Hearing Ye Tian’s words has been disheartened. Buddy suddenly lit up his eyes to avoid not striking back. That thing still hopes that even if Ye Tian will defend against it, he will not be afraid of really bumping into each other. Buddy’s confidence will not be repelled. In energy, Buddy does not suffer.
Thinking that Buddy wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, hey hey smiled and inclined to hold the darksteel epee and jumped toward Ye Tian. Since he didn’t fight back, he was evasive and defensive, so he was a cathartic one.
Soon Buddy rushed to the front of Ye Tian, and the darksteel epee in his hand roared with fire all over the sky, chopping at Ye Tian and leaving no hand.
In the face of this crazy blow, Ye Tianmian doesn’t wave his body slightly, and then he instantly turns sideways. The sword with the fire all over the sky rubbed Ye Tianmian’s body and cut it in the place.
For this stuttering emperor, he knew very well what Ye Tian said. He must have been blown away again now, but since he didn’t do it, everything would be easy to say.
Thinking about Bharti’s sudden drink of the darksteel sword method, the instant exhibition of the darksteel epee sounded a piercing roar and staggered toward Ye Tian. Outside the venue, the audience all opened their mouths. When people watched Ye Tian’s figure, they dodged in the shadow of Bharti’s sword, neither fighting back with their hands nor defending against it. Simply avoiding it easily evaded Bharti’s attack.
Although Buddy is a fire warrior and the sword is a black iron epee, the attack speed is not slow. This is the case with the black iron sword method. Once it is put into use, it needs to be controlled with skill. The speed is getting faster and faster, just like an accelerating plane dancing to the extreme. It feels like the speed is not in the wind sword method.
In the middle of the sword shadow, the grass in the body wind is generally accompanied by Badi’s attack, swinging violently, seemingly without hair, but wonderful enough to avoid it. Finally, Badi’s sword didn’t even touch the edge.
Watching a fierce battle with two people with horror, Baggio shivered and said, Is Master Tian a land warrior or a flurry warrior? Even a flurry warrior can’t do this. Not to mention the avoidance skill list, just say that the flexibility of moving speed is not comparable to that of a flurry warrior.
Speaking of which, Baggio turned his head and looked at Essien Dao. Your sword is the fastest among the three of us. Are you sure you have stabbed Master now?
Pale looking at Ye Tian’s floating figure, Essien bit his lip for a long time. Essien shook his head and whispered, it’s impossible. I’m already satisfied that my sword can’t stab the master quickly and I can stab the virtual shadow.
Hearing Essien’s words, Baggio turned his head slightly and looked at the field. When he saw that Bharti’s dark iron swordsmanship had reached its limit, there were swords all over the sky as if four or five swords were attacking at the same time.
This relatively Ye Tian figure also swung quickly, and several figures in the center of Ye Tian presented various postures there as if they were peacock screens.
Whoosh! Finally, Barty suddenly jumped up and pulled a curtain, and then he couldn’t control the dance to the limit. The palm of the darksteel epee stung the darksteel epee, which instantly sold off and turned into a blazing fire. It flew a hundred meters away and fell back to the ground.
The boom was accompanied by the landing of the darksteel epee, which was contained in the fierce roar of the darksteel epee than the condensed fire. Like a rocket explosion, a small mushroom cloud rose, and a deep pit with a diameter of about 10 meters was blown around the landing point of the darksteel epee.
Snapping as the darksteel epee left his hand, Bharti stumbled and barely stabilized his body. His mouth was heavy and he gasped. A lot of sweat dripped along Bharti’s face and gathered together. It dripped like water along Bharti.
Finally, Patty couldn’t stand his body any longer. After shaking a few times, he sat down on the ground and looked at Ye Tiandao with a wry smile. I didn’t have any strength and I couldn’t go on.
Ye Tian’s figure in the huge arena is strangely flashing, and the audience is dumbfounded. Ye Tian’s moving trajectory changes a lot, which seems to be left and right, and every turn of the body always spreads a few plausible and false shadows, which makes people find his true position.
That’s just the audience’s opinion. It’s even worse for those Ye Tian’s opponents. Looking at Ye Tian, but waving his hand to meet him, it turned into a virtual tension. I wanted to find Ye Tian’s sight, but I couldn’t find Ye Tian’s sight. Then my head cooled and everything was over
Gently withdraw your hands. Two bodies fell to the ground. Ye Tian slowly turned around and looked in the direction of Badi. At this moment, the two of them were still alive.
Gently lean your right hand, Ye Tian, and tick your finger at Buddy. Come on, Buddy, let me have a look at your recent progress. Don’t let me down.
Hearing Ye Tian’s words, Buddy shook his head with a wry smile and said, Forget it, master. You are so cruel. I don’t think it’s a defeat
Shook his head flatly. Ye Tiannu said goodbye. Nonsense. Am I going to kill you again? Just release your horse and attack. I won’t kill you.
Hearing Ye Tian’s words, Buddy smiled bitterly, and his body suddenly sank and a sudden assault rushed towards Ye Tian. Now that Ye Tian has spoken, it’s impossible to look at the oncoming Buddy Ye Tian. How many times have you said that you should grasp the flaw when facing the master? Don’t be so mindless and assault you. Is this an enemy?
Talking Ye Tiantan’s right hand suddenly turned from palm to palm, pointing to five fingers, aiming at Patty’s figure, dragging and dragging Patty’s figure suddenly changed a little direction, facing the crazy rush and coming to Patty’s leaf, and Patty’s right leg was unceremoniously bent, and a fierce knee was loaded against Patty’s boom.
In Ye Tian, the impact direction of the metal-controlled Badi changed subtly, and it was a pity that Ye Tiangen wouldn’t give him a chance to rush over. Just at the wrong moment, Ye Tian’s right knee violently slammed into the past.
The comet hit the earth like a violent clang. The figure of Bharti was like a comet, and it flew backwards in a huge momentum. Bharti’s body flew for 30 or 40 meters before it fell to the ground and slid on the ground for more than ten meters before it stopped.
Wow, the audience exclaimed when they saw this scene. Looking closely, Buddy had a deep furrow on the ground and his body was curled up in a deep ditch.
Simple, direct, clean and efficient. This is the impression that Ye Tian brought to everyone. He didn’t display how brilliant his lighter skills were. Every move was so fast and violent. Every blow contained huge dangers. Every move threatened his opponent’s life. Simple but not simple.
Before people watched Buddy climb up from the ground in pain, he knew that there was a big gap between him and Ye Tian, but after he rose to the holy order, his letter became more and more inflated. Although he didn’t think he could defeat Ye Tian, he believed that the distance between them was shortening.
But today, the fact is cruel to tell him that the distance between them is still there, and it is much larger than he thought. Just now, Ye Tian didn’t end his life with a dart.
Heavily panting, Buddy gradually straightened up. Although his body was very painful, Buddy knew that Ye Tian didn’t even have a heavy hand. Although his body was in severe pain, his fighting power did not drop, but his fighting power did not affect his fighting power. The wounded beast was the fiercest.
At the same time, the light flashing in the corner of the stand in Bharti Ye Tian’s hand exposed the other four companions of the US-Canada Road. The figure looked at Ye Tianyi’s knee bump and blew Bharti away several partners and opened his mouth at the same time.
Seeing this scene, people looked nervously at the situation in the field without looking for a seat. At the same time, Baggio said that Badi was stupid again. In front of the master, the speed was always controlled by the master unless he could surpass him in the realm. Otherwise, the faster the speed, the greater the loss. Essien nodded deeply and Badi just attacked too rashly and the flaw was too big. He thought that the master’s mistakes and flaws must be minimized and he should always pay attention to remedy, otherwise the scene would be miserable.
After hearing Baggio Essien’s words, the three girls in Nina Asia looked at each other in disbelief. It’s not that exaggerated. Who can make any mistakes?
In the face of three girls’ questioning, Essien Baggio shrugged his shoulders and didn’t answer because there was no necessary fact to prove everything.

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