"What happened to Lin Luo?" Zhao Wu rose from the theme, and others also looked at that Zhao Jiadi with a vibration.
This is the first time in five months that I know the news of Lin Luo. With his trace, everyone immediately feels relieved, especially after years of nervousness. He relaxed and straightened his back. He looked at the seat for a week and then straightened up and coughed slightly. It seemed to attract everyone’s attention, but everyone focused on Zhao Jiadi’s body. In short, he coughed in vain.
In the face of everyone’s urgent eyes, Zhao Jiadi’s throat slipped. "Two days ago, Lin Luo disguised himself as a male brother and appeared in Yancheng, injuring our shopkeeper … and ransacking our Tianbao Pavilion made us lose the wealth of the best stone!"
"vertical!" Zhao Wu turned black. "This bastard dares to blacken me."
Zhu Yuanjin’s face was calm, and it was no big deal for him. What’s worse, the loss was not him. His heart was Lin Luo’s body. He stretched out his palm and put it on the armrest of the chair. "What message did you leave?"
What Zhu Yuanjin said made Zhao Wu wake up. He had been paying attention to property losses before, but he forgot Lin Luo, the culprit. He quickly said, "What did you say to Lin Luoke?"
I believe that Zhao Xiaodi is the only one who has received such attention in his life, and it is also the last stage of Dan’s death. Most of them are in the early stage of Yuan Ying. He is a well-known figure in the late stage of building a foundation, and his heart gradually calmed down. He quickly cleared his mind. "He said,’ Tell Zhao Wu that zhao ming Lao Linluo has started killing!’" "
That Zhao Gudi didn’t have the pressure, so he expressed it very clearly, even his tone was vivid. It was like Lin Luo’s own words to express Lin Luo’s defiant attitude.
Zhao ming slapped him and shouted, "Who the fuck are you calling old?"
Zhao’s brother buried his face in injustice and said, "He said it, not me!"
Zhao ming pointed at his face for a long time before he popped out, "Go on, what else?"
Zhao Jiadi thought for a moment before he suddenly realized, "Before he left, he said,’ Let the whole Zhao Tianbao Pavilion in Zhongzhou be careful. I don’t know where to go …’ Well, he said this and flew away!"
Zhao Wu’s face is ugly. This is a naked threat. Once upon a time, his Zhao family was threatened by a yellow hair boy. What a shame!
Star crazy life way "this person is not flat all heart hate! "He said, and looked at his arm, although it has been completely recovered, but this shame cannot be erased.
Zhao ming sneer at a "he who is he! I, Zhao Tianbao Pavilion, can he come and go whenever he wants? He, he, he is taking the gate! "
Just as the words fell, another high-pitched "Bao" came outside the door.
Then a Zhao Jiadi dressed in blue rolled in. When he entered the room, he was taken aback and wanted to quit quietly, but everyone’s eyes were fixed on him, so he crustily skin of head and knelt down and said, "I have something important to report, master and chief!"
Zhao Wu looked at the blue-clothed brother and felt a sense of foreboding. "Is there any news about Lin Luo again?"
Lan Yidi took a surprised look at Zhao Wu, but his heart was full of praise. The householder is the householder. He hasn’t said yet that he can guess that the householder is really a man of god! Mouth but dare not hesitate to answer "yes, it is Lin Luo"
"Speak quickly!" Zhao Wu waved his hand, but he knew that this loss was definitely a lot.
Lan Yidi said, "Small is Luancheng No.2 shopkeeper Zhao Lianwu is a big shopkeeper. Just one day ago, a male elder brother suddenly came into our store to see the most precious Lingbao. The shopkeeper Zhao took out the treasure of the town store at the early stage and didn’t want this male elder brother to suddenly turn against him and hurt the shopkeeper Zhao to repair and scrap him. This just shows his true colors. Then he ransacked Lingbao on the third floor of Tianbao Pavilion except the heavily protected area and left a message … saying that the housemaster and the heads of families should be ready for his wave of revenge.
Lan Yidi speaks in a coherent way, which gives people a general picture in their hearts.
Zhao ming gnashed her teeth. "This bastard is definitely going to give us a wave of revenge from the Zhao family. It seems that his revenge has just begun."
Zhao Wu said sullenly, "Every Tianbao Pavilion has a heavy defense zone and Lin Luo didn’t move the heavy defense zone. It is said that his strength is not enough to destroy the ban, but the heavy defense zone is too small to put a limited number of Lingbao Lingshi Institute. I think all Tianbao Pavilion Lingbao and Lingshi in Zhongzhou will be transported to Cangzhou Island."
Zhao ming thought for a moment, "I’ll do it right away."
After zhao ming left, Zhao Wu sighed deeply, and his face was uncertain and he didn’t know what to think.
Zhu Yuanjin suddenly coughed two words: "Zhao Xiong’s pursuit of Lin Luo has contributed the most and lost the most. I think Lin Luo has many spiritual treasures to compensate you."
Star crazy life also said, "Yes, besides shooting the bow, I want Lin Luo to die!" Star crazy gave birth to a hard way. He knew that his son was probably dead in Lin Luo’s hands.
Others also expressed sympathy and compensation for Zhao’s loss.
Zhao Wu’s face finally looks better. That’s what he wants. Lin Luo is like a treasure. I don’t know how many Lingbao believe that if you get half of it, you can make up your losses. This is a big loss.
This is Wuzhishan, the only road leading to Longcheng in the northern city and county. These five hills are the Ma Pingchuan Plain.
Lin Luo sat on the hill in white, but it was not white at this time, because the clothes had been stained with a lot of blood, but Lin Luo didn’t take off the clothes and wore them whenever he killed people.
Lin Luo remembers that he carried four Tianbao Pavilion lairs, except for the first two shopkeepers who had no resistance. The other two Tianbao Pavilion semicolons shopkeepers were also quite ruthless. Lin Luo was familiar with the killing and killing, especially Lin Luo, who had moved his own lamella. He was always welcome. The Zhao family bullied the city and monopolized the Lingbao industry. No matter how disrespectful the Zhao family was to the big empire, it was above the imperial fish people Lin Luo, but Lin Luo moved Li Mengyao Lin Luo and was angry. The so-called lamella was not enough.
Unfortunately, the Zhao family not only touched her, but also placed her under house arrest. When she thought that Li Mengyao didn’t know what she had suffered, Lin Luo’s anger reached the warning point.
Lin Luo’s eyes crossed a few young trees swaying in the wind and extended to the northern horizon. He got a message that the Zhao family was prepared to shrink their strength and bring Lingbao Lingshi back to Cangzhou Island. Lin Luo’s mouth smiled a little, which saved him a lot.
Jo ~
A black spot in the distance was quickly enlarged by a carving. It was the purple blood carving in front of Lin Luo that chirped and called two Lin Luo faces with cruel smiles. The purple blood carving told him that there was a monk flying in front.
Generally speaking, a friar’s flying height is almost the same as that of a hill, so it’s a little difficult to stop for a while. After all, flying is very spiritual. Almost all friars in this line are married in the late stage of Dan, and there are two friars. They are Zhao’s parents, Lao Zhao and Zhao Tian.
"Do seniors need a rest on the front hill?" An old monk said
Zhao Fa’s face is very upset. He has a lot of complaints about the householder’s arrangement to escort this group of Tianbaoge shopkeepers. It is even more annoying to see that these monks are flying thousands of miles and have a rest.
Seeing Zhao Fa’s impatient face, the old monk said, "Dragon City is more than a thousand miles beyond the front hill. Let’s have another rest. Anyway, we have entered the security area."
"An area?" Zhao Fa sneered, "It’s really an alarmist that a little monk who just entered the Yuan infant stage should be in such a state of war. With our two brothers here, how much trouble can he turn over? Even if he meets us, he will slip away early!"
Zhao Tian glanced at the younger brother and said, "Forget it and have a rest!"
Two brothers, Zhao Fa and Zhao Tian, didn’t come to participate in a round-up of Lin Luo. I heard that the Star Crazy was injured a little bit because of the charm. It seems to them that Lin Luo is the only person who is a little cautious about Lin Luo, but it is a little cautious because the two brothers, Fa Fa and Tian, have a unique skill and still have the confidence to Lin Luo.
A group of people soon reached Wuzhishan. From a distance, the five peaks really looked like five fingers. Among them, the peak was more interesting, and the top of the mountain showed a mushroom shape. They decided to go there to rest.
When they arrived at the top of the mountain, they were all slightly stunned, because there was another person sitting on the top of the mountain, and a white breeze blowing through his clothes was quite romantic.
A few people looked at each other and didn’t react, but the white man took the lead in turning his face.
"Lin Luo!"
Chapter 151 coquettish sword
Zhao Fa stared at the teenager in front of him. This is why he has seen Lin Luo several times in the Zhao family wall. I have to say that the portrait is really ugly. Lin Luo is more handsome.
This time, Lin Luo didn’t wear makeup, but she appeared in accordance with her appearance. Here, there is something in her brow. I am domineering, and if the stars are terrifying, I will be soul-stirring.
Lin Luo’s mouth cracked to reveal a strange smile. "Yes, it’s me. Are we familiar?"
Zhao Tian’s eyes are dignified. In the data, Lin Luo was repaired in the early stage of Yuan Ying, but Zhao Tian seems to be unable to see through his repair in the middle stage of Yuan Ying. As a result, there are two possibilities: one is that Lin Luo’s strength far exceeds that of Zhao Tian, and the other is that Lin Luo is wearing a hidden treasure.
Zhao Tian seems that the latter is more likely, because a teenager in his twenties can’t practice it so quickly even from his mother’s womb. Even if he has an adventure, it’s impossible that his body is so big and his body is so hard. It’s impossible to practice it in 20 years to match the same strength as a baby. It’s like putting things in a wooden bucket. If you want to hold more things, you must enlarge the bucket.
It’s a pity that Lin Luo is wrong. First of all, his own physical strength has reached an incredible intensity. The inhuman training in the sea is not something that ordinary people can sustain. Another Lin Luo’s mental strength is also comparable. In the deification period, the wooden bucket is still compared, just like putting stones in a wooden bucket. This is the case that most ordinary monks seem to have a full wooden bucket at this time, but they can still put gravel. This is a small number of talented monks. Zhao Fa belongs to this category, but some water can still be put in the wooden bucket. This is the current situation of Lin Luo.
"Don’t be familiar with it, because this is the last time we meet." Zhao Tian is different from his brother in his overbearing personality and his nature is very cold
Lin Luo laughed. "This is exactly what I want to say to you."
Zhao Fa shouted, "Do you know how to write dead words? Dare to challenge our brothers, but we are both hot and cold in Zhao family! "
"The writing of the dead word is very simple, and I can write it with a sword." Lin Luo’s hand shook the sky sword, and it was moistened by the flesh and blood essence of the green squirrel. The sky sword glowed with a strange light. Although it was vicissitudes of life, it seemed like a lion woke up when he didn’t know.
Zhao Fa and Zhao Tian glances at each other, and two sickles appear in their hands at the same time. A total of four sickles look like two mantises, and then they make a move almost at the same time, and a figure appears around Lin Luo respectively.
Lin Luoyuan’s relaxed freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting expression has also been put away. He has found clues from their simple movements. The two brothers cooperate very tacitly.
Coordination has always been the focus of the war. Coordination reduces the combat effectiveness by, for example, 1*5, and the result is 5. What’s more, there will be 1*5. As a result, the combat effectiveness will be greatly reduced, but with cooperation, it will be different. There will be a result that 1+1 is greater than 2.
The two brothers, Zhao Fa and Zhao Tian, belong to the latter. They hardly make eye contact and can complete the movement. On the one hand, they are related by blood, and on the other hand, because of thousands of running-in exercises, Lin Luo’s heart is heavy and dark.
When Lin Luo shook his hand, a five-fire tree silver flower symbol appeared, which was a triple fire tree silver flower symbol. It was appropriate to test the water, but although it was the lowest grade of five-fire tree silver flower symbol, Lin Luo did not hesitate to throw this triple fire tree silver flower symbol at one time.
The triple talisman is the honeysuckle that can be released three times.

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