"Chen and I have known each other for a long time. Compared with Tian Li, I trust Chen and his office more. Don’t you worry that I will be partial."
Li Xiaomei’s heart was filled with hope. "I believe you can give me justice if you intervene in this matter. I’m not as wrapped as Xia and I won’t be bullied by Feng Jingjing."
"Is it true that Xia is often bullied by Feng Jingjing?" Ruan Bin always ignores Xia when he asks him.
"It’s not summer now. When Feng Jingjing didn’t bully you before, Xia Gong, like us, gave her the most complicated and difficult project. When Tian Supervisor was almost finished, he always found fault with all kinds of things and then handed over the project to Feng Jingjing, and Feng Jingjing directly enjoyed it. Of course, I don’t deny that it was necessary to sign a contract at last, but who didn’t know Feng Jingjing’s dirty means?"
Ruanbin thought that Xia had never told him in detail what he had suffered. In her eyes, it was really a loss and a blessing. What a silly girl!
"I’ve made it clear, but the Tongcheng contract has been signed, and there’s nothing you can do to argue again. I hope you can rest assured that you can do what you should do here after this matter is over."
Chapter 36 Peacekeepers (2)
Chapter 36 Peacekeepers (2)
Li Xiaomei’s face is still not "Ruan always let me forget it. I am not reconciled to this matter. Director Tian criticized my lack of work ability. This is an insult to my professionalism and ability. I don’t care about this matter for your sake, but at least Director Tian and Feng Jingjing have to apologize to me."
Ruan Bin will never speak colloquially. He said, "I don’t have the strength to make them apologize. Are you right if you fight with Feng Jingjing? I am talking about your personal grievances. I don’t care about my company’s interests."
Li Xiaomei asked, "The interests of the company Feng Jingjing brings much more benefits to the company than I do. Then I am not going to eat this dumb loss for nothing."
Ruan Bin smiled and said, "You all know what means Feng Jingjing relies on. Do you think she will bring benefits to the company for a long time?"
Li Xiaomei Maoseton "Ruan, I’m so relieved that you say so. I believe you".
"You take care of other things, and I’ll take care of it. The project in your hand is also very important to the company. Won’t you be understood if you do it well?"
"Well, I understand."
"One more thing, it is definitely not a good idea to deal with things tactfully and play hardball."
"Ruan, thank you. I’ll pay attention."
Li Xiaomei went upstairs and felt proud. Everyone in this office has been suppressed by Tian Li all the year round. Everyone has to look at Tian Li’s face. Now it’s okay. The way Ruan always treats things rather than people is the right way.
"How about Xiaomei?" Tang Sitian asked.
Li Xiaomei simply said, "Ruan always told me to set my mind at to work and not worry about anything else."
"Yes, it’s always right to listen to Ruan. Do you have it? Let’s discuss the project that has always been popular."
"Okay, I’ll prepare a document and you wait for me."
At this time, Feng Jingjing finally came out after washing her hands for a long time. Her face makeup seemed to be stronger. She went directly to Li Xiaomei and pointed to her nose and said, "Li Xiaomei, you are responsible for my nose injury."
Li Xiaomei looked at her nose carefully. The fake nose really had a scar, so she pulled the collar and said, "We are responsible for each other when we go to the hospital after work."
Feng Jingjing disdained, "You can cover my wound, but you can’t cover my wound. You must compensate me for my medicine."
Li Xiaomei also unambiguously smiled and said, "OK, you bring your treatment list and * * these evidences, and I will reimburse you." She never confronted Feng Jingjing again, and Ruan always said that she would handle them smoothly.
Feng Jingjing didn’t expect her to be so generous and let go, so she agreed that she couldn’t find a reason to criticize her at the moment. "Well, if you wait for me after work, you will go to the hospital. If you leave a scar, I will make you look good."
Say that finish Feng Jingjing standing on high heels swinging long curly hair a push a push to the second floor to find RuanBin.
Xia approached and asked, "Xiaomei, your injury is much worse than her. You really promised to accompany her for medicine."
Li Xiaomei threw a dirty look at Feng Jingjing on the second floor and said, "I don’t care if a minor injury can’t pay a few dollars, but she won’t take out a hospital card unless she wants the company to know her whole fact."
Xia raised his thumb and praised "You are still tall"
"It’s not that I’m tall, but that Ruan always wakes up. People like Feng Jingjing and I don’t need to play hardball. It won’t last long for the company to bring benefits by dirty means. Let’s wait, there will always be a day when she will suffer the consequences."
Xia has to admire the one on the second floor who is even more proud. That’s my boyfriend.
It is conceivable that Feng Jingjing must have accused Li Xiaomei of all kinds of remarks in front of Ruan Bin, which was expected by Ruan Bin.
"Ruan, do you really want me to be the boss? Li Xiaomei can’t do the project herself. I used it to do it well. I was helping her clean up the mess. Instead of thanking me, she even slandered me everywhere. I was so angry."
Feng Jingjing got up and bent down to RuanBin. She said, "Ruan, always, you see my face is scratched by her. I have to meet the guest in the afternoon. How good is that?"
Ruanbin silently sighed and said, "Don’t you come and sit down? I’m allergic to perfume? ? Aqiao "
Feng Jingjing was particularly embarrassed to sit back in her chair with her head down and her nose covered. It seems that she can’t wear this perfume later. Maybe she sprayed too much too early.
Ruan Bin wiped her nose and gently advised, "Now that Tongcheng Project has taken this matter over, Li Xiaomei has promised not to do it again. I hope you can be lenient and still work together."
"I can’t work with her. With her, without me, without her."
Section 261
Ruanbin transfixed at her.
Feng Jingjing was flustered by him and added falteringly, "At ordinary times, she is always talking privately about me. Today, I told Guo Zong in front of everyone? ? She’s slandering my innocence. Do you know how important it is for a girl to be clear? How can I just forget it? "
Ruan Bin said bluntly, "Then you can sue her for libel and the law will clear your name."
“? ?” Feng Jingjing faltered and said, "Sue her. After all, I think everyone’s eyes are sharp. Even if she is jealous of me, everyone will not believe her."
"That is to say, you have nothing to lose. Since this is the case, Ruan Bin feels very tired. It is too tired to talk to Feng Jingjing.
"I just can’t swallow this tone. Ruan always doesn’t directly remove her. Why does the company raise her if she is a person who has the ability to be generous and has no ability?"
Ruan Bin said quickly, "Li Xiaomei’s work ability is still qualified. You are not so generous if you deny her."
“? ?” Feng Jingjing was speechless again. Ruan Bin is not as good as Tian Li’s flattery. No matter she always thinks Ruan Bin seems to have a problem with her, "Ruan Zong, do you have a problem with me because of Li Xiaomei dialect? She deliberately slandered me out of anger. I have nothing to do with Guo Zonggen. He is an ordinary guest of mine. Me and him? ?”
Ruan Bin waved his hand to stop saying, "I am not right about everything. I will analyze everything that goes through my ear instead of believing it blindly."
He didn’t want to talk to Feng Jingjing any more. He said bluntly, "I don’t want to see anything like this again today. The company won’t just save an employee who is willing to pay and qualified. I hope you will respect yourself."
“? ?” Feng Jingjing couldn’t refute her mouth and couldn’t say anything several times.
"Any other comments? No, no, you can tell Yang Zong that my opinion is like this."
Feng Jingjing shook her head "no no? ? Well, Nguyen, I don’t care about Li Xiaomei for your sake, but if she dares to talk nonsense again, I will not let her go. "
Ruan Bin is a little naive to say that dogs can’t change their ways and eat shit. It’s all nice to say, "Go to work if there’s nothing else."
This matter was solved by Ruan Bin’s soft handling. Li Xiaomei was no longer entangled in Tongcheng, and Director Tian dared not turn the project workers around at will. Colleagues were fascinated by Ruan Binpei.
That day, Ruan Bin, who was waiting at the corner in the underground garage in summer, suddenly met Tian Li Tian Li and stopped to ask, "What are you doing here in summer?"
"Oh me me? ? I count cars? ?” At that time the feeling be nasty summer nonsense a reason.

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