The girl nodded and said that she immediately swayed and repaired rapidly and rushed towards the dark magic statue.
Su Ying countered the dark magic statue this time by wrapping a gas bomb in the thunder. He repeatedly fought against the dark magic statue to make him lose his guard and then sacrifice the thunder, which really seriously injured him.
Dark Lord, the magic door is destroyed at this moment, and it is time to kill him.
If you miss this opportunity, you can wait for Su Ying to cultivate to a higher level, and it is possible for the dark magic statue to compete for height!
"Twenty times the King Boxing!"
Sue should come to drum up her mana and directly raise her strength by dozens of times, without saying anything, she rushed towards the dark magic statue.
Lei Di opens the seal of heaven!
The heavens measure and print!
Thirty-three days!
Terror is very comparable to the emperor’s printing method. One after another, he nullified the dark magic statue. At the same time, Su Ying’s mind suddenly moved to punish the magic sword. Suddenly, thousands of firm but gentle shocks emerged behind the dark magic statue, and then he went to the dark magic statue like a storm.
Dark magic statue now completely consumes no mana, otherwise Su Ying wouldn’t dare to fight him.
The air pressure of the poor sword can literally shoot into a sieve, and then cover the dark Lord. Although this power is not comparable to the real God, at the moment, the dark Lord has not been repaired and his whole body is injured, but it is not easy to resist such a fierce blow.
"Smelly little this time you occupy the right place, right time and even the yin hand, let the magic statue hit me hard! But it’s not enough for you to keep a god alive! "
Dark magic statue suddenly jumped up with a leap, boom, and all the firm but gentle shocks boomed together. The moment was like fireworks all over the sky, and even the whole magic sword was knocked back by him.
His physical strength alone will knock down the whole magic sword, which is braver than a moment and his body floats to the polar sky wall.
"Want to go?"
Xihe Taiyue suddenly threw up his virtual Yu Pei and saw that Yu Pei flew ninety-nine times. Long Mai touched the virtual big ban and covered the dark magic statue.
"Smelly little if you are to still perhaps can leave me but your woman is far from you! I’ll kill you when I’m old! "
Dark magic statue directly regards ninety-nine virtual forbidden shapes as a bump, and then it almost crashes into pieces and jumps up and suddenly escapes from the polar regions like a tiny paper man sticking to the polar sky wall!
The polar region is the primitive continent of the higher world, like a plane picture, sticking to the sky wall, the sun, the moon and the stars are the continents, and all the people, animals and birds appear in the picture.
The dark magic statue jumped out of the emperor’s land and seemed to become a very strange person in the picture. As soon as he entered the primitive continent, he immediately blasted a passage and stepped in.
At the same time, Su Ying and others saw a statue of a cow head fiend, and they followed him into that passage to kill the dark demon statue.
"It’s a pity that I can’t keep the Dark Lord. It must be a great disaster after he leaves. If he recovers and kills in the primitive mainland in the future, who can resist him?" Xihe too month took one look with a worried way
Su Ying was sitting in chaos clock, and chaos clock Weineng kept refining the dark magic statue. He said, "The dark magic statue also has enemies. After letting him run away this time, I may not achieve a higher level without his strength."
Xihe Taiyue heard this just a little relieved that chaos clock was poor, yin and yang, and the mysterious and yellow gas kept falling, and Su Ying kept rolling around to drive out the dark magic statue.
At the same time, Su Ying knew that the heaven in the middle of the sea shot a series of divine lights to shatter the dark magic statue pattern and refine it.
It was a long time before Su Ying was relieved. He finally drove out the dark magic Buddha’s Taoist pattern completely without leaving any hidden dangers.
"Get rid of the dark magic statue, and I can finally be anchored to practice and impact the emperor’s realm …"
Chapter one thousand and thirty-one Fate blessing to cut out the true self
Sue should relax and steer the ship to that purple pond.
Xi Taiyue suddenly pointed to the distance with a look of indecision. "There seems to be a strong breath of life there!"
Su Ying suddenly felt a breath of life, and her eyes swept away to see that a valley in the polar region was filled with rich chaotic airflow, which should have been left behind by the collapse of heaven and earth in ancient times.
There seems to be a strange life bred in the chaotic atmosphere, which not only has a strong breath of life, but also occasionally has a pounding heartbeat!
"Natural God!"
Su Ying couldn’t help but move her eyes. Suddenly, the golden light penetrated and forced her to open the chaotic gas and look directly at the center of the valley. There was a stone egg in the chaotic gas, and the heartbeat came from the stone egg!
This stone egg is born with nine orifices as if it still breathes. What it breathes is not gas, but chaotic gas!
Life in the stone egg has not been completely formed, but it is still gestated in chaos. There is already such a great magical power to refine chaotic gas. It is conceivable that when he was born, he must be like Hao Tian and Zhu Tian Di Zun!
"After the birth of life in this stone egg, there must be an emperor who is a natural darling! In the future, it is bound to be as qualified as Hao Tian! "
Su Ying’s face changed slightly, and an obliterating machine emerged involuntarily in her heart. The stone eggs in the valley seemed to be induced by him, and he saw the chaotic airflow surging, blurring a large array to protect himself.
"It’s so strange before you’re born. After you’re born, is that good?"
Sue should smile lightly. "But if you are so well qualified, I won’t kill you to say that I admit that I’m not as good as you? I haven’t killed anyone in my life because someone has better qualifications than me. "
The unborn creature in the valley didn’t feel his murder, and the large array quietly dispersed and continued to breathe chaos.
"Brother, are you sure you don’t want to kill this creature?" Xi tai yue di Dao
"no need"
Sue should ride the celestial ship and move on with a smile. "Our monks can only be brave and brave if they are not afraid of the earth. If they are afraid and kill others because of fear, they will be a weak person and will not achieve high achievements! Emperor Moro has the fear to try to obliterate Emperor Haotian’s left hand. Qing Di has the fear to seize people, and he also has the fear to hide the polar regions. Their mood is all imperfect. "
Along the way, they saw many places similar to the chaotic valley, some of which were faint in the Danxia Xiaguang, some of which were faint in the desert and some of which were divine.
The strangest thing is that there is an iron mountain in the polar region, which should be an ancient celestial golden mother’s womb, and it seems that a powerful creature has been born!
When these creatures are born, there will be ups and downs, but their qualifications can be called fate. They are born gods, and there will be stability in the future. God hopes that it will be foreseeable that two gods will be born almost at the same time in the future. At that time, there will inevitably be a enter the dragon to make generate in heaven fight a brilliant battle!
"No wonder it took a long time for an emperor to appear after Qing Di appeared in the primitive mainland."
Su Ying’s eyes flashed, and she realized that it took a long time to breed creatures in this polar region, almost ten thousand years to calculate, so there would be a long white period!
But the birth of a god is much closer to the birth of his god, which is why it is so.
However, whether it’s the Emperor Haotian of Qing Di or the Emperor Zun of Heaven, these people are all born and God has his own wonderful things.
Finally, the celestial ship sailed to the pond where purple gas was formed in HarmonyOS, and saw a violet blooming in the pond, and all kinds of world patterns were filled in the lotus with 3,000 world destiny and condensation.
To absorb the three thousand world fortunes, you can lay a foundation that others can’t imagine!
"I don’t know if I can break through the realm of the emperor with three thousand fortunes!"
Sue should press her heart into a restless boat and step into the HarmonyOS pool. His heavenly emperor’s sutra actually started to operate automatically and began to absorb HarmonyOS purple gas. Seeing that the purple water in the HarmonyOS pool automatically flowed into his body as if it were alive, thick and violent energy poured in, but it could not shake his body. Instead, it made him soar!
Su Ying automatically transforms and repairs HarmonyOS purple gasification energy with a breath of violent energy, so that he can cross a small realm and become a peak sage with a few breaths!
Suddenly, his legs seemed to move, and Su Ying was shocked that his body changed rapidly with the growth of cultivation. This change was due to the high-speed operation of the Emperor of Heaven, which changed his body structure, suppressed his mana by the lotus flower, and made him demonize a violet from the person!
The flesh and blood of his waist has begun to demonize, and the lotus leaf is very powerful. The veins and traces of lotus petals appear on the surface of his skin. Before long, he is bound to be assimilated into a violet by this HarmonyOS lotus!
"Three thousand fortunes are really powerful, even I can suppress the Heavenly Emperor Scripture, but nothing outside the Heavenly Emperor Scripture can assimilate me."

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