"Mom …" Liu Yu looks calm, but there are waves in her heart.
At that time, Lin Yunxia, who had fallen into a mess, also did everything he could to pave the way for him to have a stable job, but at that time, he took care of it in his leisure time.
But now he is clearly felt.
"Well, you’ve grown up, too. You’ll have to go your own way in the future. That’s all we can get to you."
Lin Yunxia said and then left the room.
Liu Yu went back to her room. Chen Jiali sat on the bed and watched, waiting for him to come in.
"Shantou also likes reading novels?" Liu Yu went over and doted on her little brain.
"Liu Yuge not too? Almost all your shelves are novels. "
Chen Jiali beeped.
The next day, they went to see the new house, which is quite wide and has been decorated inside, so they can stay with their bags.
On the fifth day after coming back, Lin Yunxia gave Liu Yu a message to go to go on road trip, Wanzhai Mountain, Hao Yuncheng, and let him prepare with Chen Jiali.
Hao Yun City Nanling City belongs to the first-tier cities, both of which are at the same level, but Hao Yuncheng Wanzhai Mountain is a very beautiful scenic spot. Since ancient times, talents have come forth in large numbers, and if you are lucky, you can still see the clouds rising halfway up the mountain to see the past.
When they arrived in Hao Yuncheng, they found a hotel for the time being.
It’s still early. Liu Yu and Chen Jiali entered Wanzhai Mountain together to feel a wave of natural charm.
"Wow, look at how amazing those clouds are."
Suddenly some tourists exclaimed, picked up the camera and filmed it.
"Hey? Didn’t you say that you can see it long ago? " Chen Jiali’s little face was slightly surprised to wear a pleated skirt with a cool summer and an autumn hat. The breeze gently brushed the skirt and shook it from a distance, but it was very poetic
Liu Yu is also curious to raise his head and frown slightly. "Perspective eyes!"
When a touch of purple awn flitted through his pupil, I saw through the layer of aura and misty clouds, but I found a small fish active inside.
"Is there a fairy born here?"
Liu Yu’s heart thinks that Chen Jiali has a piece of abstruse fish, in which a fairy fish has been born. It is a fairy jade.
But he can see a shaped fairy here?
This nature is really wonderful.
"Brother Liu, let’s go to the top of the mountain where we can see more clearly."
Chen Jiali took Liu Yu’s hand and the two men trotted along the stone ladder at the foot of the mountain to a lookout. Finally, the cloud moved in the direction of the two men and completely covered the lookout.
Suddenly, Chen Jiali’s chest abstruse fish instrument seems to have been induced to wake up and turn into a small fish. This small fish looks very sacred, and the two of them are full of joy, as if swimming in the water is amazing
"It moved again," Chen Jiali exclaimed in surprise.
The second winner was when the little fish in her chest moved, and then she passed out …
Although the winner restored the scene to her at that time, she was dubious, but now she was really awake and saw the fish, and she slowly accepted it.
"It’s okay. This may be a big accident."
Liu Yu’s eyes are hot. It is very difficult for him to get the embryo device of abstruse fish by accident, and it will last longer when needed. Compared with this moment, it has channeled the future, which will enable Chen Jiali, the host, to gain super power.
And still don’t need to practice that kind of ability.
"choo ~"
Suddenly, in this confused fog, there came a sound like a whale in the deep sea, and the image was very poor. In their field of vision, they saw a wandering blue whale, which was also as fresh as a fairy fish.
The two fairy fish came into contact and blended together very slowly.
"Beauty has also changed …" Liu Yu has been paying attention to Chen Jiali. Now she has merged fairy fish. If both fairy fish can recognize her, maybe she can jump into the dragon gate with great strength and surpass the practitioners to make the fairy treasure art.
Chen Jiali in the whole body has been scattered light even she didn’t realize it.
Straight two abstruse fish intersection success and then into the xuanyu fall, all this slowly calmed down.
The white fog dispersed to clear the clouds and see the sun set.

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