Chapter one hundred and nineteen Cheating (2)
Xing Xuan just borrowed the black smoke from Gao Sen, knowing that Zhang Fang and others are up to no good. At this time, the situation is complicated and obviously can’t be relied on. Then he took advantage of the black smoke and separated a thousand magic Buddha lotus into an illusion to form a treasure fan. Actually, he was holding a bundle of fairy ropes in his hand. Pay attention to where Xing Xuan is. I know that the fan turned out to be fake. I was careless and immediately took the road. It’s really stealing chickens, but I can’t eat them. I can’t move when I hit the ground with a black whip.
Xing Xuan at this time, the double-yuan baby instantly joined hands and dragged the fox to his side with a recruit to bundle the fairy rope.
"Double yuan baby? "In the distance, Gao Sen couldn’t help but be taken aback again. Although this minor repair is not high, it is full of tricks in an instant. Just now it was a three-headed arm, and now it shows a double-headed baby. I really don’t know what will come out when I fight with him for a while.
"But this minor repair is too low, and so many tricks can also keep him safe for a while. When he finishes displaying the two powerful fans, the old nature can drop him! Well, just listening to this little speech seems to be a kindness to the eldest brother and the third brother, so they won’t kill him and leave it to the eldest brother and the third brother! "Although the star xuan variety is very surprised, but that Gao Sen still doesn’t put the star xuan in the eyes. At this time, it’s a wall view, etc. When everyone is wasted, it’s really a low score. Everyone is in his calculation.
"Dragon patriarch, don’t behave in such a way. It’s our fault this time. We won’t dare again. Let my third sister go quickly. It’s the right thing to do! "The Xiong Jing a look at the action failure immediately soft speak to Zhang Fang, purple pistil heart conditions.
Xing Xuan had crushed the three SuoShouLing in his neck at this time, and suddenly a whirlwind blew around his body, and immediately swept the Gaosen into a myriad of black fog, and then a crane flew out of the fairy sound and sang loudly. Everyone’s heart was shocked and angry, and their face showed an obsessive expression.
The crane revolved around Xing Xuan twice and suddenly plunged into the five-fire and seven-feather fan, and then a crackling sound began to surround the fan, which was banned and broken into pieces. Suddenly, the sky was as bright and beautiful as fireworks, which attracted Zirui to admire it.
A clear spring poured directly from Xingxuan halogen door, and in an instant, the five-fire and seven-feather fan should be integrated into Xingxuan’s mind without falling to the ground. As Xingxuan read a spell, the seal of Xingxuan Yuanshen was suddenly left in the fan, and the master was no longer recognized by people.
Black Moon, who is practicing meditation outside Wan Li, suddenly feels that thousands of true yuan are falling from the top of his head and repairing crazily, and he can’t stop himself from rushing through Yuan’s infancy and entering the out-of-body experience period, and then entering the clutch period.
Black Moon’s eyes open and her heart is sharper than this. This is exactly what I sent in the three-time Sushou Order of Xing Xuan. The cloned soul has returned to the blink of an eye and repaired itself. Since then, I have taken a second life. If I am killed by someone, the three-time Sushou Order will not save myself.
Is this the time when Xing Xuan returned his cloned soul in the three-time Sushou Order? Is it because something happened to Xing Xuan?
Think of reed "three ink month immediately sit still waved and picked up the nine holy skeleton next to the idea of turning five lines to move the array and flew into each poly spirit array, pulling Meng Geyun Yang and others who were practicing abruptly out of the array and moving them in front of their eyes.
"Bai Ling, you have grown up here, and it is your most important cousin to take care of the door. I will give you the nine holy skeletons to be in charge of you. Don’t have sex. If you lose this palace, the patriarch will not punish you, and the black moon will never spare you! “
Although Mungo is old, he is always pedantic and has a weak ability to improvise. Yun Yang is biting, but there are few generals to act regardless of the overall situation; Yu Linquan, Gong, Gong Yang, three people can’t be entrusted to finish their work, and they can’t be entrusted to Black Moon Balance again and again, or they handed the nine holy skeletons to Bai Ling.
Although Bai Ling is a little naughty, her mind is alert and full of tricks. In recent years, she has grown up, and her temper has converged a lot. It is quite safe to give her the exchange. I don’t expect her to make it better, but it will never be too bad. At this time, it is also a last resort.
"Sister Black Moon, don’t worry about me. I can’t lose the Linxi Zongshanmen, but where are you going? "asked Bai ling, who took the nine holy skeletons and turned his eyes on the black moon.
"I went to the patriarch! "Black moon said with a straight face.
"Patriarch had an accident? "Yunyang suddenly nervous Long Xingxuan is his savior. If Xing Xuan has something, he has to work hard.
"Without you, don’t make a wild guess. Keep the gate well, and don’t relax the education for those guys sent by Li Shuxian outside. It’s best to let them forget the federal power group and remember Linxi Sect and Long Family! "Black moon said to Yunyang.
Yunyang nodded and said, "Miss, don’t worry, I let them even remember their parents and remember our Linxi Sect and the Dragon Family! “
Black Moon smiled and told those guys to obey orders to prevent these guys from doing things that endanger Linxi Sect and Long Family. Yunyang naturally has other means.
"Sister Black Moon has a long way to go to practice, so we must always guard against the invasion of demons. We must not relax our vigilance and act according to our own mood. I know that your love for men and women will never be forgotten in my heart, and my cousin will naturally treat you as the mistress of Linxi Sect. My cousin just doesn’t say that she will naturally have a position with her cousin in the future. It is not impossible to find a Zhang San Li Si person to fill the white" … Bai Ling looked at Black Moon and said it seriously.
"Bastard, what did you say? "Black month suddenly furious face fast-flushers this Bai Ling is really too much, so how can you maintain a serious image in public in the future?
Raise your hand and a blue light will hit Bai Lingshen.
She is faster than Bai Ling, and the white light flashes. Bai Ling has disappeared, but Bai Lingli’s right and skeleton teleported to another palace early.
I can’t help but wonder at the dark moon. Bai Ling’s high understanding is simply frightening. It took her three days to master the nine holy skeletons in Xing Xuan’s guidance. I didn’t expect this Bai Ling to be able to move freely after just touching it for a while. It’s incredible.
"Well, you bad girl, wait for me to find Xing Xuan and let him come back to pick up you! "Black month nai to give up the idea of rotation is to draw the law in the hall to break the virtual ground.
After a white light, the black moon appeared on Mount Afulun.
"Let him come back quickly or Linxi Zong’s surname is white. You told me Long Xingxuan that he must come back immediately! "Bai Ling sounds coming out of the void, and I heard a bad cold in the dark month, and I couldn’t help wondering if Long Xingxuan could stop this little witch when he came back.
Several beams of light flew from far and near to the valley of Afuron. Looking up at the dark moon, I couldn’t help but meet it with great joy.
That crowd is Qiongzhi, Manyun, Yi Zhong, Yi Zhi and Yi Yi.
"Star xuan? "Black month ago a grabbed Qiongzhi big asked.
"Sister Black Moon is dying. The patriarch is being besieged by mountain soldiers! "Qiongzhi anxiously said to Black Moon.
"What? "Black month after hearing was frightened to disgrace.
"Python tooth mountain! "Man Yun also said to Black Moon in horror that a few people had just left when they saw Xiangyun tumbling behind, knowing that it was the angel of heaven and the star Xuan that made everyone go so hard, they all wanted to fly out of the sky in a hurry and take the fastest flying ship back to Bolton City to inform the people.
"You are quick to go back to the exchange and tell Bai Ling to tighten the door and I will meet him! "Hearing this, Black Moon remembered that the mountain soldiers and his two followers joined hands to do it once upon a time. They were even more frightened and commanded Qiongzhi and Manyun to drive off in the original direction of blizzard.
On the way, it suddenly occurred to me that it would be no use if Xing Xuan was besieged by the mountain soldiers. Now the savior Xuan Ji has to rely on sealing the door of God. Then Taoist Fei Qiong has returned to the blizzard and gave her this matter, and she dare not help.
Thought of here, Black Moon turned and flew in the direction of Kunxu Mountain.

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