The Federation of the Eastern Islands was attached to the Principality of Tasmania at the earliest time in the Covenant continent, but during the dark war, the core independent forces of Neptune Mountain rose, which gradually broke away from the rule of Tasmania and became an independent country. After the war of the 17th Hallows against the Dark Clan, the Eastern Islands were granted an independent country to recognize their independence. Since even the gods recognized the Eastern Islands, an independent country gave us the Hallows, then why did you object?
This is a declaration of independence that can’t find an excuse, and it also helps the eastern islands get rid of the rule of Tasmania and become an independent kingdom. Tracing back to the source, during the Dark Jihad thousands of years ago, the Principality of Tasmania became a national identity, helping the hero Yerknadis unify the mainland, and they have also been ruled. It is not a forced split for the eastern islands to return to independence.
Blue Shark, the flagship of the blue fleet of Haiwangshan Port, and Hailong, the Oslan warship, sailed into the eastern islands of Haiwangshan Port side by side. The soldiers were still very alert to the enemy flagship that was just in battle.
On deck, Helen, wearing armor, surrounded the ship. Cucek immediately arrived at the dock heights and announced that the war was over. I, General Helen, have reached a consensus on the killing of Xiao Wang of Tasmania. I think this incident was maliciously planted. If our two countries are at war with each other, it will be in line with the enemy’s wishes. I hereby declare that the war is over.
Hearing the news of the end of the war, all the soldiers in Haiwangshan Port broke out and shouted, no one wants the war to happen. Ping is obviously very important for this island country at the southeast end of the Covenant continent.
Although Helen was always on the alert, she still showed a gentle smile. He waved his hand and shouted to the soldiers of the two countries that the war was over.
Leon Spring dressed up as Helen’s bodyguard and dressed in Tasmania armor, and Fanny also dressed up as an adjutant and followed Helen. In this way, a group of people led into the Neptune Mountain Harbor Palace in Cucek.
As soon as everyone sat down, Helen showed an anxious look. He looked at Leon behind him and said, Why do you trust Cucek so much? You know, he didn’t quite agree with you at the Aasland Temple.
Are you asking me why I would venture into Neptune Mountain? Leon said with a smile, Hi Helen, I’m a god. If there is any trick, I can’t hide it from you.
Then Leon turned his wand and said that this island must be lurking. I really want to get some people. I think this trip is worth coming.
Helen sat down calmly and poured a cup of tea, saying, "Red Lion, I won’t spend it here indefinitely."
In fact, General Helen, can you believe me and Neptune Mountain? I already feel incredible. Leon said jokingly.
Anyway, Helen Cucek was still alive half a day ago, and now Helen is almost moved to the enemy’s mouth, and the danger can be imagined
If anything happens to me in Neptune Mountain, General Montaya will definitely not leave it at that, Helen said smoothly.
I know, and the other side must think so. Leon said, General Helen, you should be prepared to be assassinated at any time.
You still say it directly, hahahahahaha. Helen smiled and said that you are not afraid that I will scare away.
Helen in Tasmania is so easily scared away that Tasmania can’t be Aasland’s foothold in the eastern continent for so long, Spring said with his hands crossed.
Leon nodded and said thank you for trusting me, Helen.
Red lion, I swear I won’t have a similar nerve again. Cherish my letter, Helen said politely.
Cucek went back to Neptune Mountain to thoroughly investigate the incident that the burning speedboat hit the Blue Shark, but things were just like Leon expected. The murderer did things cleanly and left no flaws.
When Cucek passed the news to Leon Helen Spring, the three people seemed to have expected it.
It looks like we can sell them a flaw, Leon said
With Leon Helen winking, Helen knew that his horse had left the Neptune Mountain Pavilion. The earth said, Cucek, you’d better find the murderer quickly. I’m really not used to staying in the Neptune Mountain Pavilion. I’m going back to the Blue Shark now. You’d better give me an answer before I leave. I won’t live in Neptune Mountain permanently.
Helen said, Leon Springs pretended to be a guard horse and followed. Two men guarded Helen’s left and right. Leon followed, saying that it was too dangerous for General Helen to return to the Blue Shark alone. Our guard force was insufficient. Let’s stay at the Neptune Mountain Pavilion.
It’s General Helen. Don’t take any chances. If the good people are against the general, the general will surely continue to fight again. General Montaya doesn’t seem to want to stop this war, Spring added
Don’t worry, I’d like to see who dares to touch me at Neptune Mountain Port. Helen Helen replied gracefully. He shook his cloak behind his armor and walked to the port.
The three of them returned to the Blue Shark with one voice. All Cucek could do was watch.
Cucek evacuated the escort department from the defense range of the Blue Shark, and it seems that he really devoted himself to investigating the assassination of King Tasmania.
Helen and others stayed quietly in Haiwangshan Harbor, and it seemed that things would stop there.
The days passed and nothing happened, which made the Blue Shark feel that Leon had misjudged it.
Red lion, we’ve been in the port for a few days, but we haven’t even seen a suspicious person. I think it’s time for you to change your plan, Helen said
Leon looked out of the boat, whether it was the port or the sea now. Everything was calm and not as dark as Leon thought.
I don’t believe that the magician with such a strong opponent can withstand loneliness so much in Neptune Mountain City. Leon seems to be obsessed with his own strategy.
Leon’s persistence was confirmed on the third night. During the night, a group of people sneaked in and approached the Blue Shark Hailong. They climbed the Blue Shark and pried open the cabin, and went in by night.
The shadows groped their way to the door of Helen’s cabin. One of them skillfully got Helen’s door and a group of people whizzed in.
After talking nonsense, they cut three or four swords into Helen’s bed. It seems that their purpose is to kill Helen.
At the moment when the sword cut Helen’s bed, the lights of the Blue Shark suddenly turned on. Leon Helen is now in the cabin.
Finally, Leon said, this time, none of you can leave.
At the same time, Leon Helen showed an attack on Leon’s flaming sword, and Helen’s chain was also a rare combination. The chain entangled an assassin and stunned the assassin at the same time, and Leon’s flaming sword accurately cut an assassin’s throat.
Other assassins responded instantly, and judging from their skill, none of them were idle. A group of assassins wanted to return to the cabin, only to find that Spring Fanny was already waiting in the cabin.

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