"There are too many masters!" At the back of the crowd, two carriages stopped at the side of the road and Cai Yong and others came here.
"Just park your car here." Cai Yong walked out of the carriage. Although the carriage was far away from the crowd, the carriage could see the front situation. After all, Zhao Ji didn’t come out and didn’t get married. She lifted the carriage serial curtain and looked at the direction of Yedu University Tower.
"It’s so lively!" Zhao Ji next to the green girl looked at the sea of people in front of the crowd with his tongue.
"Stop talking and take your time …" Zhao Ji said, looking at the high platform. At this time, a man in a ceremony walked to the high platform.
"Yedu University founding ceremony is now!"
As Qin Tianjian Yi Lin’s words fell, the whole venue was surprisingly quiet for a moment.
"A year ago, I established the state of Jin, and I vowed to lead me to the prosperity of the state of Jin. After a year, the peaceful people lived in peace. Today, we have achieved our goal of governing the state of Jin. The people have solved the problem of food and clothing and can’t bear to be hungry and cold. We have taken the first step in the state of Jin. We should thank you for letting us not be hungry and cold, but this is not enough. It is not enough for our citizens to eat enough and wear warm clothes. We need more. What we hope is that everyone in the state of Jin will become a success and everyone will be like a dragon. We will
"Welcome!" Speaking of which, Yi Lin directly thought about Taiwan, and Ning Caichen leaned down and said,
"Welcome!" Behind Ning Caichen, Zhuge Liang and others also bowed down, and several women, Bai Susu, also bowed down and made a salute. At the front, Ning Caichen was directly exposed and stood out in a yellow robe. The people also saw that although it was Ning Caichen’s back.
"Welcome positions …"
Here shouted a piece of Ning Caichen body straight step by step to the high platform next to Yi Lin, who was bent over and respectful behind Ning Caichen.
"Really!" Ning Caichen turned and instantly the crowd fell into a hubbub again.
"Long live, long live!" "Long live the pursuit, long live the pursuit …"
I don’t know who shouted first, then shouted a piece of visible rear people and knelt down directly. This picture is very shocking, and hundreds of thousands of people knelt down, even the carriage Cai Yong and others bowed and bowed.
"Get up!"
Ning Caichen is a handsome dragon robe with five facial features and a pair of deep eyes. If the pupil of the stars has a purple light, there is a kind of temperament that is really extraordinary. If the immortal is beautiful, he will not eat people’s fireworks, but his dragon robe has a little more domineering. Everyone feels that his body is wrapped by a force, which makes them involuntarily get up.
"thank you!"
"Miss Jin is really the king!" The maid in green in the carriage was a little excited. She said, "Jin Wangbi is so young and handsome. He is as handsome as he said, er, not as handsome as he said. I’m afraid Jin Wangbi is the best handsome man in the world."
Zhao Ji didn’t speak is beautiful eyes looking at the high platform Ning Caichen figure on the other side Cai Yong also straight up, but his heart can’t be calm. He just felt that his body was involuntarily wrapped up by a French resistance force with Ning Caichen’s empty hand, and how many people were there? This means is amazing. This is the first time he met Ning Caichen. But today, he really saw his heart but he can’t be calm for a long time.
"Really peerless!"
Finally, Cai Yong sighed at this moment, even though he had to admit that Ning Caichen was really beautiful, it was a kind of temperament that exuded in shape, but people could not help but fold.
Chapter 421st Different Time Speech
"My thoughts have undergone three major changes in my life. The first time was three years ago. At that time, I was still a poor student in Chenxian County. I had a problem with food and clothing, and I had not settled down yet. At that time, the source of income at home was Ningshan Mountain, which went into the mountains every day to cut firewood and buy it in the county to get a little meager income."
Gaotai Ning Caichen’s accent is not very dull, but it resounds through everyone’s ears.
"I often think that at that time, if there were no Ningshan, I’m afraid Ning Caichen would have starved to death." Ning Caichen said that he couldn’t help but look at the armor in front of the platform. Ningshan bowed directly to Ningshan. "I want to thank you for not having you. I’m afraid Coson Ning would have starved to death and froze to death …"
"You can’t!" "Husband!"
Everyone was surprised that Zhuge Liang and others changed their colors. Can Ning Caichen and other identities bow and bow? Yongle and others were amazed. Bai Susu covered her mouth and suddenly felt sour. She thought of all kinds of things in the past. She almost witnessed Ning Caichen’s rise from a poor life to a rising field. Many people were also stunned. Cai Yong, Zhaojun and others saw this scene, but some people couldn’t return to God. Who is Ning Caichen? The state of Jin is the most powerful and overlooks China, but now they bow to the minister.
"It’s the greatest blessing for my generation to be able to follow the public in Ningshan …" Ningshan simply touched his head and smirked.
Ning Caichen also smiled at Ningshan continued-
"It was also at that time that I experienced the first thought change in my life, earning money to support myself and let myself and the people around me live a good life. I wrote couplets and realized the literary spirit. Later, I learned martial arts. Later, everything changed. I met Mr. Su, and my family became stronger and became a big family in Chenxian."
"In the 11th year of the Warring States Period, the blood-spirit war in Shu Mountain and Emei reached Chen County, and several people died in that disaster. The curse of burning blood in Shu Mountain and Emei was used to deal with the blood-spirit. I killed thousands of people in Chen County that time. Later, I joined the army and experienced the Yellow Scarf Chaos and resisted the invasion of Han. At that time, my thoughts changed for the second time …"
"Cultivate one’s morality put the country flat! I hope I can be strong and let the people of the country face to face with the hardships of war and humiliation. Later, I became strong, but the people still settled down in the hardships of life. The Yellow Scarf Army resisted the Han army, but the country was still in a hot water. Purdue Cihang was in trouble. Chaogang Han invaded General Yang Wu’s Wyndell Dichinson Dragon City … "
"I always thought that I was strong and it was still difficult to change the status quo until the establishment of the state of Jin."
Ning Caichen’s accent is dull, but it is clear in everyone’s ears. The scene is silent. Ning Caichen seems to tell his life experience, but I don’t know that everyone feels like something has been touched.
"Last year, the State of Jin established me, and the State of Jin also ushered in stability. Perhaps it is because of the strength of the State of Jin, the foreign enemies did not invade the country, and some tartars were drastically solved. It seems to be thriving, but I often ask myself how long this situation can last. When the human resources are exhausted, life will end, and the three emperors and five emperors can’t last forever …"
"One day, I can’t go to Coson Ning, I can’t go to Zhuge, I can’t go to Wei Zhaung, I can’t go to Lu Bu, I can’t go to Zhao Yun, I can’t go to, I can’t go to, I can’t go to, I can’t go to Zhao Yun, I can’t go to, I can’t go to, I can’t go to, I can’t go to, I can’t go to Beijing, I can’t go out, I can’
"Foreign enemies are always lurking like beasts, waiting for us to weaken and come and eat us. What shall we do then …"

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