Material consumption is amazing, but the deterrent effect of killing is also obvious. Only half a day later, the Tang Jun striker’s death was abruptly interrupted, and thousands of people were killed. After all, the bodies inside and outside all kinds of siege vehicles were retreated to Chengtou, and the casualties were also difficult one by one. Most of them were suppressed and shot and killed by Tang Jun crossbowmen with several times the size when shooting, but it was a great encouragement to hold on to the original uneasy morale. After all, these people were just second-line government soldiers who had not fought much.
Back in Tang Jun Daying, Li Xiaogong drank a cup of water and patted the table and hit the stool to attract Li Jing to ask, "Does the pharmacist have a good way to break the city quickly?" Or is it that if our army directly bypasses Fangling County and rushes straight to Dengzhou, Xiangyang and Fancheng along the Hanshui River regardless of Lu Zang? "
"Not to mention how long it will take to clear the reef in the Hanshui River. Even if it is cleared, it is not easy for northerners to smuggle. Moreover, the ships recruited from Hanzhong are all civilian owners. Lv Zang needs some navy divisions at hand. Even the Fang Ling terracotta warriors are afraid of fighting the Hanshui River. This generation of warships is much bigger than the ships dispatched from Hanzhong by our army."
Li Xiaogong knows this is a fact, but he didn’t think about what was blocked at the moment before he felt that it was a bit rash to think about it everywhere.
"Fang ling county where is this place in the south? It’s not Chu. Why are the warships here several times bigger than Hanzhong? "
"Temple, you have forgotten that Hanzhong is located in the shallow and narrow waters of the Hanshui River. If the draft is too deep to sail in the Hanshui River, it will run aground by itself. After the Hanshui River reaches Fangling County, the river suddenly becomes wide and there are many tributaries flowing into it. Although the flow speed slows down, the possibility of building ships in Fangling County to go to Hanzhong has never been considered. The purpose is to go to Wuchang County, Jiangling County, Jiujiang County and other places. Naturally, it will be bigger to adapt to the Hanshui River Tour and shipping in the Yangtze River. It is precisely because of this that once the ships are built in Hanzhong,
It seems that it is impossible to detour by water. If you go by land, it is not impossible for some pharmacists to surround the housing Ling County and then go deep into the enemy’s rear alone. However, before that, the army relied on water transportation to maintain logistics, and there were ships. It was not a problem to transport enough troops at one time to eat rations for three to five months. If you change to land, if you March by manpower with food on your back, you will have to abandon at least four months to carry rations for more than ten days.
Of course, although it is still relatively dangerous here in Fangling, after all, it is not the Shu Road, but horses and chariots can still pass. When Li Xiaogong came, there were no horses and chariots in the army, and he had to levy horses and chariots nearby. Li Xiaogong was not sure whether he could successfully levy horses and chariots. If he thought of it, he would divide his people and search and plunder cattle, horses, mules and donkeys. On the other hand, he continued to step up siege.
It took another five days to fill several huge gaps in the moat on the northwest side of Fangling City. In the past few days, both sides have killed and injured more than a thousand crossbowmen, arrows and other consumption materials. On the other hand, Tang Jun filled the river and destroyed the sheep and horses wall, and at the same time, the livestock and vehicle search team also reported back and forth-Fangling County was indeed rectified by Lu Zang’s former wall, and the people’s property could escape into the city. Everything that could not be taken away was pulled into the city, and even the house was burned away.
Li Xiaogong found that the jet lag advantage brought by his decisive invasion seemed to be consumed by nearly half soon. Maybe he had an advantage when he returned to Jiangling from Liang Jun’s main force for half a month. It would be a big deal if he couldn’t rush through Lu Zang’s blockade for half a month.
Chapter 14 A thousand miles away in Jiangling will be returned in one day
"The resignation of Baidi Caiyun and Jiangling, a day later, the apes on both sides of the strait can’t stop crying. The canoe has passed Chung Shan Man."
After Li Xiaogong Fangling City smashed its head and solved the situation in Shu, Xiao Xian, the emperor of Enron, was returning to Chu with hundreds of soldiers through the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River.
On the first day of September in the first year of Ming-feng’s reign, the army pulled the boat out of Kuizhou early and set it free with the wind, and saw the mountains on both sides of the strait galloping backwards. When they first entered Sichuan, they went against the current and entered slowly and difficultly. In contrast, the paddlers in the wheel Ge spared no effort to step on it so quickly that the wheel Ge was even more like a sharp arrow. At night, they actually passed through the Three Gorges and Yiling County until that year, Jiangling County, Xingdi, West Liang Long.
Xiao Xian was weak in the legs and stomach, and when the two brothers, Dugu Yanyun and Dugu Pingyun, mixed with the boat, they stole the poem in front of him. Li Taibai is not even liquid yet. Naturally, there is no place to protest.
"Wonderful good poem! The literary talent really covers the ancients’ contemporary double! "
"Those barbarians in the northern dynasties really can’t compare the centuries-old poems of Xiao in Lanling!"
"In those days, before the Emperor Wu and the monarch, a generation of literary giants were listed as’ Jingling Friends’, and the military strategy of ZTE’s main cultural relics was even more far away …"
The emperor’s improvisation of poetry is also a great thing in the world, and it is more reasonable than the ministers of the scene. At that time, Xiao Xian certainly knew his own strength, let alone himself. Even if he was shot by everyone’s map, Xiao Yan, a wave ancestor, could have really overshadowed Shen Yue, Xie Tiao and Wang Rong among the "Jingling Friends" if he hadn’t been the emperor? According to the true story, Xiao Yan’s literary attainments are just the fourth and fifth.
However, Xiao Xian is too lazy to correct others. The sycophants are emperors. What’s wrong with letting the judges tilt their judgment standards a little? It’s better than shooting more than 300 rabbits a day or more than 40 thousand imperial poems a generation to flatter the sandwich martial arts emperor, right? At least it’s true. Twenty percent of the sedan chair is very conscience-worthy.
When Jiangling Palace lived in Xiao Xian, he immediately called Cenwen’s grandson to avoid a group of counselors. For the first time, he also called Jiangling’s Wu Shihuo, who had been waiting for a long time, so that they could work together to understand the situation. Wu Shihuo’s identity was previously unknown. Grandson to avoid vaguely knowing what Wu Shihuo was doing for Xiao Xian, and also knowing that Wu Shihuo inherited a part of the original official duties of foreign officials. In Cenwen and other newcomers, he did not know the end of Wu Shihuo. Xiao Xian would not have completely ignored confidentiality and single-line contact if it was not urgent.
Jiangling Palace was not newly built, but has been built for twenty-nine years. The last emperor of Xiliang, that is, Xiao Xian’s uncle Xiao Cong surrendered to the land. Before the Sui Dynasty, the capital of Xiliang was Jiangling Palace. The palace here was sealed when Uncle Xiao Xian left twenty-nine years ago. There was no damage here in Sui Dynasty. Because of the severe excesses, no local official dared to move his official office. Yang Guang did one or two times to take over the palace when he passed by. At this moment, Xiao Xian was slightly rectified and cleaned up, and he brought the girder. When the country broke off, he discussed the girder, such as regain
"Positions As far as I know, Li Xiaogong has been storming the city of Fangling recently, but it failed to get into the city. Lu Zang, the chief of Fangling, has a minister who secretly sent tens of thousands of thunder firearms to defend the city. It is sharp again, but it is almost impossible to exhaust the city’s guarding city materials if Li Xiaogong can’t fill in 30,000 or 50,000 lives with this determination. More importantly, I can guarantee that Li Xiaogong can’t go boldly without knowing the bottom line of Lu Zang’s hand.
However, this plan is afraid that Li Xiaogong will give up the trench, fleet and land to bypass Fangling County and go straight for Wu when it comes to a desperate situation. Previously, it was stated that it would be impossible to stall Li Xiaogong’s plan to annihilate Li Xiaogong in Fangling as much as possible. "
Grandson avoid listening to draw a gasp. He had never thought that Xiao Xian’s heart was so big that he cut a piece of meat from the north, not even going to annihilate Li Xiaogong and Excavate? Li Xiaogong’s hand is equivalent to a quarter of Li Tang’s forces now. If it is really annihilated, it will not only have a huge blow to Li Tang’s comprehensive strength, but also lead to a more unbalanced strength of Tang gaozu. The original Li Yuanji is mixed with his eldest brother Li Jiancheng and Li Xiaogong is mixed with his cousin Li Shimin. If Li Shimin didn’t fail to cope with Xue Renguo before, Li Xiaogong’s department was stripped off and divided into troops and went to Hanzhong to encircle the land, then the original Li Shimin would certainly not be willing to let go. Now the pharmacist Liang Jun successfully annihilated Li Xiaogong, and the Li Shimin’s personal strength was less than that of his eldest brother Li Jiancheng
Although the eldest grandson did not send his sister to Li Shimin, he joined the girder at a young age. However, when Gao Shilian was in Daxing, he still had a little false friendship with the Li family. The eldest grandson asked himself that he knew something about the Li Jiancheng and Li Shimin brothers. Of course, he knew that the benefits of this incident to the girder were far greater than the book data on the military level.
He couldn’t help but concentrate more at the thought of this.
Cenwen pondered the possibility of Wu Shihuo’s saying, "Li Xiaogong is not so easy to escape. Li Yuanji hasn’t split his troops from Hedong, south of Nantong and across Xinfeng. Even if Li Xiaogong breaks through by land and abandons food and ships, it is just a lone army. It will definitely be more easy to shake the morale of the army. When the time comes, it will be more difficult for Zhu Can or Wang Shichong to hold off Li Xiaogong’s marching speed without fighting. Li Xiaogong will finish eating the carry-on food, which is the end of the military collapse. Even if it is necessary to break through, Li Xiaogong will have to wait until Li Yuanji gets out of Hedong and crosses Xinfeng."
Wu Shihuo hadn’t dealt with CenWen before. Seeing young people naturally doesn’t believe "Wang Shichong? According to the analysis of your military advisers, didn’t Wang Shichong always count on my girder Tang Jun to fight to the death? How is it possible … In that case, Wang Shichong’s original site is closest to Nanyang, and it will cross the Songshan Pass in Zhongnanshan from zhongmou county, south of Dongdu, and he will not give up this place in Nanyang to lure me to win. "
"Sooner or later, Tang gaozu will have to compete with Wang Shichong for the eastern capital of Wang Shichong. It is impossible not to know that Wang Shichong is unwilling to lose his own strength to the death of our army or Tang Jun, but it is a truth that Wang Shichong will still do it in the fourth battlefield of the eastern capital if he has the opportunity to hit our army or Tang Jun without paying any price."
They all didn’t say much about turning to Xiao Xian. At this moment, people said that they didn’t look at the sacred ruling.
"I also think that Cen Aiqing is right. Li Xiaogong should not take the risk. Although he is stuck now, after all, if there is food in the hands of the ship, if it is camped on the spot and brought from Hanzhong by water transport, it will not be eaten for months. On the contrary, if our army gives up the food and runs lightly, then he will be hanging on his hands like Yuwen Shu in the Saskatchewan War. But what you Aiqing just said is one thing that woke me up-whether Nanyang Zhu Can will fall to my beam or pseudo-Tang is really important, although Zhu Can is a sight. Hare don’t scatter eagle sharp generation will not easily note, but also to prevent him from posing the illusion that he should note-if Zhu Can didn’t want to support Li Tang, but let Li Xiaogong mistake him for going to Li Tang, Li Xiaogong will be much bolder, and his thoughts will disappear, and Li Xiaogong trip will be even more uncontrollable. "
"Do you want Mr. Wu to arrange some way for me to go to Zhu Can to be an ambassador to understand the great sense of honor … I am ashamed to have made some praise for this, but I am willing to rely on my eloquence …"
"No, Zhu Can, this person is fierce and stubborn. You can’t take this risk." Before Cenwen finished, Xiao Xian vetoed the generation’s writing that Zhu Can was crazy about eating human flesh when watching The Romance of Sui and Tang Dynasties, and even the messenger of surrender was alive and cooked. But Xiao Xian was impressed. At this moment, he refused without thinking, not because a belly-black politician thought calmly, but because he had not yet disappeared, and the last piece of non-politician thinking white area in his brain could react.
Still not ruthless enough. How can such a person get lucky? If you are in the position of Tang gaozu, you will refuse to contact Zhu Can … Certainly not. How can Tang gaozu manage Zhu Can to eat or not eat people? It would be nice if Zhu Can were beneficial to him.
"Whether you are fierce and stubborn does not affect the imperial court’s interest in Zhu Can … If you say that the previous contact was not close to Zhu Can, you can make a pretence to shirk the past. Now the army has arrived in Jiangling, and there is a deterrent situation outside the North Xiangyang. It is time to contact Zhu Can!"
"I heard that Zhu Can’s human nature is extinct, and there is no danger for Mr. Cannibal to go here?"
Cenwen was so vicious that he was ashamed to hear Xiao Xian say such words for the first time, but he was stunned. Then he felt incredibly moved.
"I can … I can report my position when I die, and I can rest assured that I have my own discretion to come to Zhu Can, and I estimate that if I don’t go, now Li Xiaogong’s critical Tang Ting will naturally send messengers to try to make Zhu Can’s surrender naturally improvise."
Calm down and come to Xiao Xian is also a lot of pessimism. After all, in the romance, Zhu Can ate the messenger of the Tang Dynasty. It seems that the Tang Dynasty emissary didn’t offend Zhu Can with his own mouth, but what’s the danger for a person like Cenwen who has to turn ninety-nine times? When he is relieved.
"In this case, Mr. Wu has to arrange more weapons and treasures, and these should also be properly prepared. Zhu Can has a lot of greed, and it is always necessary for Cen Aiqing to give full play."
"yes! I’m sure Cen’s adult’s tacit cooperation will never hold you back. "Wu Shihuo doesn’t like it or get angry, and he doesn’t see any unhappiness for many colleagues who are lower than him. It’s worthy of being the leader of Haoshang in tens of millions."
Wu Shihuo and Cenwen prepared a little and set out for Liang Jun’s main force, Jiangling, after three days’ rest, they set foot on the North Road again-the three days’ rest is to wait for the detour waterway army and grain fleet to catch up with the progress, not to say that the foot soldiers have to rest after marching out of Sichuan, but after the war troops arrive in Jiangling, they can March directly to the north Xiangyang in the Hannan Plain by land, but if the grain ship is changed to land transportation, it will be too much trouble to load and unload, and so many vehicles will not be available at the moment. Besides short-term army stores, Jiangling Port will continue to follow Take the Yangtze River east to Wuchang County, then turn into Hanshui River at the confluence of the Yangtze River, and then go to Xiangfan. If you want to go around Wuchang County by waterway, it will naturally be a few days slow, so you should start first.
Xiao Xian’s troops haven’t arrived yet, and the envoys have already arrived.
Moreover, Cenwen’s guess is good. Tang Ting has also launched an emergency diplomatic offensive since he received the urgent report that Li Xiaogong Bingdun Fangling was a fortified city and could not break through Pegasus for half a month. He sent a partial division from Chang ‘an to escort a group of envoys named Duan Yan, who brought huge treasures to Nanyang County, to try to surrender Zhu Can again to ensure that the posterior supply after Li Xiaogong’s breakthrough could attack Lvzang in Fangling County.
The difference between Cen Wen and Duan Yi didn’t hide his whereabouts at all. He just came to Nanyang County in an ostentatious manner, that is, playing the banner of emissary and giving money to the local strongmen and thieves who passed by all the way to get to Nanyang County safely. But when Duan Yi came, it was well known, including his competitors.
Cen Wen was very lucky because he came to Wu Shihuo with the merchant fleet that was used to crossing the river with Lu Baiyi. He spent some gold and silver to find out Duan Yi’s preferences and weaknesses. After Zhu Can’s temperament, Cen Wenma decided to change his plan and take the initiative.
"Duan Yun is addicted to alcohol and binge drinking, so he is wild and taboo, and the scholars despise Wu Man’s fear of Zhu Can’s good face and happy ornamentation … Gee, it’s all profitable." Cenwen didn’t live in a post, but Nanyang County found a secret place for the former Hou Guan to stay. After figuring out some information, he recruited a few people to let them carry more gold, silver, pearls and jade to hide their identity, and then went to the reception section of Yan Yi’s peripheral staff to be like a hand.
Wu Shihuo trained a capable horse, so he got the message. Cenwen stayed out of it and waited for Duan Yan and Zhu Can to tear up first.
Chapter 15 Yin Yin trick
Zhang Goudan was originally a soldier of Zhu Can’s hand. At the moment, when Duan Yan, the messenger of Tang Ting, went to see the master again, he still felt that what happened in these two days was somewhat untrue.
He accepted a group of mysterious merchants for dozens of silver collars, but the other party didn’t let him do anything dangerous. The thing was to let him find opportunities to subtly encourage and pass some misleading information in front of Duan Yan, so that Duan Yan Zhu Can was an alcoholic. If you want to get down to business, you must show sincerity to get people drunk at the wine table and then show off your heroism and talk about friendship.
Of course, he didn’t just do this kind of thing with money. There are some words that don’t stir up trouble, but he is not very safe and has no substantive handle. Moreover, he can also conclude that not only he, even his post-courier or Cheng Daiduan, but also some Zhu Can people must have taken money from mysterious merchants and then encouraged them to say some nonsense. Unfortunately, he dare not test and is unwilling to test how many people others have bought.
Who will have a hard time with the silver collar? It’s rare to get confused. Even if he is a soldier, he will get soaked and know how to be a man if he is greeted by Yi Cheng.
But really don’t say how the Datang court sent Duan Yun such a pig brain to contact Zhu Can? No one will offend Zhu Can who comes to see him, but whoever wants him to send troops directly to help out and choose a team will be fooled by Zhu Can Taiji Pusher.
If Duan Yan had been well informed, he should have seen that Zhu Can would not really surrender to the Tang Dynasty unless he saw Tang Jun’s main force coming out of the army. But Duan Yan was puzzled by Zhu Can’s blandishments exposed in the past two days, and he had to work harder to get this buddy.
This kind of state is just like a younger brother * * silk who saw the goddess send him a "hehe" and really "hehe" is just like showing good ambiguous meaning, just like after the goddess sent you a "hehe", you have to make persistent efforts to tease and lick your feet for a while and then you can touch your body.
Duan Yi’s insight * * Si Yi Cenwen is a wily old fox-according to his age, it should be said that "less rape is more cunning"-so he hides in the dark and just relies on Wu Shihuo to give him the tentacles of the intelligence network. After a period of contact with Zhu Can, he decisively concludes that Zhu Can is constantly "hehe" hanging a circle of spare tires at the moment, so he has to be impatient. The spare tire has a flat tire first, and there is one less retreat for sale.
Now that we know that the other party is crazy to send "hehe", Cenwen certainly won’t get in touch at this time. If you want to get together, you have to wait for you before the spare tire bursts.
Also deserved Duan Yi damn Duan Yi. This person used to drink like a dog, but he swore that he must give up drinking on the way because he was afraid of something wrong before going to the mission. Unfortunately, since he heard that "Zhu Can was born as a rebellious warrior, and he was very resistant to reading without drinking. If you want to talk about feelings, you must first have a good drink", the latter part of the false information found a theoretical basis for drinking-I drank it for later generations because it was a national event, and that was "the director of China Merchants Association accompanied foreign businessmen."
I didn’t say that I was drunk every day for two days and Zhu Can kept learning the goddess "Hehe"
* * Silk will get angry if it is dried for a long time. After drinking too much, I said a bunch of dead words on this day. "I heard that King Yuan Guanglu Qing was a cannibal?"
Guangluqing was granted an official position by Li Yuan after Shi Biao surrendered to the Tang Dynasty. It seems that Du Fuwei surrendered to Xiao Xian, and was also lowered to the position of Guanglusi Qing after being assisted by the public and rebelled again. It can be seen that Guanglusi is ranked among the five temples in the imperial court, but it is also in charge of banquets and meals. This kind of human and animal harm field is actually a high administrative level, and it is actually a good government for warlords. Whether it is Liang Dynasty or Tang Dynasty Guanglu Temple, it can play such a role as "Zhonggu Committee"
Zhu Can’s face changed when Duan Yan’s banquet was asked. Damn it, are you trying to humiliate the old man? That’s what the old envoy sent by Tang Ting to woo is thinking. If he really surrendered to the Tang Dynasty, who knows how to be despised in the future? Angry Zhu Can’s face didn’t show in his heart, so he pretended to smile and fight back.
"Ambassador really well-informed! Zhu has a lot of research on cannibalism! However, ordinary right-handers are not as coarse as cattle and sheep. If you really want to say delicious or read tender human flesh, you really don’t envy mutton. Unfortunately, if you read people often get drunk, the meat quality will be worse, just like distiller’s grains pork. "
If Duan Ji was sober, he should have heard that Zhu Can was angry. This was a threat to him.
However, strong wine scares people, just like the bartender dares to say to the little devil, Miss A Zi, "Want to cut the tongue of a villain? I’m afraid the girl didn’t do this. "Duan Yan’s drinking strength at the moment naturally dares to say," Why do you eat some pawns at most with this rough rammer! Read which one you eat! "
"If you are also a reader, you won’t believe that you will eat you today!"
"Dog thief dare? I’m not afraid that I, Tang Tianbing, will cut you to pieces in the future! "
"Grandma old kill you this will leave head when pig head sent to jiangling, how can drop? The Lord in Jiangling will increase his official reward for this. "
"thief! I’m so kind to you. Don’t you dare … It’s not necessarily unpopular that Jiangling didn’t send someone to ask for it today! " When this sentence came out, Duan’s drunkenness was half awakened. Unfortunately, after listening to what he just said, Zhu Can could not keep him alive. People who know too much will die.
Duan Yan was ripped off and quickly chopped off his head, leaving the rest of his body to clean up and cook in a clean pot. Zhu Can’s chef is also used to cooking the human flesh dining table. Zhu Can noodles don’t change color. He gave his buddy who was just sitting opposite him to drink together to eat. Of course, a pot of 100 kilograms of Zhu Can also picked two or three kilograms to eat fat. Don’t stew it for the hand.
As for how to send Duan Yi to bring his entourage, Zhu Can didn’t think about how to let them go back to the demonstration with Duan Yi’s relics. Although it is Japanese, it will also attract Tang Jun’s anger. It is said that Xue Renguo is finished. No matter who leads troops to Zhu Can, Li Shimin or Li Yuanji don’t want to be the object of attracting hatred.
It’s also true that Zhu Can himself is impulsive after drinking. At this moment, he is worried after drinking and quickly falls asleep. The next day, he has just woken up and hasn’t come yet. He continues to think about big things, but there is a report outside that another messenger has come to inquire for each other. It’s very secret and he didn’t show off his identity before.

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