Gentle and curious, he turned to look at him with a puzzled look.
He gave her a smile.
Later, when she returned to her room, she took off her present and changed into pajamas, and then looked at it and hung it up by her and smiled.
It’s a meaningful night. Some dreams are unreal, but they are fresh in my memory.
My heart will still move when he said it was almost love at first sight.
She doesn’t even know when she gave him that message.
The cupboard then leaned against the cold hard board and sighed thoughtfully.
After all, no matter how beautiful the night is, they are still before this moment.
She doesn’t know what it was like before others.
I heard that some of them are old and dead.
I heard that some people associate like friends.
I also heard that some people have been entangled.
Later, she thought that because of the children, they should be dating like old acquaintances, and that should be all.
Suddenly her lips hurt, and she remembered the long kiss.
If it’s just an old acquaintance …
She can’t predict the future, but she is confused by this night.
Teng Yun is lying in bed thinking about what happened from morning till night today, but he can’t sleep. Obviously, he wants to be more calm, so he quietly thinks about occasionally hooking his lips and occasionally frowning his eyebrows, but there is no exaggerated expression.
Both of them will sigh over and over, and then go out gently. She is afraid of disturbing the little guy’s sleep.
Teng Yun got up when he heard the sound change, but suddenly he thought of signing the divorce agreement.
It is recommended that the ending articles "The Giants Take a New Wife by Flash Marriage" and "Stealing a Cute Baby" are both sadistic and happy endings.
☆, 12 suspicious
Gently and quietly, I sat on the sofa and poured myself some red wine, so I leaned over and looked at the polished white desktop.
The dim light was accompanied by a very low air pressure, but she sat there quietly
The phone flashed twice, and she didn’t see that Yunjian sent her a message.
Yun Jian left in a hurry.
However, the people in the suite have their own worries.
After two or three days, the three of them went on shopping as if nothing had happened until that night, and she was satisfied and told him that she would return to the city tomorrow.
Teng Yungang came out of the shower, wiped her hair and walked over, sitting on the sofa with her and watching her calmly. Have you had enough?
"Well, I’ve been everywhere."
"Then go back. I’ll call someone to book a plane ticket," he said.
Nod gently, then I’ll go to bed first. Good night.
"Wait," he stopped her again.
Look up at him gently. What’s the matter?
"After returning to the city, I have to sit for a while again."
As if involuntarily gentle shock looked at him but didn’t speak.
He said it was true. Once he got back to the city, he would definitely go about his own business.
"You gave me your wedding ring back the other day," he suddenly said.
The two men in the dark living room were talking about it instead of quarreling.
She listened quietly with her eyes hanging gently. She didn’t expect him to talk about it. She kept them like this. Everything in the past, even yesterday, will never start again today or one day in the future.
"I had a hunch at the time, but gentleness. Is it really necessary for you to be so clear?" He asked the eyebrows slightly twisted.
"Can you not know my temper?" Gently lifted her eyes and looked at him. In his sad eyes, she actually sighed and then buried herself in her chest.
"I want you to be clear with people, but with me … except for those years when we worked together, we just said that we have been married in recent years …" He looked at her and looked at her as if she didn’t even want to lift her eyes. He actually choked.
She is too difficult for him, but she doesn’t know
"Why don’t I agree to divorce without asking?" he asked
This time, gentle eyes didn’t avoid him again.
It was through breathing that the surrounding gas spread in her ears, and she still looked at him so calmly.
"I can guess," finally said in a low voice
She raised her glass and drank the red wine in it.
Depression will collapse.

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