The wind and cloud turn green, the wind barrier turns dark blue, almost black, and then condenses into a cloud. In Fiona Fang, the wind howls, the wind roars, the wind is calm, and the wind is tender and tender.
There are nine kinds of laws of the wind, which is the strongest blow to the combination of all laws of the wind. The attack is almost complete, and the strong wind and cloud change color, even the distant Nu Wa can not help but frown.
The cloud formed by the wind and cloud changes was above Beirut, and then the sky of the four great ancestors was suddenly covered, and then Fiona Fang descended from the cloud for dozens of miles.
Beirut looks ferocious and wants to strike out the four ancestors together in one breath.
And Qing Ye looked at Beirut and knew it was a cold smile. At this moment, the original four directions, the four great ancestors and witches, were joined together, and the directions guarded each other, and then they picked up the method together. See, wind, water and wind twisted together to form a dazzling light mass. When the dark blue shape was shot down to the light mass, the time mass was turbulent but it did not break.
After the four ancestral witches were overwhelmed by Beirut’s blow, Qing Ye flew forward and stood in front of the four ancestral witches. The head of the four ancestral witches was clear and clear, and the hand-kneading method saw that the black vortex of hades flag kept spinning for twelve days, and all the attack gas was inhaled into it.
As the black vortex of Pluto flag rotates for twelve days, the black hole constantly produces mysterious forces. This mysterious force, like a big hand, grips the ink Qingyun group on Beirut’s head, which seems to be strongly squeezed and instantly narrowed, and finally a dark green light is sucked into Pluto flag for twelve days.
The wind and cloud changed, and Beirut turned pale.
At this time, Qing Ye shouted, "The ancestor witch fits everything!" See the four great ancestors in two places at once, and flicker into Qing Ye’s body.
Qing Ye Pangu, the four great ancestors, is more condensed and intimidating than before, and Lei Yun is flashing.
Just then, Qing Ye’s fists hit Beirut with a blow from heaven and earth.
It seems that everything in heaven and earth is still, and everything is silent without wind.
Thousands of miles away, Eudaly could hardly hear his heartbeat.
In the face of a blow from Qing Ye, Beirut felt the smell of death, and his eyes were frightened. His face shouted, "Qing Ye will die! Let’s die together!" After that, I saw a huge mouse emerge behind Beirut, and when this huge mouse appeared, I opened my mouth and screamed.
A powerful wave of energy attacked Qing Ye, accompanied by a scream that shook people’s souls.
Scream is a blow developed by Beirut after studying jingxie of the four god beasts. Although it is not as strong as the combined blow of the four god beasts, it also attacks the soul badly. Together with his talent, the avatar "eats God", he believes that even in this move, the Lord God will be seriously injured and even die.
Influenced by this scream, even the strong onlookers such as Eudaly, who are thousands of miles away, feel that their souls are shaking and bleeding, and they are seriously injured.
Soul attack? It happened that Qing Ye’s strongest is the soul. To say that the body is abnormal and the soul is super abnormal, Bayrou’s measures are on display. Qing Ye saw that the key had no defense, but then it was blasted out with one punch.
A blow from heaven and earth hit Beirut High School in an instant, and Beirut was like being hit by a train. The nearly perfect parabolic trajectory flew out, and then Qing Ye hit it for the second time and then flew out of Beirut.
A huge noise shook Beirut until it flew hundreds of miles, then it fell and crashed into a mountain and collapsed!
⑧ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ 931
Chapter two hundred and ninety-nine How dare you kill Beirut!
Qing Shuang bong-bong launched that Sichuan-induced energy and scream before Beirut’s grain root, and it has already attacked Qing Ye. An energy has poured into Qing Ye’s mind, and Qing Ye’s body is shocked.
However, when this energy poured into Qing Ye’s mind and attacked the crystal, the Xuan Huang Linglong Tower and the 36 violet of heaven and earth shone, and at this moment, even the formed god axe shook out a sharp axe to disperse this energy instantly.
To outsiders, Qing Ye was shocked and then instantly returned to normal.
Beirut’s number one talent, God-eating mouse, is a nightmare for all people, and it is no doubt that it is a powerful blow to cooperate with the study of the four beast Jingxue.
Thousands of miles away in Eudaly, five holes were bleeding, and everyone looked at Qing Ye with bated breath.
Heaven and earth seem to have Qing Ye in their eyes.
Heaven and earth are still and the wind flows.
Hundreds of miles away, Beirut was hit by a mountain rubble, but nothing happened all the time. But Qing Ye knew that two punches just now had not killed this body surface defense terror-eating god mouse.
Beirut is the first god-devouring mouse in the world. It is naturally abnormal. In addition to the talented avatar "God-devouring", the defense against the fate is also abnormal. It can be said that the Lord God of Beirut is stronger than the main artifact.
Qing Ye stretched out his hands and fingers, and a white energy emanated from it and attacked the rubble that flooded the Beirut mountain. The mountain turned into a dust storm for dozens of miles.
And that mountain disappear to reveal Beirut lying inside.
At this time, Beirut is already dying, and two breaths can’t get into one breath.
Qing Ye hands a suck beirut float and then stand in half hair messy eyes are no longer proud slightly with his head closed to one side.
Beirut Wutu tried hard to open his eyes and then looked at Qing Ye with a weak sneer. "Ye Qing Ye, you can’t kill me, hehe, unless you dominate, but you haven’t dominated the strength." Here Beirut closed her eyes and showed her mocking eyes.
Staring at Qing Ye in Beirut a few meters away, he squinted and laughed. "When you wait, you will know that I can’t kill you." Then the tone changed. "But after killing you and abandoning me, I really want to know what’s the secret of the Dragon God mainland." Say that finish, his eyes flashed and flashed into Beirut.
Qing Ye came to the nether world to ask Eudaly about the secrets of the Dragon God mainland, and then Beirut came. There should be two people who should be the messengers of the Lord God. Maybe when Eudaly went to the Dragon God mainland, Beirut was the boss.
Qing Ye, who killed Beirut, wanted to go into his mind and look at his mind in his soul.
Ye Qingju Beirut face a white and then make the background strength laugh "ha ha ha Qing Ye do you want to see my mind? No one has this ability except the four high gods and the study of the fate of the soul. "
Although the Lord God has a position, a middle position and a position, the gods of the Lord are all given to the soul by heaven and earth, which is similar unless they are stronger than Beirut and specialize in soul.
Qing Ye is indifferent to indifferent gods into Beirut’s mind to attack the main godhead in Beirut’s mind and go to see the main godhead in Beirut’s mind, which instantly broke out with a strong light and tried to keep Qing Ye’s gods out, but it was also instantly dimmed.

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