By the time it turned into a cloud of poisonous sand and fire, Aunt Yi Jing’s nephew had already driven the shuttle to penetrate the sand layer and escaped from the underground, but even if he was rescued, he escaped from the tunnel and went to Yingxian Island, but he was already tired and exhausted. However, it was not good to show it on the ground and secretly ate some Dan medicine secret method to forcibly suppress the injury.
A few people frowned when they heard it. Yan Ying Heng, though conceited, could rush through alone, but she was worried at the thought of taking these younger generations with her. Being alone and taking a group of people are two different things. Sometimes it’s really a hassle for her parents to help people in Emei take care of their younger generations. It’s rare that these two people can do it for so long, and she gets bored as soon as one thing is over.
At this time, Zhou Qingyun said, "Listen to Qi’s younger brother and Yi Daoyou say twice. This magical sand tunnel is more than a thousand miles long. Now that the enemy has made new preparations, it will be difficult for us to go in again. If there is no good way, I think it’s better to go back and wait for Brother Tian Song to come out and then ask what’s going on inside."
Qi Jinchan was annoyed at the sound of Song Chang Gung’s name, and said grumpily, "If you don’t learn from something, he will learn from the magic law in Ziyun Palace. Although it is severe, isn’t it the same loss that we have already passed twice?" How can we go back when the mission is not completed? The first time we went down the aisle, we were afraid that the road would be different from Aunt Lu’s, and we also entered along the serious road with the idea of giving priority to the enemy.
After layer after layer, we don’t know the secret of the array. We can deal with the enemy easily with random cameras. There are many obstacles, but we have also seen the wonderful magic weapons, especially the avoidance of mirrors. It is obvious that it took a lot of effort for someone to preside over the second entry. I think it is better to capture the defender first and ask a little secret. "
Qi Lingyun hesitated, "That’s so easy to catch people. Let’s just say that this sacred sand tunnel is nothing in the eyes of the two seniors, but I think we should go in two ways. We seniors will go in and explore the road, and the two seniors will help us learn and get exercise. You know, there are not many opportunities like this."
At this time, Yi Ding tugged at Yi Jing Lichen’s ugly face behind her and seemed to want to say something, but she was embarrassed to say that Yi Jing was one leng and asked, "What’s the matter with Ding Er?"
Yi Ding Trail "Aunt, we can take a dozen people in nine days and ten places. The place is spacious and can fly to the sky. It is necessary to take risks and break the array directly. Can’t we just go in with the magic weapon?" Well ….. when grandpa once said to fight, never delay and cause more trouble. "
Although he said it was small, everyone was naturally listening to Qi Lingyun’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled. Her idea was that a few people would go to the broken array to make trouble, and then leave room for Song Chang-geng’s negotiations when they delayed. In fact, she rationally should fight in her heart, but there seems to be a special idea that she can’t always do it according to the rational idea when she finally decides.
Ji Lingyun also knows that this strange idea is that his feelings for Song Changgeng are inexplicably weak, but they are tough. Theoretically, Song Changgeng has done so many things to destroy Emei’s luck and robbed many younger brothers and magic weapons, but she just can’t hate it. On the contrary, she still appreciates each other’s girls’ feelings. Somehow, she likes each other a little.
Chasing the clouds and others didn’t pay attention to JiLingYun’s little thoughts. After listening to Yi Ding’s words, he first twisted his beard and laughed. "Yes, yes, I’ve been waiting for someone else’s law to stand there. We’re going to break it. It’s too early to enter. With your magic weapon, we can go directly to Ziyun Palace and break the array." I’m really a little crazy. "
YanYing Heng beside light tunnel "this child is right. Things here should be done sooner rather than later. Now that we have this magic weapon, we can directly go in. Now it’s less than a month since Emei Mansion. There are too many things in Emei Mountain. You guys are all outstanding brothers in the pie. It’s easy for me to delay the little things here."
Volume 27 Ziyun Feast Chapter two hundred and sixty-one Meet the captain
Tickets, brothers, strongly call for monthly ticket recommended votes, and friends will vote at the end of the month, right? Keep it, too. Give it to me. Please, man.
Ji Lingyun saw that the two seniors said this, so there was a problem if he insisted on it again. He promised Yi Ding that everyone’s ugly face showed a heartfelt smile, but he was too ugly. This smile was even uglier than usual. Although everyone can’t judge a book by its cover, it is human nature to like beauty and hate ugliness. When they see Yi Ding, they all frown.
Yi Zhenlai is a young master with a high temper and a high mood. He is very unhappy to see everyone agree to his magic weapon. He can’t help but proudly take out his magic weapon and be impatient with Yi Ding. "Since the two predecessors said it was urgent, we shouldn’t waste our brother here. Don’t giggle. Take out your magic weapon and act together."
His words embarrassed Yi Ding, but since childhood, he was also used to being bossed around by Yi Zhen, and he was also unpreparedness to take out his part of the magic weapon. The two of them made sacrifices according to the magic weapon. Everyone saw that those small subway leaves in their hands were faintly white and pure, which was obviously not an ordinary treasure.
The white light will appear in front of people at a certain time, and a dozen-meter-long shuttle will shine off and catch up with the clouds. Masters like Yan Yingwei can vaguely see that the iron leaf has a dense magic circle, which is obviously different, and they can’t help sighing that it is easy to refine the treasure collar and the law to make them absolutely unable to refine such a magic weapon.
To know that a magic weapon is not only the innate factor such as material, but also the function of the magic weapon and the array method of depicting and arranging it inside are the most critical. With the delay of the years, the treasures of natural materials that have been bred for a long time have been gradually excavated by practitioners, making it more and more difficult to find good materials. Without good materials, it is more difficult to refine a magic weapon and fly a sword.
The simplest example is that thousands of years ago, it became a subduing demon, giving mankind a peaceful exhibition environment, collecting natural materials and refining a large number of magic weapons. Later, they were all sealed in golden boats, the most advanced magic weapons were intermediate magic weapons, but there was no magic weapon root, and in the golden basin it was extremely valuable.
However, in this era, natural materials and treasures are very rare. It is said that Wudang is now teaching half of the gods to make a good flying sword for each of several female brothers. It turned out that it took decades to borrow it from the West to become Taiyi Qingniu Jiujian. It is said that the material is still a senior magic weapon category, which shows the lack of materials nowadays.
Therefore, there are many materials in the sea like Yi Zhou, but they have refined a magic weapon. So the key point is the material processing procedure and the depicting method circle. For example, Zhuiyun and Yan Ying Heng have reached the fitting stage. People who see this magic weapon are ashamed to refine their treasures. I’m afraid it’s not as good as Yi Zhou. Fortunately, people have survived the robbery, but they haven’t gone through the robbery. Finally, they have a little comfort and are prone to shock. In front of everyone, they have bought and robbed themselves, which has always been Yi Ding’s manipulation of magic weapons.
Nine-day and ten-place monarch shuttles all the way to escape from Ziyun Palace. There is nothing to see outside the shuttle. It is soil. Everyone is a little bored. Xuejun Jiang is lively and can’t stand the boredom. Seeing Yi Zhenli driving nine-day and ten-place monarch shuttles and ugly Yi Ding is doing nothing.
He asked curiously, "Why are you so ugly? And your brother is so handsome. Aren’t you a father or a mother? How strange! Can you tell me? "
Poor Yi Ding has never been away from the Xuangui Temple since she was born. Although she is several decades old, she looks like a teenager, and her temperament is as pure as a child. She has never seen a beautiful woman talking to herself. When she saw her before her mother, she was bored. Her aunt could talk to herself, but she only saw her once in a few years. It would be silly for a beautiful girl like Xuejun Jiang to talk to him.
See his pants suppress belly can’t say anything Yi Jing beside chimed in, "They are really brothers Ding Er, who is sixty-three years old and younger, and Ding Er, who is twelve years old, still complains about my brother’s appearance. My brother was killed by the devil’s enemies before my father soared, so he was delayed and failed to soar."
Later, after my brother’s metempsychosis, my little aunt asked her son to recover her skills as soon as possible. She even took the risk of letting her brother swallow a thousand-year-old animal without telling her father. My brother couldn’t refine it. At that time, Dinger was ugly and grew slowly, although he was gifted, but my father said that he was endowed with profound talents and his future achievements were expected to be immortal. "
Everyone can’t help but forget the troubles of flying when listening to Yi Jing’s secret story about their family. Yi Ding is very happy to hear her aunt praise her future achievements, but she knows that hey hey giggle and Yi Zhen heard from her grandfather and grandmother at home that her innate talent and achievements in the afterlife are not as terrible as her brother’s jealousy.
Just then, Yi Zhen has now reached the bottom of the sea, and for nine days and ten days, the demon shuttle walked in the soil without a trace. Although they walked in the soil, they couldn’t see all the way in appearance. When Yi Zhen was unhappy, he finally met Ziyun Palace at the bottom of the sea.
Yi Zhen is also a child’s mind. Just now, I had to show off my mind in front of everyone. When I heard everyone talking about myself, I suddenly hated it. These people not only lost their performance in front of everyone, but also were annoyed. These people chased Yun Sou and Yan Ying Heng naturally saw his expression in their eyes, but they didn’t say anything because they were white. What they should do at their height was a package. After all, they all came from childhood like others. Young people still know their mind.
Everyone went out for nine days and ten places, only to find that it was a square, which was more than 300 meters in Fiona Fang. Everyone was wondering what was so big a square. Looking back, I saw a circular arch with a height of more than five meters standing in the back door, which was obviously the submarine exit of Shensha Tunnel, and this square was the first place where the exit faced the ground.
Nine people are guessing what this square is doing. For safety’s sake, it has been done to release the cloud cover. Suddenly, when the jade shop was laid on the ground in the square, there was a sandstorm. The five-color god sand appeared from all directions, and everyone was surprised. How could such a place not set up the last law? It’s Yi Zhen’s inexperience that brought everyone to a dangerous place.
Everyone was about to re-enter the nine-day, ten-year-old monarch’s shuttle, and suddenly I felt the whole body pressure greatly increased. It’s okay to chase the clouds and Yan Ying. It’s okay to have a little exercise. Qi Lingyun and Xuejun Jiang can barely release a magic weapon to resist, but Yi Jing and her two nephews, Zhou Qingyun and Ji Jinchan, were injured and unable to move because they didn’t have a chance to take a magic weapon.
Chasing Yunsao was just about to save a few little guys, but he saw that suddenly there was a bright glow in front of him. Obviously, the appearance of the battle has moved. Chasing Yunsao knew that he was powerful. When the law was not very powerful, he had released his innate sword and rushed into the innate sword in Jinxia. After all, the sand barrier was so extraordinary that he could not squeeze himself.
Chasing clouds and swords everywhere, the five-color gods are turned into thousands of golden clouds, but they are like colorful waves. The five-color aperture is on and off, and the chasing clouds and the other people are rushing around in the golden clouds and sand waves. Except for seeing each other’s swords, the four sides are layers of colorful clouds and shining eyes. Where can you see other people?
Seeing that this law is so good at chasing clouds, I can’t help sighing that several people in Ziyun Palace have brought it, but he hasn’t been intimidated by this law to transport Xuangong’s innate swordsmanship to Guanghua, which is the most intensified into a golden rainbow, with dozens of feet of golden awns and flying dragons, and a whirl of dancing has indeed had an effect. It doesn’t take a moment to hear the sand god Sha Guangxia gradually becoming scarce.
Several other people also saw the strong sword light chasing the clouds, and they all tried their best to urge their magic weapon to fly the sword, waiting for him and Yan Ying to rescue Qi Jinchan. When the pressure was light, they barely sacrificed the flying sword. Because it was a second time, they knew that Jin Xia was a tangible sand barrier, and they didn’t pay much attention to it. Who knows, just barely rushed into the sword light for a few meters, and Jin Xia squeezed it when it was a little slow.
It seems that there is nothing in the five-color Guanghua, but it hurts to the bone next to it, and the pressure is so great that he can’t breathe. He is so hard for others. Qi Jinchan is slightly injured. When he sees something bad, he takes out the mirror and takes photos with the sword light to protect his body. Although he is not hurt, he knows in his heart that this array is much more powerful.
He is also a white enemy who has arranged the law and secretly transported it. Now, seeing that all around Jin Xia rushes to layers of colorful waves where several people pass like crazy waves, it is not the first time that he passed by and was struggling to resist. Suddenly, when he was under pressure, he saw the clouds chasing after a golden light and appeared in front of him.
After everyone meets each other, they are amazed at the law here. Before that, some people who look down on Ziyun Palace have also converged their arrogance and know that the so-called name is worthy of the name. Since Ziyun Palace has been famous for hundreds of years, it naturally has its own unique place. If you rely on them to debut for more than ten years, you can break people’s defense. That is a joke.
We just got together, but we haven’t waited for greetings. We laughed with a hint of hatred. Everyone’s eyes were dark, and all the light faded away. Now there are many characters not far away, including men and women. Some people they know are Song Changgeng, a person from Qingcheng School.
Volume 27 Ziyun Feast Chapter two hundred and sixty-two A shoulder to shoulder
It’s a little embarrassing to see Song Changgeng appear. After all, she once said that genius comes to break the array, but now she doesn’t keep her word. At the same time, because she lost her face in front of the people she likes, she gave birth to a hatred for the people who are chasing clouds. When she saw Song Changgeng and Qin’s sisters, Shuangying, Xu Feiniang, Shisheng and the little girl together, she guessed that he might have saved Shisheng’s mother.
Her idea is right. Next to Shisheng, Liu Bo originally went in to discuss with six people in Ziyun Palace. It didn’t take long before she got the result. When Erfeng and his wife went out to have a look, it was a girl who had never seen before. Although I didn’t know her, I knew that her sword light was decent. I had it with people in Emei.

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