Xiang Wen stayed in bed all night. Earlier, the wolf was still in a coma. He was able to call the police station.
He got up from his chair and walked out of the ward door.
When I came back after buying breakfast, I found that the hospital bed was empty again!
Xiang Wen went to the toilet and found that no one called the nurse. The nurse said that the wolf guy had left the hospital!
How can this man be so fond of running around here and there? Last night, he was not allowed to be scared to death!
Xiang Wen took breakfast and called a taxi. It didn’t take long to get home. When he got home, he found the wolf sitting in bed and seeing him come in seemed a little sudden. He smashed his mouth and asked, "Are you back?"
"…" Don’t come back and die outside? “
The wolf squinted at Wen Tu and held out his hand and hugged his waist. "I still want you to never come back. I also want you to drive me out and never want me again if you have a girlfriend."
To Wen Xin one leng tie will palm on his back "I said you don’t want to so much, ok? “
The wolf wouldn’t listen and still wouldn’t give up until Xiangwen said directly, "This is my home. How can I not come back? Besides, I don’t have a girlfriend. You can move out until I have a girlfriend, but I don’t think this generation will find a girlfriend."
Girlfriend, is that possible?
Besides, it is not a simple matter to find a girlfriend in this profession. Even if he wants to find it, it is impossible to find the fate as soon as he finds it. No one can say that he does not have the good luck of Cheng Team and Li Yuan.
You can take your time. He’s still single with someone anyway.
Such a thought bends the corners of the mouth, and at this moment, the wolf is a little reluctant to sip his lips and looks up. You don’t have a girlfriend? Who was that woman that time? "
"…" Have a woman?
Xiang Wen thought about it carefully and said lightly, "You mean that woman who met me on the road was just asking for directions. She just came from other places and asked me a few words. What’s wrong?"
"That’s good, that’s good …" The wolf muttered and finally let go. "Xiangwen, where did you go yesterday?"
"I came back to see that you weren’t at home, so I went to see you. After all, there was no umbrella at home. You should have gone out without an umbrella. I finally guessed that you really didn’t take an umbrella."
The wolf pursed his lips and turned out to be right.
He went to find him, and he went to find him. They were so perfect and wrong.
Xiangwen slightly tugged at the corner of his mouth and smiled faintly. "Don’t run around after you go out, and remember to give me a call or I will worry about you for a few days."
The tone is full of this, but the wolf’s heart is full of sweetness. What does it feel like?
It’s better to be pampered than anything else.
"Xiangwen, do you want a girlfriend?" The wolf looked up at him. "If you want us to find one in a few days, we should take a good look at those women. If we can’t find you, we don’t want a girlfriend."
Xiang Wen seems to be thinking about this problem, and finally nods, "Then just find one for you and we’ll find it together."
The next day Xiang Wen and the wolf went to the police station to report their arrival and then left the police station.
The two men walked around the park without a beautiful woman and finally went to the square to sit, only to find that many people took pictures of them, but there were still no women and no beautiful women near the end. The wolf felt that it was not a way to go in this way and sit separately in a white shirt.
Not long after, someone came up and accosted two women who looked youthful. At first glance, they knew that they had just gone to college. "Are handsome guys interested in making friends?"
Xiang Wen sat at the other end and looked at the girl talking to the wolf. I don’t know how I felt. I couldn’t wait to give the wolf a car before. Anyway, he didn’t like it very much and couldn’t say what he didn’t like.
The heart is screaming!
"Can I ask a question?" The wolf smiled and said, "Do you have boyfriends? I mean, do you two have boyfriends?"
The two girls were stunned as if they thought of something and cursed "pervert!"
This man is not too greedy to ask two boyfriends. It’s really disgusting!
The wolf pointed at himself, "What do you mean I’m a pervert? I’m just asking if you have a boyfriend. After all, my friend and I don’t have a girlfriend. If possible, we can try each other, don’t we?"
The two girls seem to be a little surprised. Finally, they moved their lips. I didn’t expect that this man was not himself, but asked his friend. So what they said just now was really misleading. Damn it!
Shame on you

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