Say that finish the old horse turned away.
Qin Yugang looked down when he was going to see Coco. He just received a message.
"He … the horse will be executed."
Qin Yu one leng frowned and walked to the window and bowed their heads and took out a cigarette case.
Chapter one hundred and forty-two Worry about leaving again
Two hours later.
Cocoa, a restaurant in Jiangzhou, took a sip of liquor and blinked at Qin Yu and asked, "What’s the matter? Is it delicious to treat you to dinner? Who should I show you a bitter gourd face? "
Qin Yu blushed and took a sip of wine before lightly responding, "The old man is fast."
Cocoa was stunned. "Ma Laoer’s uncle?"
"Yes" Qin Yu nodded.
The old cat sat next to him and sighed without interrupting, bowing his head and drinking wine.
Cocoa didn’t know Ma Shu, but she also heard some things about him. She didn’t have the teasing color and said simply, "Maybe it’s also a relief."
"Drinking" Qin Yu greeted the wine.
The three of them continued to push a cup for a change, and some farewell banquets that should have been festive were inexplicably depressed.
The wine shop lasted until late at night. After purchasing cocoa, Qin Yu glanced down at his watch and said, "Help me arrange it. I’ll leave tonight and go directly to Fengbei."
The old cat was stunned. "Are you going …?"
"I’ll take him back to Songjiang for the second child," Qin Yu replied briefly.
"Then shall I tell the second child?" The old cat asked again
"Sooner or later, it’s meaningless to tell the truth. Just say it."
"Well" the old cat nodded.
Cocoa listen to the two words stretched out his hand and took out his cell phone and stepped aside to arrange it.
A few minutes later, the three of them walked out of the restaurant together and turned to look at Qin Yu and said, "I haven’t told you that some people are opposed to our family because they think there is no room for you and Longxing to do something, and we are likely to be dragged into the pit and can’t retreat."
Qin Yu covered in alcohol replied, "I can think of it."
"Don’t put me under too much pressure," Coco said euphemistically. "I still have my brother and elders."
"I’ll try my best to get things done," Qin Yu promised with a serious face.
"Good" Coco held out her white palm. "I wish you a pleasant journey and we don’t have so many twists and turns."
Qin Yu held Cocoa’s hand and turned to look at the car that just came. Suddenly he said, "Oh, yes, I have a gift for you."
Cocoa was stunned. "Give me a gift?"
"You wait" Qin Yu stepped up the steps, stretched out his hand and pulled the back door, took out a small bag from the inside and turned back.
"I found that you are always used to wearing a scarf, so I asked someone to buy one in the north." Qin Yu responded briefly, "I am a poor B and I can’t afford to send anything good to express my gratitude."
Cocoa bowed his head and took out the pink wool scarf in the exquisite packaging bag. "You really surprised me!" I think you are that kind of person who stroke your hair all day, drinks and brag. I didn’t expect you to be quite careful. "
"You helped me twice, but I know it." Qin Yu replied with some blush. "No other meaning is to thank you."
Cocoa blinked at the thief’s clever eyes and suddenly asked, "What do you mean by no other meaning?" Why suddenly add this sentence? "
"… that what scarf you wear I walked first" Qin Yu turned and ran to the car.
Cocoa sipped her red lips and smiled. She thoroughly observed the scarf and said, "Gee, straight men’s aesthetics are still a bit enchanting!"
When the old cat saw Qin Yu stealing the show, he immediately scolded angrily, "Bitch! !”
Qin Yu got into the car and waved his hand at Coco and shouted, "See you later, Ha Jie!"
"I like the scarf. You have been initially recognized by Aigu." Coco scarf smiled and waved.
"Let’s go and see you out of Jiangzhou!" When the old cat saw Coco, it was obviously impossible to take a reason. Qin Yu, who followed him, also got off the bus.

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