"Miss Pan’s opinion is really unique. I wonder if it is more important for those who have been pulled out of your life to live in front of you as you said?"
Punishment is really like looking at Fei Yi girl and not wanting to let her go of the slightest reaction change.
He needs answers now so that she can avoid them.
He knows that there is such a person who occupies a great position in Pan Hui’s heart, but he still wants to try whether a person can erase the attachment in that person’s heart if he gets along with another person day and night.
Even if the law is erased, can it change the position of her heart memory bit by bit to make the person living in front of her more important!
More important than …
Pan Hui’s eyes suddenly contracted at the moment, and his face sank a little.
She can now be sure that there must be someone in Xuan who is really connected with punishment, otherwise how could he know that he is very alienated from others in Changxuan?
Yes, she deliberately alienated everyone after the elder brother left. She really valued the person who had turned away more than the person who was still with her.
But! These other punishments are really there! Why should he interfere in her life in Changxuan!
When Pan Hui mouth tone is very impolite "punishment and you know Pan Hui how much? Pan Hui is in Changxuan, whether the people around you get along well and you do it! You are not too lenient! "
Punishment is really like one leng and a long time without returning to absolute being. It is not white that their dialogue will be so different.
Chapter 25 Bilingquan Edge (2)
Punishment is really like one leng and a long time without returning to absolute being. It is not white that their dialogue will be so different.
Wait, she’ll be talking about Chang Xuan’s affairs without considering the relationship between men and women. Maybe …
Pan Huigen has never had an affair with anyone.
That’s not … That person is also the most important senior in her heart, that’s all!
Punishment is really like thinking in the heart, and suddenly I laughed again. Looking at Pan Hui’s eyes is already relaxed.
At present, the woman has never entrusted her girlish friendship to others. Does that mean that he can expect to make her understand her mind one day and get her response? This discovery makes the punishment really like a mood and becomes very happy.
Pan Hui saw him laughing. She couldn’t help but show her eyebrows. Her face sank deeper in a few minutes. What remains to be said? The other party has reached out and held her right hand in the palm of her hand, pulling her to the spring.
Pan Hui broke away from her face and was angry and cold. "Please respect yourself!"
Punishment is true, but smiling without a word still pulls her to continue walking.
Pan Hui suddenly gas knot left little true qi has been running in the body and flowing to the left hand to raise my hand is a palm, only to be caught by the other side firmly.
Turn around and turn around. The punishment is really like a faint smile. His eyes are as black as ink. He catches Pan Hui’s palm, but his fingers are clasped together. He also transports the achievement method to resolve the problem of the other party’s palm strength.
Two people so deadlocked about a wick sweet Pan Hui first defeat.
Now her true qi is still Rong’s, and it won’t be long before she tries to force the other party to let go, but she never thought that the punishment would actually compete with her true qi, and she was undoubtedly defeated.
After losing Pan Hui, she has no strength to make peace with the punishment. She is panting and pale, and her forehead is full of sweat. If her hands are not held by each other, she is afraid that she will be unstable at the moment.
It’s the man across the street. She’s so close that she has to hold on to keep herself from falling on him.
At last, the long aquamarine lamp flashed for a moment, then dissipated and formed an ice blue ghost flame, and quickly fled to a stone bowl not far away to avoid hurting Gu.
Punishment is really like discovering Pan Hui’s abnormality, and immediately releasing her hands when Fei Yi’s clothes girl wobbled and was about to fall, she tasikmalaya picked her up and walked to the nearest plum tree.
Fei garment woman moved again, but let the other party hold herself tighter for a few minutes when she had to give up her struggle.
Punishment is really like carefully putting the woman in your arms on a tree and letting her sit on it. Only then did you grab her right hand and prepare for the pulse.
Pan Hui pulled his right hand away when his finger just put his wrist, and hid his hands behind his back to avoid each other’s eyes.
Of course, she knows that she is used to letting her not expose her weaknesses to others for ten years. Even her classmates and siblings have Rong, who is accepted by her. Although this man made her aware of her harm, she still can’t rest assured that the other party knows her current situation.
Punishment is really like fingers still staying where they are. Looking at Pan Hui’s avoidance, he can’t help but sigh and say, "We have sinned."
Two fingers directly took Pan Hui’s carotid artery.
When you shake Pan Hui, you want to hide, only to find that your body has been held down by the other party and you can’t move.
Her heart is not panic.
It’s the first time that she has faced the situation clearly since she was a child. Even though she can feel that this person won’t hurt her, she is still consciously nervous.
She is really not used to giving her life to others, especially the most vulnerable place, the neck.
A long time’s punishment is really like silently withdrawing your hand and smiling at the corners of your mouth. Instead, it is an undisguised worry.
He never dreamed that Pan Hui’s injury was even heavier than his. It seems that the damage caused by The Hunger is really measurable. Her meridians are like a person living in the city at the moment, and it is desolate.
Pan Hui moved her body uncomfortably to make herself sit a little farther away from the punishment, and finally her anxiety subsided a little.
The punishment really looked at her deeply and sighed, "What should I do with you?"
"…" Pan Hui lift eyes face is full of don’t hide consternation even just raised vigilance because of his sudden this sentence and inexplicably dissipated.
For a moment, she fell into a slightly familiar arms, and even the resistance was forgotten in an instant.
Just think of it as relaxing once in a while, and this kind of feeling that can be relied on has not been experienced for a long time, so she feels a little nostalgic.
She stayed quietly in this man’s arms, quietly listening to the strong heartbeat from his chest and feeling the efforts to encircle her arms. There was confusion in her eyes.
This person has never met before, but he knows his own preferences. Even if someone in Changxuan has delivered a message, it is absolutely impossible to know whether the butterfly is just because of a Hosta.
If you can guess her preferences just by a hairpin, then this person is deeply concerned about her. Does he have a purpose? Yes, she did, or did she go to Changxuan?
Pan Hui felt a headache.
What bothers her most at ordinary times is to guess other people’s thoughts, otherwise she won’t stay in seclusion for so many years. It’s really a clue to ask her to guess a person’s thoughts now.
Trouble …
It happen that she has always been a person who is afraid of trouble.
"Punishment and I have a long porch. You have always been like fire and water in the Fire Palace. You always make me feel that you are not too abrupt. What are you trying to do? Please let us know. "
Since you don’t want to try to guess, just ask. Anyway, she is afraid of trouble.
Although he was asked by the hostages, the punishment was really like a happy cause in his heart-Pan Hui finally saw that he was well.
It seems that she is not really ignorant.
"I want to stay with you" is a happy mouth, but it is still a deep tone that makes people unable to recognize emotions.
Pan Hui has recovered a little at this time, so she stretched out her hand and sat up straight away from the other person’s body. "Thank you for taking care of me. Although you and I are both cultivating immortals, Pan Hui doesn’t know that those actions have made you feel that I am a casual person, and this kind of child’s play, whether for you or for me, we are only a few people who have just spoken and never said that Pan Hui has never heard of it."
Then he held the trunk and got up. His head was still a little groggy and his body couldn’t help shaking.
Punishment really like hurriedly got up and gave a hand to wait for each other’s stability before letting go and taking a few steps back.
"Some words are really abrupt, but the girl doesn’t want to believe in punishment once?" The punishment is really as gentle and mellow as the sound, with a little sincerity, "I want to accompany you to protect you so that you can safely give me your back."
Chapter 26 Bilingquan Edge (3)
"I want to accompany you to protect you so that you can safely give me your back."
Give your back to others with peace of mind?
Pan Hui has not had such an experience for a long time.

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