He was full of confidence in the green snake. Pei Wende not only didn’t stop the other party’s line, but cooperated with her to make Lei Yun hit the magic Buddha not far away
Booming …
Thunder fell from the sky, forcing the magic Buddha to retreat into Jikoji, which has become a ruin.
Pei Wende Xiaoqing’s cooperation is definitely not as simple as one plus one because of the extraordinary tacit understanding of getting along with each other all the year round.
There’s a Wei Tuo before, and then there’s Mo Hu Luo Jia Teng …
The magic Buddha fell into the wind frequently in the battle for a while, and the transformation of "Buddha form" and "magic form" barely maintained its present advantage.
"You are deceiving others too much!"
Go back, go back. The magic Buddha gave a roar.
Then he saw a statue that occupied more than half of Jikoji’s huge method appear behind him.
It is still a three-sided stone Buddha, but after being blessed by the golden body, this magic Buddha dharma is far more magnificent than the previous one.
The most important thing is that with the continuous support of the true elements, the magic Buddha dharma can finally display its true magical power
Fa Li magnifies himself, practices the magical power of Luohan, and concentrates on defending the enemy in front of him …
The magic Buddha just showed everyone that he was vigilant by the old monk and Yu Danchen in a moment.
-Fo Yin, life and death!
Chapter 36 Wei Tuo tears, a mother.
Thousands of years ago, the magic Buddha walked out of his own path and finally opened up a real magic Buddha path after referring to the magical powers of various schools and hundreds of schools in Tianzhu.
Magic Buddha Faxiang and Magic Fo Yin are two unique magical powers that extend from this.
There is no need to say more about magic and Buddhism.
It is the basis of magic buddhas and buddhas’ dharma, which combines the characteristics of monty outside the country and makes it his own dharma in another way.
The same is true of Magic Fo Yin.
It can be seen as the crystallization of the achievements learned by the magic Buddha all his life, just like the meditation seal of the Buddha and the seal of taoist sanqing, which symbolizes the "magic Buddha"
At this moment, the huge magic dharma is printed by Pei Wende, who has never seen the magic Fo Yin.
This magic with upside-down printing and chaotic life and death is both a Buddha and a magic.
Only the three-faced magic dharma stands motionless near the mountain gate.
-Fo Yin, life and death!
The first wave is to dive again without calling Loja.
Even with the blessing of Pei Wende and Xiaoqing, he has a feeling of being mired in mud.
It seems that the order of heaven and earth has disappeared. Heaven is no longer a day, and the earth is no longer a ground.
Disorder replaced the original order, making the foundation of things stop shaking.
And the most intuitive embodiment of this power is that the thunder clouds are dissipating in response to the call of Mohologa.
Because the conditions that constitute Leiyunji have changed, the natural law has fallen again.
Well, this kind of power of reversing order and confusing concepts can only further disturb the body composition of Mohoroga in foreign law.
Of course, Pei Wende knows that it’s not that the magic Buddha is not capable enough, but that the other party’s golden body limits his strength at the moment.
No matter how powerful the magic Buddha is after his epiphany, he is only temporarily reviving the "undead" with the help of the old monk’s golden body, which is far from reaching its peak.
What’s more, the struggle of returning the Buddhist monk to the demon body further weakened his strength.
So Pei Wende simply gave up the idea of driving Thunder to defend against the enemy and threw himself at the magic Buddha.
In this process, the green snake can make Pei Wende aware of the potential of Mohologa.
The snake-like long body burst into incredible power in this short moment.
It’s the blink of an eye. Don’t shout for Lorca. It’s like a train out of control tearing the surrounding air and hitting the magic Buddha.
"Brother Jue, let me help you!"
Seeing Pei Wende, an "outsider" has chosen to join the battle, and his memory of Wei Tuo period has been restored. The girl will naturally not stand by.
Now that his reality has begun to blur, that girl simply gives up her present form and returns to the initial mental fetal form.
Unlike that first Wei Tuo, which was born with the goal of "make the strongest fight machine".
Girl from the beginning is ever-changing, strange unpredictable form in Jikoji.
Creating hallucinations, manipulating consciousness, lurking in dreams, and blurring reality to a certain extent …
These are the supernatural powers that Dan Chen gave her when she created the girl.
Now my girl finally decided to give up her hard-earned entity and return to the original and strongest form.
"The magic Buddha! Your time has come! "
With the disappearance of the girl, she was completely ruined. In the center of Jikoji, a statue of the magic Buddha dharma, the size of Wei Tuo dharma, suddenly appeared.
But the conventional meaning is different from glaring at Wei Tuo.
This statue of Wei Tuo shows sorrow and tears, and he exudes indescribable sadness and compassion all over.
There is a strange ghost called "Earthbound Spirit" in the theory of later generations.
Generally speaking, it is people, animals, and plants that have been freed from their great wishes or hatred before their death, thus being bound to a fixed boundary and producing strange ghosts.
But from another point of view, the body of a small piece of land bound by the "spirit" is different from the Taoist concept that the city god and the land are young.
Therefore, to expand the scope of the "earth-bound spirit" by 10,000 times, 100,000 times and one million times, and then to have a fixed incense is a real god.
And the girl’s tearful Wei Tuo is similar to a Jikoji "earth god" bound by people.
Previously, Pei Wende noticed that the strange earth pulse was the external distress signal of this unformed "earth god" and successfully recruited the "earth" of Mohologya.
Man-made gods who really control this land shed tears. Wei Tuo’s will is the will of the earth.
And eliminating chaos and reorganizing order is only his own god’s ability.
Even the chaos created by the magic Buddha is nothing more than a wave of hands to restore defects in the eyes of the real God.
Just like now, just a cry when breathing, Wei Tuo shielded the interference of the magic Buddha on the surrounding vitality and re-established the correct order in this chaotic area
Root didn’t expect that the girl statue was actually an "artificial god", and even more didn’t expect that the other party could crack his magical power and couldn’t prevent the magic Buddha from losing control of his surrounding environment.

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