Of course it’s wedding night.
If you are lucky, you may be able to hold a baby by the end of the year.
To be honest, if it’s just that, I’d be happy to help for seven nights
But I have to get married
It’s very troublesome for a country to get married.
After marriage, there are a lot of troubles waiting for seven nights. After all, it is the queen’s husband.
But not without marriage, the heir to the throne should be justified.
However …
"If you get married, you have to marry my sister anyway. Brother Seven Nights, you and my sister are the real betrayers."
Hyuuga Hanabi also cut in.
In Hinata Hyuga is a red face with his head down.
Then Hyuuga Hanabi went on to say
"And I am the authentic aunt and brother-in-law after marriage."
Hinata Hyuga’s face is not red.
Is looked up like some nai looked at Hyuuga Hanabi.
So that’s what she and Seven Nights planned, right? Brother-in-law and aunt what …
If it weren’t for Hyuuga Hanabi’s age, she doubted whether her sister would go directly to the seven-night room for a night raid.
Seven nights also feels very nai.
"Getting married … is very troublesome."
"Trouble must be settled."
So I stopped talking for seven nights.
I started biting my nails again and seemed to be thinking about something.
Getting married for seven nights?
Of course, the news is false. How could that guy want to get married?
The truth is that I was forced to get married for seven nights.
But also forced to get married by the Empress of the Empire. At this time, officials went to the shrine to discuss a wedding with Seven Nights.
However, when the officials arrived, they found that Seven Nights was not in the shrine.
So this is running away?
The queen expressed her displeasure at the news.
"What do you mean? Brother Seven Nights, what does this mean? Just don’t want to marry me? "
She said it was hard to accept.
Hyuuga Hanabi is also sitting there drinking tea at this time.
With a shallow smile on his face.
"Am I right? Brother Seven Nights has indeed run away."
If you know seven nights, she thinks she is the second, and no one dares to think she is the first.
Even the wind flowers and light snow are not good, although the wind flowers and light snow are the longest with seven nights.
I’m sure I don’t want to get married with such a troublesome thing as seven nights’ laziness.
It’s better to go straight into the bridal chamber
However, a queen of a country can’t be so casual.
All weddings are a must.
And once the wedding is held with the wind, flowers and light snow, Hinata Hyuga and others will naturally be a little partial.
So this is even more troublesome.
It is reasonable to run away for seven nights.
"Unless Brother Qi Ye runs out of this world, this marriage will be settled!"
"Don’t even think about touching me as my sister’s husband."
"Just … eh?"
"No, nothing."
Hyuuga Hanabi shook his head and said he didn’t say anything.
And decisively change the subject.
"Empress, let everyone find help."
Feng Hua Xiao Xue nodded
The queen of one country commands the country
Ninjas will immediately go to help find seven nights.
And not only the ninja army, the city police, intelligence personnel and even national citizens will help find it.
Look around the world to see if you can hide there for seven nights.

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