It’s true that what he said is true. It’s also a pity to tell Qi Youfeng everything about his brother.
If he doesn’t say it now, there are two kinds of results, or Qi Youfeng directly controls the source of Chen Han’s soul and makes him a puppet.
Of course, this possibility is relatively small, so once it is so rare, genius will be buried in waste because of negativity.
And forcing him to swear allegiance after waking him up.
Chen Han’s personality is likely to be angry on the spot and would rather die than surrender. It is also possible to secretly accumulate strength after taking an oath. When the time is right, he will end up with Qi Youfeng. He can’t be controlled by others. The end result is not Duanmu Yunhai. It is also a dead end for Chen Han to see that it is harmful to Qingtian Sword Sect.
"The seat has its own opinions and needs your lessons."
I can’t help but feel a little annoyed when I think of my attitude towards the sea of clouds. At the same time, I have a palm-sized jade box in my hand, which exudes cold. "This is the sacred medicine god Xiandan. Even if the immortal is strong, he can recover his soul and take it!"
Chapter 61 The holy medicine works wonders
The longan-sized elixir is semi-transparent and light blue, like a carefully carved glass, emitting clear, cool, rich and pure heterogeneous energy.
In the jade box, all the people who smell that smell don’t feel that their minds are on cloud nine.
Holy medicine!
This is the Heavenly Sword Sect’s sacred medicine God Xiandan. Except Yu Qifeng, others have never even seen what the sacred medicine looks like. They all look at the pill. Duanmu Yunhai carefully took the pill, sent it to Chen Han’s mouth, and urged it to refine in his body.
The surface was repaired by the immortal source, and the body looks fine. Chen Han’s body has long been a mess.
The broken fairy infant fly ash in the abdomen is so broken that the Yuan God is almost completely annihilated, and even the source of soul is extremely badly hurt.
Chi chi chi …
The potency of Shenxiandan has just turned green in body, spouting from every pore of his body, and his whole person is separated from the late immortal statue and suspended in the middle.
As good as ever, there is no difference outside the body, but the body has undergone earth-shaking changes
The amazing speed of breaking the abdomen reappears and disappears, and the fairy baby grows rapidly. The gaps between the five planets in the universe are rapidly repaired, and the dim star nucleus shines again. The cracks between the gods and the gods are gradually stitched up, and even the source of the injured soul is gradually repaired.
The efficacy of the holy medicine is incomparable, even if the immortal is fatally wounded, it can be repaired, not to mention the early cold of the mysterious immortal.
Those eyes were closed for several days, and the strange golden and silver brilliance formed two small eddies in the pupils of the eyes.
Suspended in the cold and slowly falling to the ground, he can really feel that his physical condition has returned to its peak, and all injuries have been completely recovered, including the destruction of Dantian and Xianying by the punishment of Heaven.
"This … how can …"
He clearly remembers that his injury was extremely heavy before the last thunder fell, which was never a serious injury.
With the last thunder, the mind fell into a coma, and the injury theory could not be recovered even if there was a panacea. How could it be recovered inexplicably?
"What’s the trick for Chen Han to take the seat?"
Although the tone is asking, there is a pure silver palm shadow that has been attacked by the fairy force over there, and the breath is strong enough to reach the power of the Chinese Xuanxian Department in the early stage of the third-order constitution.
"Don’t bite off more than you can chew!"
Just restore him to not see to blow the past "firefly light also dare to bright moon for glory go to hell …"
Kill the fairy-the dragon dominates the sky!
The emperor’s extreme celestial style ended in the stage of Luo Jinxian’s debating skills and posture. Later, it was based on the original foundation, and the fighting skills reached the extreme.
This blow is exactly the same as the boxing style of killing immortals in the realm of picking Jin Xian. Previously, Tianlong Blade has not been used in actual combat.
Min soul-absolutely immortal finger!
For the first time-Wan Chuan returns to the sea!

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