Therefore, this cold jade palace has really become a veritable cold palace since its completion, and no one will come here.
Zhu Rong threw Chai Wanying here is perfect.
But this cold jade palace is the most deadly for Chai Wanying’s external skin injury at the moment.
Breathe as cold as possible along her wound, and when it invades, it’s already hurt, light, fragile and dirty.
Almost instantly almost made Chai Wanying’s five internal organs condense into ice.
However, the external wound of the skin that kept oozing blood was frozen by the cold and cold of Lengyu Palace, and the blood at the wound was frozen in a short time.
No new blood continues to drip, which also avoids the possibility that Chai Wanying will die of excessive blood loss.
But even if you have to save your life in front of you, if you don’t get her to treatment as soon as possible, if you don’t bleed to death for a long time, you will be frozen to death by the cold here.
This is the dangerous situation that Chai Wanying is facing today.
But Zhu Rong or Guang Yu knows all about it.
But Chai Wanying, a hostage, didn’t even think of taking the initiative to ask for help. Leaving her here today is already a means to torture her in heaven. It never occurred to me that all this was just a heart at first.
Chapter 498 Asking for news everywhere
The more I think about it, the more I feel wrong. Zhu Rong soon went to the front of Guangyu’s adult temple.
But I was told that Lord Guangyu had just gone.
If you know the rules of heaven, you shouldn’t ask, you can’t ask Zhu Rong. He waited anxiously in front of the temple.
Today, the two light temple guards who are rotating gatekeepers are good, and Zhu Rong is still familiar with them.
Immediately after seeing him, he asked Zhu Jinxian’s brother in a low voice, what are you anxious to find our adults?
Zhu Rong is not a brainless person. They are always fooling around, but they are not confused at all. This caught tourmaline’s wife Chai Wanying, and it is not only feather adults who know for him that it is absolutely impossible to tell irrelevant people.
So at the moment, two guards guarding the light temple asked him, of course, he wouldn’t say it.
Therefore, he hurriedly pretended to be in a difficult emergency, but it didn’t matter. It’s just that our three-thousand-year Donghua Taiwan is not far away. You two brothers also know that I have been in this position in Jin Xian for many years. This time, I just want to beg adults to give me a chance to move my position.
Oh, here it is.
The two guards also believed it.
After all, on weekdays, Zhu Rongren gave them the feeling that utilitarianism was heavier.
It happened that among the immortals, his ability was not common, otherwise they wouldn’t have spent so much time eating, drinking and having fun on weekdays.
Zhu Jinxian, I said, look, in the past, you didn’t take care of our brother less. Today, we will give you a hand. If you are looking for adult Guangyu, then you can hurry back now and don’t come in front of adult Guangyu. Otherwise, if you don’t say it, it will be a disaster.
Ah, brother, what’s the reason for this? Please give me some advice.
Zhu Rongwen looked frightened and immediately looked at the two guards with consternation and anxiety.
Although this expression is half fake, it is half true at last.
After all, Guangyu’s mood will really affect his future.
The two men looked around and made sure that no one was around before they whispered. It’s also my fault for your bad luck, my Lord. You’re angry today.
I haven’t seen an adult in such a bad mood for many years. Another guard quickly attached it.
Zhu Rong rushed and pressed the bass. At the same time, he handed two small bottles from the sleeve and stuffed them into the hands of two guards. Do the two brothers know what his mood is?
The two men got Zhu Rong filial piety and immediately looked even more gentle and attentive.
What else can we do? It seems that our eyes and ears from all walks of life have come back early this morning.
And everyone comes back with a dignified face. Adults are ugly after seeing them, and their faces become even uglier.
Our brothers can’t hear anything, but when we are guarding the door here, we can always see people who can’t be seen by others. We guess that something important has happened in the world.
Two people you say I say that finish Zhu Rong expression also changed again and again.
Something important has happened in the world
What can happen more important than this except that he took Chai Wanying?
Don’t light feather adults unhappy because he caught Chai Wanying back?
But that’s impossible.
It was Lord Guangyu who motioned for him to do so by default.
Today, he finally got the man back through hard work, and listen to the two guards. Other circles in the human world are now taking action to attack the heaven to prepare.
This is good.
Lord Guangyu initially asked him to go to the human world instead of Wu Xian, didn’t it lead to contradictions among all walks of life?
It seems that the effect is remarkable today, but why is Lord Guangyu unhappy instead?
Zhu Rong is puzzled, but he is not a fool either.
When I got this hint through the grapevine, I immediately made an excuse in a hurry, thinking about whether it was enough to go to someone again when I was counting my fingers.

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