"Sister Xianglan, you helped me when I needed help." Ma Liang sincerely said.
"Elder sister, I want a man now. You can satisfy him." She just joked, no, no.
I didn’t expect Ma Liangzhen to nod "can"
Although she is covered now, her glistening and tender skin is still visible.
Sister Xianglan was stupefied and then smiled. "My brother and sister are joking. Anyway, you caught me and I have nothing to be ashamed of."
"I really can’t be a fragrant LanJie" Ma Liang embarrassed said.
There was a little joy in the eyes of "true" vanilla, but then it faded.
"Are you repaying your kindness to my sister?" she asked.
Ma Liang nodded and shook his head.
"What do you mean by nodding and shaking your head?" Xianglan smiled and felt that Ma Liang was so silly and lovely.
"Sister Xianglan, I can give you anything you want, because you are my benefactor, but it’s not just that. You are also very attractive because of Sister Xianglan." Ma Liang took a deep breath and said it.
When she needed women to know her most, Sister Xianglan gave her a chance, and she was really not bad. Ma Liangting was honest in this respect.
"So Xia Xue won’t say" vanilla hesitated, but it also tickles Ma Liang. I’ve seen it several times and I haven’t had a chance to try it.
When I get home, I can have something with Ma Liang. It is more unbearable for women to be lonely than men.
But I learned that my heart was cold with Xia Xue.
But Xia Xue is really a very good woman. She is not jealous at all, but envious of being a single woman with children. Why can’t she have a good chance?
I just couldn’t help but want to solve it by myself in the lonely night. At one time, when a child cries, there is a strong psychological contrast. I can’t even be stable like this. I really don’t know what my generation did.
She said that because she didn’t want Ma Liang to worry about whether it would be hard or tiring to really take care of the children, but what does it matter if she said that?
It’s one thing to want to enjoy a man, but it’s one thing to really drag others down.
How did Ma Liang tell Xia Xue when he was puzzled, but Ma Liang was very sad just now.
"It’s okay, I’ll tell her." Ma Liang gritted his teeth and promised to dare.
91 Nanren Ziwei
"I’m not afraid of your jokes. After a long time, no man thinks that the taste is that the hand can’t compare with it," said Xiang Lan.
"Brother, if you can really come with me a few times, I like it, but you and Xia Xue can’t be ruined because of this." She is sincere enough to tell her innermost thoughts.
At this time, the child was full, closed his eyes and fell asleep. Xia Xue pulled the child and put it in the cradle next to him smoothly to avoid crawling around.
"Forget it, just tell Xia Xue that I seduce you and threaten you, even if I am a slut." Sister Xianglan gave a glad eye and then pushed it directly to the bed near Ma Liang.
While Ma Liang was still hesitating, his underpants were pulled, and huge things were flourishing.
"Brother, you have a baby." Vanilla saw a joy in her heart.
"Sister Xianglan" Ma Liang was at a loss.
"It’s okay, I suddenly want to understand that people have a better life if they are bold." She is charming and then has a small mouth to hold Ma Liang’s strength.
Ma Liang took a deep breath. This kind of play is too exciting, and the psychological feeling of watching a woman speak hesitatingly is even more different.
After eating for a while, she divided, "Is it the first time for me to make it comfortable for you?"
She’s really a little green.
"Shu" Ma Liang nodded.
"You can’t let elder sister idle when you’re relieved." She really let go of her scruples and got up directly, and then sat astride Ma Liang’s skill to hold the hot private part and met with a shudder in her back.
"Xiang Lanjie" Ma Liang also couldn’t help but look at glistening chest hanging around in front of her eyes and then couldn’t help but take a bite with some milk flavor.

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