Being able to refine the Four Elixirs has been regarded as an early alchemist, so the alchemist’s alchemy rate is generally not higher than six layers, while Xia Qi can have seven layers of alchemy rate, which is naturally better than happiness!
"This ….." Xia Qi seems to have some hesitation. I don’t know if I want to promise.
"Xia Qi Daoyou, if you help me refine a batch of Dan medicine, I can decide to pay you no less than 200,000 Lingshi!" Ancient foaming at the mouth a grind quote us a number a face looking forward to looking at Xia Qi.
"Since the ancient friends are so sincere, Xia Mou can’t refuse. In this case, when you bring the materials, I will supply you according to the 70% Dan rate!" Xia Qi was delighted with a confident face and promised to come.
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Chapter 16 Purple Jade Dan Ding
Chapter 16 Purple Jade Dan Ding
Promised to come to the ancient home to refine Dan medicine, Gu Chongtian immediately said goodbye to prepare for refining Dan medicine materials.
And Xia Qi is also a face of excitement. Although his alchemy is only able to refine four Dan medicines, it is a master of alchemy. However, because he relies on a large number of materials in the mystery of dantianzhu to refine Dan medicines, his proficiency is closer than the rate of alchemy!
According to the 70% Dan rate after refining good Dan medicine, Gu Chongtian promised 200,000 Lingshi, not to mention Gu Chongtian. Even extra Dan medicine is also valuable.
In a family of cultivating immortals, many younger brothers need to cultivate elixirs, which are given by the family. However, a small family like the ancient family naturally has no ability to train an alchemist. Every time elixirs need to be refined by others, the cost of Lingshi is high.
This time, Xia Qi appeared in Gu Chongtian and just wanted to give it a try. But I didn’t expect Xia Qi to agree so easily, and the success rate was 70%. How could he not be ecstatic?
You know, before he found someone else to refine it, but according to the rate of 50% Dan, he made a lot of money!
Seems to be afraid of Xia Qi going back on our word. Generally, Gu Chongtian left in less than half an hour and came back with five or six bags filled with various materials for refining Dan medicine.
Although they are all low-order materials, it is best to be able to refine the Four Elixirs, but the quantity is so large that Xia Qi is somewhat happy in his heart.
There is also an alchemy room in the ancient home, and the fire is generally just that Xia Qi can control everything and is well prepared.
"Gudaoyou, my Dan Ding is the worst one. I’m afraid it’s too bad to refine so many Dan Ding this time. I wonder if Gudaoyou has a better Dan Ding?"
Enter the alchemy room and look at the fire boiling in the alchemy room. Xia Qi’s hand is an ugly one. An Dan Ding appears in his hand. He smiles and says to Gu Chongtian.
See Xia Qi take out Dan Ding Gu foaming at the mouth slightly zheng, he really didn’t expect Dan Yuan brother would make a lowest Dan Ding an alchemist.
"This ….. Xia Qi Daoyou’s alchemy was a big help to my ancient family. In this case, Gu Mou didn’t hide a statue of Sandan Ding in our ancient family, so I just gave it to Xia Qi Daoyou!"
Ancient foaming at the mouth face with a look of hesitation and don’t give up, but see ourtenant Xia Qi eyes with a flesh ache a grind hand appeared a statue of Dan Ding!
Dan Ding, held by the ancient sky, exudes bright purple and its texture is special. At first glance, it seems that it is a little transparent and can be seen directly!
"The name of this three-Dan tripod’ Ziyu Danding’ is refined from a rare purple jade. This purple jade is very good for the melting of Dan medicine, but it can greatly improve the yield of Dan. This purple jade Danding tripod is not worth more than some four-Dan tripods!" Introduction of Zi Yu Dan Ding in Gu Chongtian’s hand
Dan Ding, like Dan Medicine, is divided into eleven three Dan Ding, which is valuable. What’s more, this purple jade Dan Ding is very special, and I’m afraid it’s worth tens of thousands of lingshi. It’s still rare to see it. No wonder Gu Chongtian will be a little reluctant.
"This purple jade Dan Ding proved to be a good Dan Ding! Gudaoyou can rest assured that I will return this statue of Purple Jade Danding to you after Dan Medicine is practiced. "Xia Qi is playing with it. At this moment, it is just a palm-sized purple jade Danding with a happy face but a solemn mouth.
"Xia Qi Daoyou talked and laughed about a statue of three Dan Ding, even Gu Mou gave you a small gift." Gu Chongtian is also a master, and a statue of Dan Ding is valuable, but it is impossible to send it out and take it back.
"So Xia Mou thank you for your ancient friends." Xia Qi naturally won’t mention the need for Dan Ding to send the door just by blackmail. How can he push the truth out?
"Ha ha, everything is ready, and Gu Mou doesn’t disturb Xia Qi’s friend’s alchemy." Gu Chongtian said goodbye to Xia Qi. He didn’t know if he could meet such an opportunity again. Naturally, before Xia Qi left, Xia Qi should help the ancient family refine some Dan medicine as much as possible.
The fire in the alchemy room is blazing hot.
Xia Qi sat cross-legged. He refined the purple jade tripod like an armband. At this moment, his mind was quiet. The purple jade tripod was suddenly enlarged by his control. One person folded his arms, and the text was suspended in the ground fire to bear the fire.
The blazing fire means that practitioners dare not directly touch the purple jade tripod, which is roasting at the moment, but the temperature just rises without change.
A lot of materials appeared beside Xia Qi and piled up like hills.
These materials are all sent from the ancient sky, and they are all materials for refining Ersan Dan medicine, which are not precious, but they are huge in quantity and valuable.
Hui Lingdan returns to Yuan Dan, Shengji Dan and Qingshen Dan …
These materials have been recorded in detail for refining Dan medicine, and Xia Qi needs to give 70% Dan medicine to the full material according to this surface.

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