Suddenly, a bunch of fists with different sizes and colors "arrived" from its mouth, with a total of not one thousand pieces, but also more than six levels and five levels of Warcraft nuclear weapons.
After all this, mobster took a humanized look at the two-headed magic wolf with a sneer, and then jumped to Yang Slim to please him.
The double-headed silver wolf looked at it, but he was not to be outdone. He also spit out a bag from its mouth and skillfully knocked it out of a pile of magic nuclei with his wolf claws. Although there were no mobs, there were more than 400 pieces, and three of them were even more than seven demon crystals of Warcraft.
After pouring out the magic crystal, the double-headed silver wolf also tilted a little strange, and then used a floating technique to send the magic core to Yang Xiu, looking very valuable
"Well, you both did a good job this time, and each of you was rewarded with an extra bottle of Dan medicine." Yang Xiu understood the meaning when he saw the two animals, first verbally praised them and then took out four bottles of Dan medicine, one animal and two bottles from Gankun.
Two beasts get Dan medicine eyes suddenly a bright and no longer play with Yang Xiu.
See Xiaopi directly throw the bottle and medicine into his big mouth, while the two-headed silver wolf pours out two big pills with his fingers and one at the end.
Yang Xiu smiled and shook his head. With a wave of his hand, he immediately put them all in the hands of Gan Kun. The "fairyland" Lingchi Mountain let them refine the efficacy of Dan medicine in this aura-rich and dense place.
Because of refining the advanced Dan medicine "Aoki Dan", he has been groping for an alchemy for years to slowly sum up his experience.
After continuous refining failure to refining success, from low-level cultivation of Yuan Dan Zeng Ling Dan to intermediate-level dragon and tiger Dan Yi Dan, and finally to the present advanced purple Xia Dan Huang Longdan, Yang Xiu finally mastered the alchemy method step by step and refined less advanced Dan medicine. Now he is handy.
In this decade, he was promoted from an alchemist to a senior alchemist. In addition to the classics of alchemy principles and alchemy experience, he also owes a lot to Gan Kun’s variety of hand medicines, which allowed him to squander other principles and practice opportunities. He will never reach his present state.
Because the alchemy must be gradually refined from the low-level Dan medicine, and these Dan medicine bases have been and he is now injured, and this kind of expansion channels can not increase the aura Dan medicine
Therefore, he gave all these refined elixirs to the mobs and the cloud-and-fog-controlled soul beasts to increase their repair.
Let he didn’t think that it was the two beasts who repaired and increased after taking Dan medicine, which was very fast.
In particular, the cloud-and-fog spirit-controlling beast has been parasitized by many monks in the Dan-knot period, and has a solid foundation. After many years of solid cultivation of Yuan Dan medicine, it has risen to the early stage of Dan-knot in one fell swoop.
It can parasitize and control parasites to fight.
It’s no longer like before. Once parasitized, it’s like being dead. Yang Xiu has to take care of it.
Only the two-headed silver wolf is actually a cloud-controlled soul beast parasitic in it.
Just a few years ago, Yang Xiu saw that mobs and fog-controlled soul beasts had the ability to protect themselves, so they were no longer confined to Gan Kun’s hands and let them move in the nearby forest of Warcraft.
Don’t want to now also let him now mobster a special place.
Before, he knew that Xiaopi could eat well, but he had been thinking about Xiaopi in the monk’s mind. He felt that it was not a good habit to eat gluttonously. Adding Xiaopi to eat was because he had worked hard to catch Gankun’s hand spirit beast and transplant it into the elixir, so he restrained his appetite.
I didn’t expect to really see the importance of each other’s food intake and "eating" to it as soon as it was released this time
On the first day when he was released, the monster swallowed nearly a hundred low-order Warcraft and its belly was not big enough, which scared Yang Xiu to arrest him the next day to see if it was bad … Surprisingly, the monster swallowed hundreds of Warcraft and stayed for half a month as a thug. According to the second photo, he was promoted from the initial stage of the foundation to the middle stage of the foundation.
Although mobster had reached the bottleneck of the initial stage of the foundation at that time, Yang Xiu observed that if the other party wanted to be promoted to the middle stage of the foundation, it would have to wait ten years at least. I didn’t think that it would be shortened by swallowing Warcraft for a hundred years, which surprised him and made him secretly happy.
Xiaopi is his spirit beast, and he is certainly the first to be happy that the other side can advance quickly!
Since then, he has not restrained the other party and released it. He has been secretly observing it for a while.
He’s a little weird now. Besides, Kun doesn’t blame him for eating everything.
Moreover, its digestive ability is terrible, whether it is reinforced stone or bark weed, it can be digested after eating it, and nothing has happened to it. Instead, everything it eats is transformed into its own aura.
Not only that, in the following years, it was promoted from the middle period of the foundation to the late period of the foundation, and its cultivation degree and cultivation method made Yang Xiu envy it greatly
Seeing this, Yang Xiu left it alone. Instead, he let it go out with the cloud-controlling spirit beast to search for the magic core for him.
Of course, take care of their emotions and compensate them for the loss caused by less absorption of the aura in these magic cores. He will take pills in exchange for the other party’s laziness or self-enrichment!
The reiki in these magic cores is mostly a single five-element force, such as earth element force, fire element force and so on. It’s ok to refine some special elixirs and charms. If it comes to absorbing reiki, it’s far less convenient than lingshi.
Therefore, he collected some of these magic cores to make an alchemy, collected some good ones, and exchanged the rest for gold coins in exchange for other things.
Go straight into the Dan practice room
Seeing that there are fifty square meters inside, there is a tripod with three legs, which is exactly what Yang Xiu got in the fairy house that day and came after his refining.
I didn’t expect this tripod to be really extraordinary. Not only did it have a remarkable effect of gathering fire and fixing heat, but the rate of alchemy was also good, which greatly made up for the lack of experience in alchemy in Yang Xiu before.
He didn’t rush to an alchemist, but took out a "Ningxin futon" and crossed his legs beside the furnace to recharge his batteries.
Yang Xiu this sit is a day and a night feel mental and physical strength are in the best condition after this just open your eyes.
When the palm of your hand is turned over, you take out an ancient scroll and slowly turn to a page, which is where you remember the refining method of Aoki Dan.
Although "Aoki Dan refining program" he has already remembered it, he still watched it again from beginning to end with a calm heart, and then compared with the materials mentioned in the face, he took it out from Gankun and filled it all around him.
With the materials, it is necessary to compare the weight of various materials. This can’t be sloppy at all, otherwise it is very likely that the efficacy of the finally refined Dan medicine will change greatly or it will not become Dan directly.
Cooperate with the gods to distribute all kinds of materials, and then put the excess medicinal materials back into Gan Kun’s hands.
To do all this well, Yang Xiu can’t help but exhale polluted air. With the materials, the proportion of various materials will be adjusted. In fact, half of the alchemy has been completed, and the other half is to control the temperature and grasp the refining of various medicinal materials.
Then he took out nine magic cores and put them into the tripod furnace array one by one.
These nine magic cores are all five pure fire attributes, and this array is to gather fire and control the heat.
Because there is no lung fire or any other natural high-temperature flame found here, he can’t stand it if he has been tempered by other fire. Therefore, this kind of pure fire property magic core produces flame through array method to make an alchemy.
After the nine magic nuclei are embedded in the array law, Yang Xiu hits the Tao tactic in the array law. When the array law is lit, a thick purple flame of the arm suddenly appears and burns evenly in the tripod furnace.
Because the tripod hasn’t been put in the raw materials, he didn’t control the fire very well. When he preheated the incense for a while, he suddenly pointed to the tripod cover and flew up to reveal the tripod mouth.
With a wave of his sleeve, a white jade bottle appeared in the cauldron and poured a good amount of stalactite into the cauldron.
Yang Xiu suddenly increased the fire when he saw that the breast of Wannianzhong in the tripod furnace became stagnant and steamed.
And at the same time, it controls a small bottle to fly to the tripod head, pours the spring water of the wooden element in the bottle into it, and then immediately takes out another wooden box and continues to repeat the same.
Fighter, first of all, I can’t sleep these two days, but I can’t sleep in bed and have no spirit to do things. Penguins are afraid of being scolded these two days. I want to join the West Devil, which may be really a tragedy! ! )
Chapter three hundred and thirty Aoki Dan (in)
Fairy wild Chapter three hundred and three Aoki Dan (in)
The field repairer squints and cooks his knees, sitting beside the Dan furnace, controlling the array to spread the fire.
Now all the medicinal materials have been put into the tripod furnace according to the steps, and the temperature needs to be controlled and refined slowly.
However, he didn’t let his guard down because of this, and his fear of fire was also the key to the success of an alchemist. He didn’t want his carelessness to lead to the final failure.
As time goes by, the magic core in the array has been replaced by nine cauldrons, and the fragrance of medicine has gradually spread out, which makes people feel refreshed.
However, Yang Xiu knew that it was still early to become Dan at this time, and it was necessary to refine it with medium fire. When I was a child, I removed the impurities from the medicinal materials and re-fused them with each other, and then made instantaneous coagulation with urgent fire. Just now, Dan pills could be formed.
However, after a day and a night, Yang Song suddenly moved and heard a sound coming from outside the courtyard.

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