If so, forget it.
He likes women-Yang Wen is so small and doesn’t hate each other’s talking and laughing, which makes him feel like he was hit by a blast.
Clouds of evil thoughts rose from Ning Hui’s body and went straight into Muhai Dantian.
Induction Jiuding magic furnace keeps increasing magic energy. Muhai smiled. I didn’t expect magic to earn so much.
Others looked at each other when they saw Muhai’s appearance. How dare someone not show his face to Ning’s regiment?
The eyes of a group of people around him were swept to Muhai as if to remember the appearance of people around Muhai.
If you offend the Ningshi group, you must keep their distance when you do business after offending the God of Wealth, otherwise the Ningshi group will have to shake the ground when it is angry.
"That … that’s Yang Zong."
Soon someone recognized Yang Wen and could not help but exclaim.
His voice instantly attracted many people’s attention.
Yang’s group is not weaker than Ning’s group, and at the moment it is the chairman of Yang’s group, and Ning’s group is just a small public, which can’t be compared with it.
It is human nature to be subservient to the tide.
Many people are coming to Muhai together, especially those with vicious eyes.
"Yang Zong, I didn’t expect you to come in person. I’m sorry I didn’t recognize YanZhuo."
"Who is Yang Zong, a magnanimous man? Will we have general knowledge?"
Muhai is surrounded by a group of sycophants, and Yang Wen doesn’t ignore them because of his identity, but they are laughing.
"Hello, Mr. Muhai, I’m the chairman of Xinglong Group …"
"Mr. Mu is really imposing. Huang Mopei is in a business card …"
Muhai is surrounded by some bosses with extremely complicated identities. Muhai is engaged in industry "communication", and everyone speaks flattery.
How can I not know that these people are just trying to pull Yang Wen by themselves?
Mu Hai’s hands were still in his pockets and he didn’t give them noodles.
Clouds of magic thoughts rose rapidly from the top of these bosses’ heads and went straight to Muhai Dantian.
Look at Wei Ning side besides a few cronies Xie Liang.
The young people who were surrounded by him before all went to Muhai.
As if Wei Ning were isolated.
Wei Ning’s head is full of magic thoughts.
Wei Ning stared at Muhai resentfully, and his eyes seemed to swallow Muhai. "It will be nice to let you stay proud first!"
Wei Ning corners of the mouth Yang nodded slightly.
Just then a middle-aged man came in from the gate with a group of people.
The middle-aged man looks serious, but he is not angry and arrogant. His eyes are like public eyes, and he is afraid to look at his eyes with sharp knives.
There is a gray beard in his mouth.
He is Wu Hong, the chairman of the Wu Group in Jiutangcheng.
There is a woman on Wu Hong’s left.
This woman is in her early twenties, wearing a red gift and holding a handbag inlaid with diamonds to make up her delicate face with an ultimate temptation as if she were born to seduce men.
Her appearance quickly absorbed the eyes of a group of young men.
After several pairs of hot eyes, the woman didn’t get angry. On the contrary, she smiled and blinked at everyone.
This blink, the souls of many young guys are like being hooked away.
"Wu Tong Tong?"
Look at this female MuHai andao
Wu Tongtong Wu Hong’s daughter
She also studied at Jiutang University. Tang Yu and Zhou Qian are generally called the three school flowers of Jiutang University.
The three school flowers are different.
If Tang Yu is sweet, Zhou Qian is a hot beauty and Wu Tongtong is a seductive beauty.
She is very good at seducing others. Every smile has a natural charm.
On Wu Hong’s right hand side stood a man in a black windbreaker with a hat and half a mask on his face. The whole person could see his right eye clearly.
Isn’t he hot when he wraps himself up so tightly in such a hot day?
"Oh, little gong, I can’t believe you didn’t even say hello before you came so that I could do my best."
Wuhong glanced at the hall a little and went to Wei Ning.
"Wu Shu, how dare I bother?" Wei Ning laughed.
"Little Gong is a stranger when you say that. By the way, why didn’t Dagong come?" Wu Hong asked.
Hearing this, Wei Ning’s face flashed with displeasure. "Eldest brother’s father is unable to get away abroad."
WuHong a listen to nodded "so! The little male you busy first I’ll excuse me. "
Say that finish WuHong with WuTongTong that black trench coat man walked in the direction of MuHai.
I was so enthusiastic to speak for myself just now, and then I went over to Muhai in an instant.
Can that little virtue make you flatter so much?
Wei Ning’s head was full of magic thoughts, and he was so happy that Muhai almost laughed.
Wei Ning mercilessly stared at Muhai as if to swallow him up.
Suddenly Wu Tongtong gave him a glad eye, which made him unable to help but look demented. wait for a while looked at Wu Tongtong and swooned.
Wu Hong went to Yang Wen and shook hands warmly. Then he came to Muhai and stretched out his right hand.
"Mu Gong has heard a lot about you. Nice to meet you."
Muhai looked at Wu Hong with his hand in his pocket and shook his head. "Who are you?"
This a WuHong forehead with three black lines.
The chairman of the first regiment of Tangjiu Tangcheng was actually called who are you?
This should be the first time he was treated like this when he shook hands.
Clouds of magic thoughts rose from Wu Hong’s head and went straight into Muhai Dantian.
"You …"

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