Four people came out of the interrogation room in a complicated mood. Cheng Man thought for a moment and asked, "Do you think what he said is true or false?"
Gu Jingke gently swept his eyes behind him and slowly said, "If it is false, he won’t want us to kiss Jiraiya and won’t behave so entangled. The position of the line can’t be wrong."
"We need to find out the specific location step by step so that we can put Sir Zhong to death!" With a slow movement of his fingers, he added, "But that talk seems a bit odd."
The other three people didn’t continue to ask, and they all felt a little strange about paying for the talk.
It doesn’t take much to say that it coincides with mine.
Back in the office, I looked at Xiang Wen and Zhang Zhihao Muming, gently moved the corner of his eye and slowly said, "What did Mr. Shang say?"
"I don’t know three words," Xiang Wen said with a wry smile. "No matter what we ask, we just don’t know, except our name and age."
Everyone was slightly surprised that Mr. Shang was also talking about the same trick, which really made people feel ridiculous and hateful!
"We can’t stand these two people?" Zhang Zhihao beside asked some shortness of sound "don’t just let them go? Will it be too cheap for them! "
Cheng Man’s eyes fell on him. "You have to remember that we didn’t pull out his fox tail this time. We must pull it out next time!"
If you don’t pull it out, you are really sorry for yourself!
Mu Ming’s eyes narrowed slightly and said, "If we can’t move this person, then we will keep an eye on him!"
As soon as the sky was a fish-belly grey, the police station ushered in a person. When you look closely, you will know that it is a hand over there-vigorously!
Li Yuan didn’t show up at the police station. It should have taken him a long time to come here. His head is always better. Muming hid in the office and let Chen Jun and others entertain him vigorously.
Mu Ming swept his eyes and frowned vigorously in suits and ties. These people dressed up a little bit, but they still don’t see the bandit spirit like a serious person.
If I didn’t know the details of this person, I’m afraid some small police officers would be cheated vigorously.
Buddha wants gold, people want clothes, so it’s not bad. This great effort will show that things are very good
"Officer, I’m here to bail four people today!" I don’t know where he got the testimony. He handed it to Chen Jun and laughed. "These are my friends. Would you please let one person go?"
Chen Jun’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, and the four men will be released within 24 hours even if there is no bail, but now someone is coming again.
It’s not hard to guess that this man is also their accomplice!
"Even if you take people with you, our police station will not arrest people indiscriminately." According to the instructions, Chen Jun said all the things he should say, and Wei Xiaoguang said, "Please come with me!"
Then he led vigorously into the room and brought people out for discussion. The Second Army and Mr. Shang’s hands were all brought out.
Mr. Shang couldn’t help beaming when he saw that he could get out of danger. There were indeed two brushes, and he actually showed them before Mr. Shang came out!
Fortunately, I didn’t secretly get together with Mr. Zhong, otherwise I would still be waiting for a lawsuit in the bureau.
Muming four people looked at five people walking out of the police station gate and picked the corners of the mouth. "These people really have something to do." Cheng Man pulled a chair and sat in the water with a sneer.
At this time, Chen Jun came in and asked tentatively, "Captain, what else can I do?"
He is unwilling to let people out, but he has no position to prevent such a thing from happening, so he must endure it! Chen Jun secretly warned himself in his heart.
"Cheng team went out first without telling me?" He closed the door, and now he urgently needs a comfort to lick his wounds. These criminal leaders will definitely arrest them all!
Listening to the door ring, Cheng Man rubbed his temples and sighed, "I don’t know how long it will take to catch Fu Tan’s fox tail. This Sir Zhong is so planted."
"Listen to your tone seems to have some regret?" Qi Shaochen asked with a funny smile, "Sir Zhong’s position is too low for us to play this game, and the number of ways to talk is surprising."
"It’s better for our opponents, isn’t it?" A rhetorical question directly made people shake their mouths. Cheng Man held his finger and said slowly, "Qi Shaochen doesn’t know how high your position is?"
I don’t know if I’m practicing at home because I’m not high in rank.
Four people so quiet to squinting at the window.
Li Yuan hid in the car, and when he saw vigorously, he really took people back. I couldn’t help but feel a little surprised. He vigorously put on an act, but now he took them out.
"Eldest brother, the elder brother of the army, are you all right?" He automatically omitted Mr. Shang and his hand, eyebrow and eye, and gently picked out the baggage and take the journey. "I didn’t expect Brother Li really didn’t frame me."

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