Master Yun continued with tears, saying that the truth was always hidden in his heart. Yi Er never believed that his mother had died and always thought that one day she would be resurrected for ten years. He would go to the snow-capped mountains for three months every winter and travel to every corner, then move those snow lotus to the snow cave, carefully collect them and feed them to his mother. He kept doing this, believing that one day her mother would wake up.
Yunzhuangshan didn’t go on talking.
The eyes are stunned.
Yi Er exclaimed.
Suspection.i city also look back when yi came in quietly he didn’t notice.
Xiaobao stood in the hole and looked indifferent. I want to talk to a mother princess.
Marriage Trang Van Shanyu asked.
As usual, Xiaobao’s simple word is broken and firm.
The sound echoes clearly in the cave.
The next wedding day
It’s gray and bright.
Shen Suer immediately called the maids to get up and dress up.
That suspection.i whole person is expected to be an idiot. Think of a way to let her go. Failure? Waste her acting. So far, it hasn’t worked at all.
Look at yourself in red.
I was addicted to getting married in ancient times and wore it twice in less than three years.
People say it tough, and die to preserve honor.
I said MD bullshit
It’s not bad to die. What is the name festival alive?
Can people solve things when they die now? No.694 Snow Lotus, the unknown story behind it. 6
Can people solve things when they die now? No.
At present, if she dies, the situation will be more serious.
Mu Jing Sima Luo will be involved in the first snow, or even the first snow will be in trouble. It will be chaotic. Who is the ultimate victim? It’s not heaven, life and people.
shake one’s head
Wisdom looked at all this and took it one step at a time.
Lingyun Mountain Villa Main Lobby
Decorated lanterns and colorful extra-large red double characters are posted in the lobby.
Ancestor tablets stand in front of the face and offer sandalwood.
A pair of huge red candles are swaying.
The main face of Yunzhuang is sitting in the theme with a smile, and the other position is occupied by the elder brother of Huangfu Qingcheng.
Xiaobao stood in front with drooping eyelids and couldn’t see clearly the fundus mood.
Everyone is waiting for the bride.
At this time, there were no relatives and friends in the lobby except some people except suspection.i.
Jianghu posts also mean that after all, it’s Xiaobao’s acting. If Xiaobao really gets married, how can he post it? Do you want to attract others to see his jokes?
After a while, the mother called the bride and the horse will come.
Say it’s celebration, but it’s filled with gloom.
Secretly hiding Zhang Yue is the higher the vigilance when it is auspicious.
Now Lingyun Mountain Villa is on the alert.
After a while, the bride, the crested official gown, took care of her mother.
The bride and groom didn’t say a word about one person holding a big red ribbon.
In the palm of blessing
The ceremony of meeting the bride is going on
One worships heaven and earth, two worships Gaotang, and then the husband and wife worship each other.
There is nothing strange about a Lingyun Mountain Villa.
Did the man give up or died of serious injuries on that day?
Where’s Sima Luo? He gave up, too
At this time, the officiating person wanted to shout a word of courtesy, but he didn’t come.
Outside, a more shocking shrill voice overshadowed everything.

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