See Bai Ouqing what to say, he then said, "If you really want to blame the big deal, we will die together, and it doesn’t matter whether I come or the dead will be wronged, miss."
"I don’t want to" Bai Ouqing also knew that Li Junhe said the truth and nodded and agreed.
This Yang Xiu is a sigh of relief. Although he can help them take it back if they really don’t leave then, it is certainly better to persuade them to go back.
When he was not comforted, he said, "After all, the two biological parents will not blame the elixir. In fact, it is not big. Then the white girl will beg for mercy, and this matter will be taken over at most, that is, a little punishment will be done. But don’t delay. You should hurry back and admit your mistake before they get angry. The longer you wait, the more anxious they will be."
"As the predecessors said"
Because these two people are practicing their skills, flying can’t last long. When Yang Xiu sold the leopard kite, the two little lovers sat together, and he and Bai Zhi flew on the imperial vessel. Because he held the leopard "controlling the jade brand", he was not afraid that the two men fled with the leopard kite.
"Slow down these two people." But just as he was about to leave, suddenly two figures flew from the horizon with a cold voice.
Yang Xiu feel two people surprised imposing manner eyebrows can’t help but pick unexpectedly is a knot Dan period friar a knot Dan early a knot Dan middle.
The two men look very similar, their eyes are grim, their facial muscles are more stiff than Bai Zhi’s, and their eyes are radiant with bright spirits and there is no yin chill, otherwise Yang Xiu thinks they are also necromancers.
At the same time, they noticed that they couldn’t see the depth of the white eyes, and they couldn’t help but show a doubt and shock. It was well concealed and fleeting.
Yang Xiu and Bai Zhi first blocked Bai Qing and Li Junhe behind them, and they secretly let out the lust caution for the first time. "You two are our Nanling monks who want you to take them away?"
In fact, he immediately guessed that this should be the monk sent by Bai Ouqing’s parents or family, but of course, Bai could not be allowed, otherwise the previous efforts would be white, and he believed that the other party would not dare to tell the truth face to face, otherwise the nature of this incident would be different. Once the defendant was arrested, it would really harm the family.
Sure enough, I heard the monk Dan, who was relatively thin, coldly say, "It doesn’t matter who we are, but I advise you to be well-advised and take the initiative to hand over those two people or don’t blame me for waiting."
Yang Xiu, of course, will not be intimidated, but will have some fun. "You don’t seem to know your situation yet."
Because the two men are relatively close to Yang Xiu, they also distribute the soft fingers around their bodies, and as soon as they finish, they will kill them with swift force
At the same time, Bai Zhi secretly motioned to Yang Xiu to take out the giant stick and also called the two men.
However, just when the other party in Yang Xiu will be twisted by the soft fingers, they will see that the soft fingers and the other party’s body just touch each other, and suddenly they will overflow a white tiger that seems to be virtual and unreal.
As the white tiger appeared in two people, an amulet suddenly turned to ashes in a dark light.
The white tiger, like a virtual illusion, is winding and swimming around two people, and its fingers are soft, so it can’t be close to each other any more.
However, with Bai Zhi’s giant stick hitting, there is a hurricane. Listening to "thunk" makes the illusory white tiger even dimmer, and it will dissipate at any time.
Where did the two men think of each other? A monk who built the period dared to take the initiative to start work with them, so he was careless and missed the opportunity.
Fortunately, they all brought a talisman that can automatically protect themselves. Otherwise, when they thought of this, they couldn’t help dying.
After the white tiger so a block in Bai Zhi second stick to hit before two people finally responded.
First, the protective light was released, followed by the monk holding a shield to block Bai Zhi’s second stick in the early days of Jiedan, and the other man holding a 19-ring broadsword in the shield, and the giant stick was about to split at Bai Zhi at the same time.
Although these two people don’t know what means to Yang Xiu, so that the protective talisman can protect the Lord, they also know that Yang Xiu needs to be prepared for the construction period, so they don’t make up their minds to solve Bai Zhi together first.
As two people think, Yang Xiu’s soft fingers failed to sneak attack, and then the shield of the other party shook and the soft fingers suddenly loosened, so that the two men could easily break free.
Seeing that the soft fingers around the fingers didn’t work wonders, there was a steady play.
Then he threw the "wind and fire hammer sacrifice" at the monk who took the shield and tied the Dan period, and secretly put the "blood tooth thorn" in his hand and waited for the opportunity to come to Yin again.
In the middle of the knot Dan, the monk’s nine-ring broadsword thundered to see Bai Zhi’s giant stick in his hand, and the "nine-ring broadsword" was actually shot out.
Mid-term monks see this indecision Bai Zhi arm strength at the same time, the corners of the mouth can not help but flash a sneer.
I saw a nine-ring sword in his hand flying out, and at the same time, nine rings on the back of the knife suddenly came to Bai Zhi’s whole body with the back of the knife.
Because things are not far apart and too sudden, Bai Zhi can’t come if he wants to leave.
This Nine Rings is also a magic weapon. The monk’s spell is put on the broadsword body. When fighting, it can often surprise people. I don’t know how many people have been deceived. He believes that Bai Zhi can’t escape it.
However, I saw that Bai Zhi gave a roar and shot nine rings, which turned out to be chasing regardless of waving Optimus Prime.
Brother Jiedan went to the middle stage.
"Is this man crazy? The friar in the middle of the knot Dan was puzzled when he knew that he saw the power of these nine rings, regardless of course.
Nine rings and buckles were "tinkling" in Bai Zhi’s body as scheduled, like a metal collision, and Bai Zhi was torn and tattered except for his white shirt, but there was no scar at all.
You know, the hardness of the corpse servant body is no less than a magic weapon, and of course you don’t care about these nine rings.
And the knot of Dan Xiu’s failure is of course a big shock, but when I see Bai Zhi’s giant stick coming again, I have to suppress my doubts and command the nine-ring broadsword to block it.
"Hum, die!" Seeing that the other party dares to block Bai Zhi, where will it be polite? The giant stick brought up a burst of wind and rain, and it frequently hit the nine-ring broadsword, but breathing the nine-ring broadsword suddenly gave a moan and was broken.
"In the later stage of" Jiedan ",I felt that Bai Zhi had an amazing momentum, and the other party was not white.
"Go" the other party also picked up and let people go. Seeing that Bai Zhi was ferocious and didn’t feel bad about the destruction of the magic weapon, he greeted his companions and planned to escape.
After all, a scholar in the late stage of knot Dan can’t be resisted in the middle stage of one or two knots Dan.
With Yang Xiuzhan, the friar at the beginning of the knot Dan was adept at shielding Yang Xiufeng’s hammer and offering a golden brick magic weapon to hit it quickly.
When BRICS came to Yang Xiu, it suddenly turned into a size like a mountain peak.
I can’t help but be amazed at the BRICS attack on Wai Yang. This is a joint attack of Bai Ouqing.

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