his mouth, "Ling Tianjian sent a sword and gave birth to a sword, but standing a sword is the root of my sword school …"
Lingtian Sword School is a true school of sword cultivation. Therefore, according to Jian Jun, "Therefore, our sword school recruits younger brothers without looking at cultivating the heavy sword edge. You don’t need to know the test today, but you need to know that when your sword is destined, you will naturally become my sword school brother. On the contrary, you can say sorry."
Sword edge!
There is no standard sword edge
This is the standard for Jian Jun to say that his brother is a finalist.
At this time, Sun Hao is a little unsure whether he can get started with the Sword Sect or not.
Sun Hao didn’t expect the Sword School to recruit younger brothers without looking at strength or repair, but after reading the method to measure the so-called sword edge, Sun Hao could also resign himself to fate.
Simply said these rules, Jian Jun pointed to an entrance next to him and said, "The first row of ten monks will go in here and start the test. Remember that you can stay in each room and come out from this door and the last door when you have a cup of tea. You will know the test results when the time comes."
The first row of test brothers filed into the chariot to build a temporary test door according to Jian Jun’s instructions.
When the tea was lit, the first chariot lit up six lights
A sword monk said, "Four brothers passed the red light and three bases were qualified; Two yellow lights have excellent results; The green light is a direct sword, and the younger brother is currently continuing to test. "
Six brothers have passed, which means four brothers have been eliminated.
Soon Sun Hao saw that four brothers were led out of the chariot dejectedly, but they really lost the opportunity to become brothers.
Sword gentleman still cross his legs and sit in his mouth and say, "Name and achievement of the person who passed directly."
Brother Yang inside said, "Jiang’s brother went through the secondary sword directly."
Jian Jun’s face lit up a little and said, "It’s very good to have a good sword body, even if it’s secondary. Pay attention to see if he can perform better in the next test."
Another cup of tea. In the past, the second chariot lit up two lights.
Brother Yang said, "The red light is a light; The yellow light is excellent. "
It’s like explaining and asking Jian Junlang that "it’s rare to see a mark, even if it’s a yellow light, you can sign up directly."
The friar shouted, "Jiang Buxu’s mark is budding."
Jian Jun couldn’t help laughing when his eyes lit up. "He didn’t expect the Ginger family to have a good seedling this time. The mark of the secondary sword is good, good, good. Let’s go on."
Sun Hao’s heart gradually turned white.
Sword edge is not illusory. Lingtian Sword School naturally has a set of very mature judgment criteria.
The first two chariots were tested separately, that is, my brother’s "sword body and sword heart". There are still several chariots behind him, and I don’t know what to test.
And the younger brother who participated in the test must be qualified in the first energy base, even if he has obtained the qualification of ranking. Among the monks in the first row, there is Ji Jia Ji Yong who has not been eliminated, but I don’t know what his status is.

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