If Liu pulled the corners of her mouth, she said, "I didn’t know that Ji always had the function of peeping into people’s hearts. Then can you see what I was thinking?" Then she blinked and hid her discomfort.
"If only I knew what you were thinking, then we wouldn’t go around in such a big circle." Ji Yu also secretly added in his heart that if I knew what you were thinking, we wouldn’t be suspicious of each other and miss each other.
But these words are still buried in my heart and I didn’t say them.
Chapter 19 Give it up
If you find Liu, you can’t help but slightly provoke her beautiful Diane eyebrow to talk to Ji Yu, which is a little surprised.
"I mean, if I knew what you were thinking, I wouldn’t go around chasing you." Ji Yu reminded the corners of his mouth and face a cool way.
I quickly drove into the underground parking lot to find a place in the season and sat down. Many enterprises have already handed in their plans. Today, I reported all the estimated prices of my final projects, and then the government compared the plans with the reasonable budget before finally announcing the winner of this bid.
Ji Yu sat calmly and didn’t worry because he was sitting at the top of the company. All the elites sitting there didn’t have one thing in common, that is, their suits were straight and everyone’s faces were rigorous.
After all the information was handed in, it was waiting for the audit Committee to evaluate it. During the whole evaluation, it took almost an hour. When an official walked to the podium, the position was forbidden by the personnel department.
When officials announced that they had won the construction project, the company Yangtian Group and the offer of 13.9 billion yuan was in line with the government budget. However, after a pause of a few seconds, the representatives of various enterprises in Taiwan broke into warm applause. Although the heads of various enterprises in Taiwan were not particularly familiar with the way to kill Yangtian Group, it was not on the list of the highest enterprises, but it was the first one today. How can it not be surprising?
At the moment, the big screen is playing the propaganda film and the construction plan made by the Yangtian Group this time. What flashed in the eyes of Jiyu, but it passed away, so that Xunruliu could see Jiyu without any annoyance or anger, whether it was dull or indifferent.
"Let’s go and find the secret. It’s nearly noon. Let’s have lunch together and go back to the company." Ji Yu got up and said lightly.
There’s nothing for me to have lunch. I didn’t refuse or promise to come out of the bidding hall side by side with Ji Yu. Today, Ji Yu wore a brown suit. Perhaps the color makes him feel particularly stalwart in the back. This warm suit makes Ji Yu look much softer, but it doesn’t lose its solemnity. His face looks handsome. From the back, he really lost a lot of weight. I don’t know what this consciousness makes him shrink.
Just by car, the mobile phone rang and looked at it. It seems that she can’t help but leave her pie mouth. She knows what this man is calling for now, and she will definitely hesitate for a few seconds.
"Why don’t you pick up the words?" Although Xunruliu’s expression is not tangled, it shows that she heard the words, but Ling didn’t pick them up. There must be a reason for this.
Find if Liu realized that he was rude and pressed the answer key. Gong Wenbin swept over there and said, "willow, you have nothing to do. It’s too risky. Why don’t you always listen to me? Where are you? I’ll find you. Do you know how worried I am about you?"
Because Gong Wenbin’s voice is too loud, Ji Yu puts every word into his ear. This man is so close that he calls her willow and he is unfamiliar. Ji Yu is a little angry and frowning, but he has no strength to ask if he is looking for a willow. Because now they are nothing, but the woman in front of him is called looking for a willow.
Looking for Liu hung up quickly because she didn’t want Ji Yu to know that Gong Wenbin was defending Gong Wenbin from calling me again. She quickly sent him a text message, and she couldn’t help shaking her head. Why did this man want to call at this time? Moreover, he was afraid that Ji Yu knew Gong Wenbin and it would be bad for him. Ji Yu in that circle already knew that Gong Wenbin was no match for him, and herself was an exception, but even if it was a crash and burn, she would have Ji Yu bear the price he deserved.
"It’s good that I always drive in front," said Xunruo Liudan.
Ji Yu didn’t seem to hear the words of finding a willow, but he still drove straight ahead to find a willow, and there was no trouble.
"Who was that man just now?" Ji Yu asked coldly, as if he was holding up a piece of things and was almost out of breath.
"If I tell him who it is, it’s always impossible to let me go in front." If you look for a willow, you can’t recognize the joys and sorrows.
Ji Yu didn’t answer her, as if he didn’t want to know the answer. Who knows that he is afraid to find Liu in his heart and will tell him that he doesn’t want the answer?
"I just called my boyfriend. I think Ji always knows the answer. I should stop the car. I have an appointment with my boyfriend to have lunch together. I think Ji always won’t stop it." At this time, Ruoliu’s face is full of smiles, and this kind of smile is the most harmful thing. She seems to be saying something for granted.
Ji Yu has written the steering wheel tightly, and the hand bones on the back of his hand have suddenly emerged. There is a blazing fire in his heart, and if this fire is found by Liu himself, there have been thousands of sounds in his heart. You must not let her go.
However, the steering wheel unconsciously turned to the right, "cheep" the car and made a violent brake, then stopped firmly to find out if Liu Xian’s hands were neat and the door was clean and he missed the car.
When I saw that the figure of Xunruliu gradually became smaller and disappeared, my heart and lungs once again suffered a great pain. Now he really doesn’t know how to get close to her and let her feel that he loves Lu Xia. What love you can make me so painful?
Sitting in the restaurant with Gong Wenbin, looking at him with a flattering smile and that handsome face, she was really angry.
"Why don’t you stay in Singapore? Now you’re just getting a foothold there. You should stay there more."
Gong Wenpeng’s smile immediately faded into a serious face. "willow, I know your heart, but I know that you were trapped in the bar last night. Do you know how worried I am? I wish I could send it to you immediately."
"Wen Bin, we are not suitable for you. You have a broader day. You have to be obsessed with me. And you know that I have some benefits for you. Don’t you care? Besides, I owe you so much. I really don’t want to owe you any more." Looking for Ruoliu has some headaches. Recently, Gong Wenbin always confessed to her from time to time. This is not like the former him.
She knows that he feels more pity for her than love, and that Liu Youmeng, who is hiding in the deepest place, is not good, but he doesn’t want to admit it. Now she can’t love her heart again, can she?
"No, willow, you owe me for three years, and everything you have taken risks has been paid off. We have long been in debt. Now I want to ask you to give up revenge. You say that I can’t let Liu Youmeng go, and you are different. Actually, you can’t fool others. You just can’t let him go. Revenge is your excuse. Since it’s revenge, why don’t you just find a chance to kill him?" Gong Wenbin said with a face of sadness.
Gong Wenbin’s words were a blow to Ruoliu, and she couldn’t help but shrink because Gong Wenbin’s words hit her hard.
See if find willow face a dark Gong Wenbin then added, "willow, don’t lie to yourself. You still love him, but you can’t. You know his strength, you will be in danger. Don’t forget to live a good life in the past."
"Stop it, don’t know me very well. It seems that I’m weak and I can’t chew my teeth. What’s the matter with Gong Wenbin? I tell you that I won’t love you now or later. If you want me to repay what I owe you, I can give you an iou, although I can’t repay it now." I’ve been a little angry and asked Gong Wenbin.
"willow, you know that’s not what I mean. Why do you have to twist my meaning every time?" Gong Wenbin’s face is full of grievances and what can he do to make Xunruliu white his heart? He knows Xunruliu is stubborn and won’t listen to him, but he is afraid of losing her, a woman who often brings him warmth.
"Well, forget it, let’s have dinner." If you find Liu, you realize that you have some impulses and some gaffes, and you cut your emotions and have a calm face.
After eating, I found an excuse to go back to the company first. Now the most important thing is to collect more information from the city, so that I can give full play to what I want.
Ben Xunruo Liu drove directly to return to her apartment, but she saw several suspicious vehicles in the rearview mirror and followed her all the way. Her mouth touched with a smile. She hadn’t played with these people for a long time. She really wanted to see who it was.
She deliberately parked the car behind a remote road. When several cars saw the opportunity, they all surrounded the car.
"Squeak" is accompanied by "bang". Ferrari and the hijacked car hit each other head-on, and a depression was also suspected because of the huge Ferrari.
Chapter 2 Kidnapping
Several men quickly rushed out of the car and quickly came to the front of Xunruoliu and dragged Xunruoliu out of the car.
Xunruoliu cried out in panic, "Who are you? What are you trying to grab me and crash my car?"
Several men surrounded Xunruliu, and a man grabbed Xunruliu’s hair and shouted, "Don’t ask me what it is because you have offended people."
A few men rushed to look for Liu’s fists and fists, and there was a flash of cold light in Liu’s eyes. She backhand clamped her man’s hands behind her and pulled the shoulder force to turn the man up, which was severely hit by the man who threw himself over his shoulder.
"Bang" was accompanied by the sound of men’s landing. If Liu’s eyes also showed malicious eyes, but she was not in a hurry to attack the enemy again, but she was cold and sarcastic. The men never thought that the woman who had just looked as timid as a mouse was so talented that they immediately got up from the ground. These men stared at malicious eyes.
Instant fist, big palm, legs and feet greeted Xunruliu in order and came to Xunruliu flexibly. These people seem to be extremely angry. Although they didn’t hit Xunruliu, she still felt a strong palm wind.
Xunruliu bent over and pranced up with a long leg. A serial kick "pa, pa, pa" combined with men’s faces. Men’s faces flickered. Every man’s face had a dazzling footprint. Xunruliu’s whole face was swollen like a pig’s head. She wouldn’t be happy with this short victory. She would never stop attacking her left hand because of this. Now she backhand slaps the man next to her.
After three or two kung fu, all five men in front of them were beaten and beaten, and they were tied together and sat down on the ground. A man with a bruise on his face still overflowed with pain in every population. If this woman really caught them off guard, she didn’t expect this woman to be ruthless, accurate and quick. The five men were no match for her and had no defense.
Looking for a man who sat down on the ground with his hands wrapped around his chest, she turned her eyes slightly and judo "Who sent you buffoons to lose face after all?"
Men can’t help but feel angry when they hear the clown’s face scold them. "Bah!" A man spat a gun and tried to spray saliva on the willow. Fortunately, if he had foresight, he had already hid far away.
If Xunruliu is not angry, she evokes a sneer, which reveals the extreme yin and cold, making everyone on the ground feel cold in the back, but there is another reason, that is, their clothes have been taken off.
It’s 7: 30 in summer, and Xunruliu deliberately turned into this narrow path. At this time, it’s already dark. Slowly squat down and pick up the knife that the man dropped when he just fought. The sharp knife reflects dazzling white light, and Xunruliu’s casual smile is even more chilling.
She got up and walked slowly to the men, then squatted down with a bright white knife and rubbed the man’s face slowly. "Do you think you will spit if I cut your tongue off?"
The man couldn’t help shaking at the corner of his mouth-he absolutely believed that this woman would do it because he could tell from the fight just now.
Seeing a man show a frightened expression and raise a faint smile, with some charming smiles, can’t help but make people feel a little uneasy. "But there is still room for you and me to go to the police station and tell who is behind the scenes."
As soon as these men heard that the police station looked at each other, they all had criminal records, and they were still honest in the street, and their employer was also a powerful person. If they were asked to go to the police station to testify against him, maybe they would have turned into a corpse before they left the police station.
Why can’t you see that these men are hesitant? "You don’t say anything, but I called the police and told them that you tried to kidnap me and crashed my car. Do you know how much my car is worth? I want to repair it more than 20 thousand, but you didn’t complete the employer’s order, so I don’t think you can get the balance."
Speaking of which, I sighed, "Well, it seems that you want to lose money and go to the police station, so I won’t stop you. Your employer is not easy to mess with, and of course I’m not a vegetarian."
Xunruliu took out his cell phone from his pocket and was about to make a phone call. The man behind him was anxious when he saw this scene. One of the men shouted "Wait a minute"
Looking for a sneer at the corner of Liu’s mouth, he slowly turned back. "I want you to correct the car behind the scenes. You don’t have to pay for it, and you need one of you to go, but the employer didn’t give you money. It’s very cost-effective for me to make up this deal for you."
"Really stinks? Don’t lie to us." A man’s face turned gloomy. It seems that he is the boss of five people.
"Why should I lie to you? Your employer may not give you a reward of 500,000 yuan. Then I will give you a million yuan. Do you want it?" The words of Xunruliu are full of temptation.

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