A few people looked at him as if they were going to see through the general manager …
Finally, Gu Jingke got up gracefully and "thanked the general manager for cooperating with our police in handling the case"
"There’s nothing to go." The general manager gave an impatient hand as if he were driving away. Wei Xiaoguang was a little angry and glared at him, and Li stayed away from the box.
Mu Ming and Gu Jingke followed closely and watched the four of them walk out of the room. The general manager said coldly, "It’s really unlucky to talk about work, but the police actually messed it up. Where did Li Re-mei go?"
Li Re-mei … I really shouldn’t have provoked her. Look at it now, there are police looking for the door!
Muming took a sip of his mouth and glanced at the back. "This person should be missing with Li Re-mei."
"Well" Gu Jingke took a few steps towards the front and Li Yuan two people instantly not calm and asked "Gu police officer and ghost elder sister what are you so sure about him and the case? Isn’t he just pretending? "
Wei Xiaoguang was also ignorant. He looked at Gu Jingke and Mu Ming and opened his mouth. He also asked, "I have the same problem with Li Yuan. Can you tell us?"
"It is good for you to study hard." Gu Jingke chuckled and looked back. Four people went out of the hotel car and went directly to Cheng Man’s floor. At the moment, it was already dark, and it was about late, and the building seemed strangely quiet.
If the ordinary floor should have lights in the windows, this building is quiet and dead!
"Are we going too?" Li Yuan gently asked, sitting in the passenger seat, he was a little uneasy. Looking at this building, he didn’t like it surprisingly. It was like being naturally sensitive.
"Don’t come here to do? Senior, you are not as smart as me. "Wei Xiaoguang took the lead in the car and took a few steps toward the outside." Officer Gu, what are we going to do now? "
"Go" four people walk the stairs by moonlight without a hand tube, perhaps because no one lives in this building and the ladder is broken, which makes people look strange and seeping, so as to avoid being trapped in the ladder and choose the stairs.
The silent corridor is full of gloomy and quiet footsteps …
Wei Xiaoguang rubbed his arms and looked at the corridor and swallowed saliva and asked, "Officer Gu, do you see the way? Do you want to hand tube … "
"shh!" Li Yuan jerked him down and said, "Shut up and don’t talk. Just walk behind!"
Wei Xiaoguang rolled his eyes and didn’t say anything. He still admired Li Yuan. After all, no one dared to go undercover with the police. But this man went and came back safely. How can people not admire him?
Li Yuan didn’t stare at him again when he saw that he was so obedient. He gently snorted and followed Mu Ming and Gu Jingke.
Muming asked Cheng Man several rooms in advance, and now the goal is that several people in that room are fast. The third room on the left of the fifth floor is where Cheng Man and others are, and the room not far from Cheng Man is where Li Re-shi lives …
I went over and sent a text message to Cheng Man, and the door was hit in an instant. Mu Ming and four people went in and said to Cheng Man and others, "What’s the movement?"
Cheng Man just came here to monitor Li Re-shi, which is so obvious that people can see it without saying it.
"I didn’t leave the house until I found her roots." Cheng Man shook his head and said, "They said it was haunted, but we haven’t moved for so long. Could it be because the ghost didn’t know we were coming?"
"Since we are ghosts, how can we not know what we are doing?" Mu Ming faintly asked, "Look at the scenery outside the window." We will wait here well and won’t let us down. Don’t worry. "
Cheng Man sighed and didn’t seem very hopeful. "I hope so. Have you heard from that general manager just now?"
"That person has nothing to do with this case, but that person is Li Re-mei, who also pursued her, but as he said, the general manager left after he didn’t pursue her, and it was a gentleman without much entanglement."
Cheng Man elbows crossed light way "jun …"
After several people finished speaking, they didn’t come out again, but it didn’t take long for someone to debut. "How long do you think we have to wait?"
This question was asked by Chen Jun to Cheng Man. When he heard it, he immediately stared at him and said, "If you don’t want to stay here, go to Chen Jun. Don’t blame me for not telling you, so don’t come back!"
Cheng Man lifted the lift and motioned for his decisiveness.
Chen Jun hurriedly waved his hand and said, "Cheng Team, you are wrong. How can I want to go?" Isn’t it okay if he stays here and doesn’t talk? What a shame …
Wei Xiaoguang went to Chen Jun and patted him on the shoulder. "Do you want to be cold, senior?"
Chen Jun turned a little red and warned, "What are you talking about? Wei Xiaoguang, are you begging for a fight!"
Just when a group of people didn’t pay enough attention, there was a light sound … The people in the room froze instantly. Cheng Man held out his hand and blocked his lip corner. "Don’t say that I seem to hear the sound!"
Several people held their breath and listened carefully, but the sound actually disappeared like an illusion!
No matter how you listen to it, Cheng Man frowned and scratched his hair. "Did I hear wrong?"
"You didn’t hear me wrong, we all heard it." Mu Ming shrank his eyes and said seriously, "There you go again!"
Cheng Man listened carefully, and it turned out to be a light ring again, just like a woman walking in high heels and being far away in her ear. Cheng Man said coldly, "Chen Jun is in the building. You, Wei Xiaoguang and Li Yuan should go and have a look!"
Chen Jun three people immediately brought life to beat their own door and went out, but Li Ruoshi’s room was quiet and there was no sign of anyone coming out. Cheng Man looked at the door for a long time and suddenly turned around and said, "Isn’t this related to Li Ruoshi?"

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