You must go to the ghost kill array to see this ghost kill array, as hauntingly as the afterlife. You must see this large array, that main array, people’s doubts, and then go to that St. kill array. At last, there are three people who must see these three people get together and say, "You Taoist friends gather here to enjoy bliss in the west with being original."
The man who covered the water angered, "You are a Western saint, but you bully me and other monks. Even if I wait here today, I will never let you feel better."
Water-covered reality, Yuan Wah reality and Giant Wood reality waved flags and waved banners. The ghost kill array St. kill array and the lore array actually merged into one. The integration of these three arrays is also the limit of three people. If seven arrays are integrated, it will take a saint to do it.
The power of the three-in-one large array has also increased a lot, and the number of shock waves in the array is heavy. What’s more, the heady technique lures the soul out of the body in the array, which is a small technique for saints.
When the three people in the quasi-DPRK brush the three-person flag, they will be brushed into dust, and then they will be brushed until they vomit blood and fly out of the quasi-road. "Let’s go to the west with the original road and enjoy bliss."
Zhun Dao said, "I, the three western bodhisattvas, are missing three seats, so let’s be the seats of those three bodhisattvas."
I’m going back to Xiqiao Barracks with a three-headed spirit beast. "I’ll go back to the west, and I’ll come to help if I’m in trouble."
Mr. Zhang looked at the Brigadier General and sighed, "Seven real people came to the list, but the three of them lost the chance, but it was a lot of hardships in the future."
Panda sees Kong Xuan, saying, "Boss means that they are not allowed to go to a big robbery in the future if they are not dead, or they will be involved in it and miss the opportunity to avoid robbery in vain."
Zhang Wendao: "Whether it is a blessing or a curse depends on themselves. Since they have chosen their own opportunities, even if I help them choose the future, it will not help. After all, people have their own way to go."
Chapter sixty-five Three immortals fight all the immortals
He must have taken away the reality of Fushui, the reality of Yuan Wah and the reality of Jumu. When the three bodhisattvas, Ji Ying Xue Xian, Yue Xin Xian and Feng Wu Xian, saw the defeat of the Seven Killing Arrays, they came to the front to stop the Xiqiao army.
Nezha saw that these three fairies dared to come and call the battle line and said, "I am the pioneer of Xiqiao, Nezha, and which one of you will fight with me."
Xueying Xiandao "Let me get you, Huangkouer"
Nezha stepped on hot wheels’s hand and shot Xue Yingxian. This Xue Yingxian has a treasure name and mixed yuan Zijin bottle. This bottle can accept everything. It’s all right to take things. Xue Yingxian took a picture of the treasure bottle in his hand and took it to Nezha. Nezha flew to the treasure bottle involuntarily and was finally put into the bottle.
Nezha was caught burning a lamp and said, "This snow-carved fairy artifact is a treasure that can only be cracked if people take it."
Duo Bao said, "The three immortals have their own treasures in their hands. I’ll discuss the solution after reading it."
The burning lamp sent the Deng Hua to meet the three immortals, Deng Hua, who came to the front with a painted halberd and said, "I’m Yu Xumen, Deng Hua, but who dares to fight with me?"
He said, "My sister was right for a while, so she went to meet the enemy."
Jade-like stone snow fairy way "it’s better to go by my sister this time."
Yue Xin Xian came to me and said, "I am Penglai Yue Xin Xian, so let me teach you a lesson today."
Deng Hua painted a halberd to kill Yue Xinxian, who was holding a basket of flowers and threw a handful of petals into the sky to see the flowers falling all over the sky, which made people fascinated. Before Deng Hua reached the front of Yue Xinxian, he was fascinated by the flowers and fell unconscious.
He Xinxian tied Deng Hua back to the business and went to burn the lamp. "This basket of He Xinxian flowers is aimed at the six senses of the Godsworn, but if they are not closed, they will lose themselves and get drunk. Now three immortals have two magic weapons, but one person has to go to test them."
Light the lamp and then send Han duron to meet the three immortals, Han duron, who came to call Feng Fog Fairy. "If there are two sisters in the first two arrays to deal with this, let’s go by my sister."
Snow jade-like stone fairy let the maple fog fairy go to deal with Han duron, Han duron’s sword and kill him. Seeing that the maple fog fairy dragged a piano in her left hand and put it on the strings in her right hand, the sound of the strings seemed to be magical. Han duron’s footsteps were vain and his center of gravity was unstable like drunkenness. Feng fog fairy plucked the strings again. The Korean duron went to business like a puppet, and the commercial soldiers immediately put Han duron the prison.
When I saw the magic weapon of the three immortals, I also knew the roots of the three immortals. "These three immortals are profound and have innate treasures to help us. If we want to play against them, we will lose two games. I heard that there are nine twists of the Yellow River array for three nights. If the three fairies want to take these three immortals."
Duo Bao said, "Three nights have already gone back to the mountain gate, but now it will take days to ask for it."
Guangcheng said, "I will wait for Twelve Jinxian to meet the Penglai Three Immortals. I want to see how capable these three Immortals are when they fall to the ground."
Burning the lamp and sighing with many treasures are too arrogant to explain people. Today, the strength of the three immortals is very white. Tell everyone that although there is a fine line between quasi-saints and quasi-saints, how can the quasi-saints have a holy word? It is not a realm that quasi-saints can touch with this holy word.
The next day, Twelve Jinxian, the interpreter, came to call the Three Immortals. He had to come to the Maple Fog Immortal and said, "The two sisters and the three brothers want to bully us more, but we are not afraid of you."
Guangcheng said angrily, "Don’t look down on us in the fog. It’s insulting to explain that the immortal relies on Penglai’s left road!"
Xueying Xiandao: "Guang Chengmo said that you are the first fairy to strike the golden bell in Yuxiu Palace, and it will be difficult for you to get rid of my treasure. Today, I will let you wait for your third brother to see my Penglai."
Say that his heart fairy threw a basket of flowers into the sky, and the flowers fell in the basket. With this rain falling, he explained that Twelve Jinxian smelled the flowers and felt that Yuan Shen was sleepy. It was their profound way for the time being, but it was because of the maple fog fairy holding the dream piano and plucking the strings. Twelve Jinxian quickly closed his six senses
The snow jade-like stone fairy holds the mixed yuan Zijin bottle and goes to Twelve Jinxian to cover it. Twelve Jinxian is closed for six senses, but there is no smell. There is a god’s knowledge that can be identified. Everything is that the mixed yuan Zijin bottle is too attractive, but Twelve Jinxian can’t escape it. When the array is broken, he gave it back to the west. If there is a Tai Chi picture in this mixed yuan Zijin bottle, it can’t make contributions.
Guangcheng took advantage of Pangu Zan’s escape, and all the other eleven golden immortals were collected. Guangcheng rowed Pangu Zan to the Three Immortals to see the sky, and a picture of Yin and Yang fell to hold Pangu Zan’s chaotic shock wave.
Widespread prejudice made this Yin-Yang two-gas diagram like a Tai Chi diagram, which stopped the chaos, firm but gentle heart, waved Pan Gu’s banner, crossed it out toward the Yin-Yang two-gas diagram, wrapped it in Guang Cheng, and then flew to the three mountains.
"Thank you for your help," said the Three Immortals at the Three Mountains.
The panda’s lazy voice came out from there. "This is because of this saint’s things. Today, I took him away to return the things to the saint another day. Don’t rely on foreign objects when you wait for the robbery, or you won’t survive the robbery even if you wait for the big robbery."
The panda’s move directly shocked the third brother. Look at this technique. It’s different from that saint. This panda’s way must be a saint’s suspicion, but the saints of heaven and earth prove that all beings know it, but it happened that this panda proved it to everyone, but they didn’t know about this strange thing, but they couldn’t help being suspicious.
After all, this saint is the ultimate pursuit of all monks. This saint is just a few heavens and the earth. There are nine saints at most. This is the pick of gold. Immortals all know that they are not white. There are nine who recognize the heavens and the earth. Nine is the number. Now the panda has become a saint, and everyone recognizes him as a saint. So there is still hope for everyone to recognize him as a saint.
People are most afraid of losing their goals. Now that the panda has given everyone a chance, this sacred position is also the object of contention. Those who become saints after learning about this are trying hard to become saints, but they don’t know that this sacred position has ten hot potatoes. Even if they get the HarmonyOS purple gas, who dares to become saints? I’m afraid that before he became a saint, he will be put out by the nine saints in the wild. Even if he has more merits to protect himself, he will eventually be ruined. After all, this saint robbery is not a joke. Saints don’t care about the arrival of the catastrophe, but if the saint robbery comes, they are afraid that these saints will be desperate. A saint in heaven and earth is the last life of a saint and a saint robbery.
As Taoist Hulu said.
Everyone says that saints are good.
Where do you know that saints are angry
Stay all the way
Just know the sage’s way
Chapter sixty-six Three nights to put the Yellow River array
After the panda took Guangcheng away, everyone knew that the panda was also a saint, so Duobao went back to the mountain gate and asked for three nights to help crack the Three Immortals Robbery in Sanqing. However, the saint took the panda’s way. After all, the saint agreed that the panda could enter the robbery and what he did in Sanqing, but if the panda gave Sanqing a reason, it would be another matter.
After arriving in Xiqiao for three nights, Jiang Ya announced to the business community that he would set up a large array of business troops to break the sky. Three Empresses asked Jiang Ya for 600 big men to paint them in clay. Stop hiding the innate secret life and death machine at the beginning; According to the Jiugong hexagrams, the entry-level serial people are in good order, though only 600 of them are mysterious, millions of divisions are immortals, and the people are also practicing for half a month before they get acquainted.
As soon as the array reached the sky, he told Jiang Ya that "today our array has been invited to see my brother Penglai’s younger brother." Jiang Ya asked, "I wonder if this array is mysterious?" Yunxiao Road: "This array contains heaven and earth according to three talents; There is confusion in the elixir, and closing the elixir can lose the elixir, disappear the elixir, fall into the shape of the elixir, lose the spirit of the elixir, lose the body of the elixir, and become a mortal here, that is, in the nine-part song, the straight song makes all the wonders of the immortals, and it is difficult for him to escape. "
Three nights of cloth and three immortals enter the big array, see the array and the sky, and the yellow river is full of evil winds and gas, invading people. The black fog is full of fans, the sun and the moon are swaying, and you are sorrowful and sorrowful. Desperate and frustrated, despite all the hardships, I lost my feet.
Yunxiao said, "Three Immortals, can you know this array?"
Xueying Xiandao: "I once heard the teacher say that there is a large array called Jiuqu Yellow River Array, and the main array is set up according to Jiugong hexagrams, which is the first bucket in the world. I think this array is the Jiuqu Yellow River Array."
Yunxiao said, "Since you know this array, do you dare to come and break it?"
Maple Fog Fairy said, "Dare you watch me come to break the array?" Maple Fog Fairy plucked the strings, and the sound echoed in the array for three nights, but she was ill safely, but she returned with success.
Bixiao sneered, "In this array, you can wait for the trail to resist me." Then he released the golden dumpling scissors and cut them toward the Three Immortals.
Jinjiao scissors were cut in two golden dragons in Sinochem, and then Yue Xinxian threw a basket of flowers towards the golden dragon. The basket of flowers was like a fishing net, and the golden dragon still churned and could not escape, and it was finally put into the basket.
Bi Xiao saw that his baby was being angered. "You dare to bully my sister and get them quickly."
Seeing in the sky that Jin Jiao scissors were collected and taken to the Three Immortals’ Cover, the Jin Jiao scissors were taken to the Three Immortals’ Cover, and the golden light shone on the three people. Yingxian hurriedly put the mixed purple and gold bottle to the Golden Light Cover, and the mixed purple and gold bottle gave off a clear light and golden light collision. In the middle of the confrontation, it was that the mixed gold bucket was the main array of the Yellow River array with the help of this large array, and the innate merit of the first fight was three points stronger than that of the mixed purple and gold bottle. The golden light slowly moved towards the three people, and the clear light seemed to be lost.
He Xin Xian saw that Xue Ying Xian lost to the sacrifice of the flower basket and threw it at the Snow Ying Xian Dao for three nights. Unfortunately, it was full of half a beat, and the cloud took the opportunity to turn the golden light and clear light of the mixed yuan action to the He Xin Xian at the same time, and he Xin Xian was taken away by the mixed yuan action by the golden light.
When Feng Fog Fairy saw this, he pulled the strings and popped up several firm but gentle waves, which killed him for three nights. The main array had a large array of guards. When he saw the ground rising, nine Huanglongs revolved around the three nights. The dragon’s mouth and dragon’s tail were connected according to the arrangement of Jiugong hexagrams. After breaking a Huanglong, he immediately raised another one to keep this position unchanged. Feng Fog Fairy was a meritorious person.
Qiong Xiao and Bi Xiao saw that this maple mist fairy shot two people and killed it with swords. By the way, Qiong Xiao released a bundle of fairy ropes to get the maple mist fairy. The bundle of fairy ropes coiled like a long snake and chased after it. Qiong Xiao and Bi Xiao took the sword to kill her. Feng mist fairy angrily pulled the strings, which were ejected like rubber bands. If they were shot, they would be killed on the spot. When they popped up, they would bounce back, which was even more powerful. If people were shot, they would be dismembered immediately.

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