The hesitation looked at the fairy dragon Ye Tian cautiously. Then can you tell me how many colorful gems are needed to make the world tree grow to that stage?
Well, I hesitated for a moment, and the fairy dragon determined that each species needs at least 100,000, so that the world tree can be promoted to the Millennium state, and then the energy of the elements can be secreted to form a cycle.
Ye Tian felt dizzy when he heard the fairy dragon, okay? One hundred thousand six kinds of each kind are six hundred thousand. The base is the total amount of the colorful gem mine in Dongsheng Empire, which is six. According to Princess Yisha, there are only one million pieces in total.
Although a guy lost quickly, he was bombed almost as soon as he entered the door, but it didn’t scare others. In everyone’s opinion, the guy inside must have sneaked on the fire warrior in the doorway, otherwise how could it have been so fast?
Ye Tian didn’t see the figure at the door. Ye Tian quickly reacted with his hands on the ground and moved laterally.
Almost at the same time as Ye Tian moved, Ye Tian twisted in front of him, and a yellow figure suddenly shot up. The sword in his hand was instantly stabbed from the position where Ye Tian just sat.
Wind walk: Yes, to avoid being attacked by sneak attack, as early as the moment before entering the door, the flurry warrior used wind walk to successfully enter the room and attacked Ye Tianfa.
However, Ye Tian’s reaction was too late. At the moment when he attacked, Ye Tian quickly moved sideways to avoid this inevitable sword.
It’s a pity that wind walk can’t start continuously, or the blood will rush directly, which is inevitable. Otherwise, Essien won’t have to hide so many kinds of lighter skills.
Now that the flurry warrior is out of the state of wind walk, it will take some time to recover if he wants to display it again. Although it is not a long time, it is still ten minutes, which means he has no chance to display it again in this game.
However, although wind walk was broken, the flurry warrior didn’t just rely on this move. Even if wind walk was broken, his strength remained unchanged.
Because just now, the impact was too fierce, two people passed behind and so on. When the flurry warrior finally stopped, the two men had already pulled a distance of five meters. When they turned to look, Ye Tian just got up and seemed to be unstable.
Seeing this scene, the flurry warrior’s eyes lit up and his body half flashed. A sword in the charge hand stabbed sharply, aiming at Ye Tian’s throat.
Although the charge is instantaneous and super fast, it is not impossible to judge. First of all, you must turn to the target body and pose before the charge, and at the same time, the body emits jet-like light. These are all signs before the charge. Although the moment is only about 2 seconds, it is enough for Ye Tian.
In the flurry warrior body Zhou Jinguang flashes at the same time, Ye Tian’s hands are empty, and the metal control is instantaneous. Almost at the same time, the flurry warrior makes a flash of light.
In the dull roar, the flurry warrior felt a flower at the moment, and then his body seemed to hit the wall, and the pain stopped compared with the charge.
Everything is slow to say, but the fact is that Ye Tian’s ability to launch metal control instantly changed the body angle of the flurry warrior, although it changed a little, but it was enough.
In a golden light, the place where the flurry warrior charged shifted unexpectedly and bumped into the wall at Ye Tian’s side violently. Although the flurry warrior soon calmed down, Ye Tian could not give him another chance.
Almost at the same time Ye Tianyi slammed his foot on the wall, the war trampled the warrior who just woke up and fell into a dizzy state.
Didn’t stay in Ye Tian, once again, stepped on one foot at the moment, and a huge rock spur with a thigh thickness of nearly two meters suddenly emerged from the ground and slammed into the abdomen of the flurry warrior, whose body flew off the ground.
Hey hey smile Ye Tian didn’t dare to neglect the body like a whirl and a backspin kick, which hit the other side’s abdomen with great impact. The flurry warrior flew towards the door like a flash.
Still refused to stop. Ye Tian’s body was short and instantaneous, and a charge shot up. In an instant, he went beyond the half-middle, and the high-flying warrior reached the front door first and quickly pulled the door.
In the roaring, the high-wind warrior flew from the open door and fell to the ground ten meters in front of the door. At the same time, the door slammed behind him and closed the door with a smile. Ye Tian laughed comfortably. This ability to control metal is really interesting, especially for those warriors wearing metal armor. It is simply a BUG.
Moreover, even if you don’t wear a metal mage, you can get rid of Ye Tiankong. The human body contains a lot of metal substances, especially bones, which are controllable.
Back to the innermost leaf day, he sat cross-legged again and pondered it carefully. Now he has encountered the four kinds of opponents, water, fire and wind, and has found a way to crack them.
There is nothing to say about fire and water. In the Phoenix necklace, the damage caused by fire and water has been destroyed, and the rest is the technical competition. Speaking of technology, who is Ye Tian afraid of?
In the wind, it’s just a fast word. The only sudden attack is fast, but in Ye Tian’s metal control ability, this fast word base will not be reversed by Ye Tianli.
After meditation for a long time, a challenge opponent finally appeared. Unfortunately, after several previous explorations, Ye Tian has summed up the merits and demerits of the three samurai models, and no one can beat him.
Even if Ye Tian doesn’t care if he wants to win him by defense alone in front of Ye Tian, isn’t that bullshit? Don’t say that if Ye Tian breaks the halberd, even the Earth Warrior can be broken. It’s the defense of the Earth Warrior.
The right hand virtual Zhang suddenly pulled the flurry warrior to blink before the other side responded. Ye Tian had punched the opposite door, and at the same time, his right knee had a heavy abdominal impact. At the same time, Ye Tian lifted the right boat high and crashed accurately, which landed behind the other side’s neck.
The thump rang dully. It was clever just now, and it was completely unconscious on the ground. It didn’t take half an hour to wake up.
This is the tenth time that Ye Tian has defeated his opponent in a row. He slowly turned around and a door on the side of the room slowly opened. After defeating ten opponents in a row, Ye Tian finally succeeded in the first round and entered the first round.
The gate is a huge circle, just like a stadium, but at the moment the venue is silent. At the counter in the center, several beautiful girls are chatting and hearing the door ring. At the same time, several girls turn their heads and look at Ye Tian.
Obviously, Ye Tian was the first to look around, and the huge circular building was covered with doors. It was calculated that one door was good, but it was a hundred. Obviously, every door was a fighting skill field. After defeating ten opponents in a row, he could come in. Ye Tian walked over to the counter and saw this scene. Several girls hurried to straighten up and handed a card to the counter at the same time. Take it with a smile. This is a certificate for entering a round. Don’t lose it.
Gently took the card and looked carefully. After the card was made of gold, it was a six-pointed star with a big word in the center.
There was a series of cracks around Ye Tian’s careful observation. Looking around, more than a dozen of the 100 doors have been opened, and a warrior has left each door.
Every round of the game is at the same time, but it may not be the same at the end. Like Ye Tian, the battle ended three seconds after the game, and Ye Tian was alone. Obviously, it was nothing for others.
Crack crack around Ye Tian thinking, more and more doors are pushed up, and figures come from the doors one after another. Ye Tian knows that people will come from these rooms in nine minutes in the future, but it is impossible for people to come from all the doors.
If you want to walk through the door, you must win ten games in a row, but not everyone can do it. If you lose one game, you will lose the qualification to win ten games in a row before you can be qualified to enter here.
Walking slowly to a chair, Ye Tian relaxed and sat in. He looked coldly at the samurai who gathered in succession. Looking carefully, everyone was more or less injured, and the armor was broken, especially the blood. Everyone was stained with a lot of the most serious wounds, and the armor was rolled up everywhere. The skin was covered with wounds. Although they successfully defeated ten opponents, they paid a lot.
Ten minutes passed quickly, and less than 60 of the last 100 doors were hit, and the other doors were still tightly closed. Obviously, people failed without winning ten games in a row.
With the 11th round of competition, there is a girl’s avenue in the counter. Well, you don’t have to stay here. The next competition will not be held here. Let’s go home. A tryout will be held in a week. Everyone will enter the store with their cards in the Holy City Hotel.
Hearing the girl’s words, people turned around and walked towards the mouth, looking at the scattered crowd and looking at the counter. Ye Tian, a girl, couldn’t help narrowing her eyes.
On the surface, it seems that it will not be held until a week later, but in fact, the second competition has already been held, and the key is the girl’s last sentence.
Thinking quickly, Ye Tian came soon. These girls didn’t register when they got the license. No one knows which card was given to which person, and the last sentence is added. This means that whoever wants to get a six-pointed star card can enter the hotel to participate in a selection.

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