Sun Hao bought a soul stone with a value of up to 50,000 yuan again to cover up his repair. The dragon made a business deal, and he smiled and praised Sun Hao for his discerning eyes.
Xia Qingyu’s brow wrinkled deeply, and the monk in the Holy Palace didn’t feel very good either.
News from the old town of ice and snow came to ice silkworm to control the mask. The monks have launched a flood of attacks on the old town. Although they know the way to eliminate ice silkworm, the number of ice silkworm seems to be a lot of invincible frost elders. Nai sticks to the old town and hopes to come back when this side can move quickly.
Xia Qingyu can be sure that those masked monks who besieged the old town have definitely escaped if their return rescue didn’t wait for them to get back to the old town.
Silver teeth bite regardless to lead the team to rush forward rapidly.
It is necessary to find the old town of ice and snow in ice silkworm War, and the pressure can be slightly relieved.
As the team advances into the outside, the cold has had a great influence on the gods, and Sun Hao’s gods can’t put ice and snow casually. The old town has exceeded the scope of Sun Hao’s gods, and the front is beyond the scope of Sun Hao’s pursuit of ice and cold gods, saying that everyone has rushed out far, far away.
The flying donkey really has an edge. In this environment, you can still identify the general direction of ice silkworm in ancient times without hesitation.
Half a day later, the flying car stopped snowing.
In the vast snow, there is a potholed wonder in the snow ahead.
Huge pits appeared in the vast snow.
Deep pits are like sinkholes. Each sinkhole has more than ten feet. The bottom of the sinkhole in Fiona Fang is covered with thick snow, so it is impossible to see the specific situation at the bottom.
In the original ice and snow, except for the occasional iceberg and snow peak, it has always been relatively flat, but now the ice and snow plain is full of potholes, just like the earth is covered with hemp
The donkey cart stopped at the edge of the sinkhole and measured the flying donkey lying dead and not going.
Xia Qingyu and other holy brothers gathered in the tiankeng narration and took out a pair of scrolls in the hands of the elders. After comparing them, they said softly, "Shaogong’s place has gone deep into the world of ice and snow, which originally belonged to the ancient North Sea area. It is reasonable to say that there should be so many tiankeng in the sight of glacier snowfields. These tiankeng should have been generated only recently …"
The flying donkey lay on all fours in the deep snow and nothing happened.
Xia Qingyu continued, "Shenggong is grateful that there is definitely a good iced bean ground into bean powder to fill it …"
The flying donkey rolled over and got up from the snow. She shook herself off and the snow turned to the sky and hissed "Oh …"
Xia Qingyu held out his little finger, "You can pull a hook when you keep your word."
The flying donkey quickly reached out the donkey’s hoof, touched it with its little finger in the summer sunny rain, and then pulled the flying car to a huge snow pit.
Coach Liang scolded, "It’s a shame for the donkey to buy bean flour for one meal. Can’t we have two meals?"
The flying donkey ignored him and rushed into the sinkhole. The fluffy snow splashed and the bottom of the sinkhole seemed to be washed away by the flying donkey. The flying donkey pulled the flying car and left a dark hole and disappeared.
Xia Qingyu and other monks looked at each other without stopping and rushed into the hole.
Heavy snow fell in succession, and soon the bottom of the sinkhole was covered again. The vast snow-capped mountains disappeared, and there was no trace that the monks had been here.
Chapter DiYiSiWu Secretly
At the bottom of the sinkhole are huge oblique and spacious ice caves.
As soon as the measuring car got in, it stopped in the ice cave and stopped moving forward.
Afraid of death, flying donkeys are determined not to take the lead
Sun Hao’s knowledge reveals that the speed of the car scanning the ice cave is colder than that of the gods, and the roots can’t be sent far.
The walls of these ice caves are smooth and smooth as a mirror, leaving no ice residue, like giant earthworms drilling through them.
Xia Qingyu quickly followed the flying donkey and nodded. Friar Sangong led the team to quickly drill into the depths of the ice cave.
There are forks in many places in the ice cave
Like a huge spider web.

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