The army of Sida Luoda left in the camp of Inca Mountain is still intact, and nothing unusual can be seen from far away.
Sida Locke led thousands of soldiers to gallop and saw that the camp was still at ease.
However, I didn’t expect that he had just stopped with soldiers to shoot countless laser guns in all directions.
Sida LuoDaJun immediately make a mess at that time the number of casualties.
Cedaro roared, "Get out of Manido’s old thief!"
He thought that Manido must have come because he never dreamed that the Incas could do this again.
A force wave suddenly came from behind him.
Sida Locke felt the energy fluctuation behind him, and he suddenly swung a punch and a powerful force wave spewed out of his fist, directly smashing the force wave that attacked him.
The attacker was Mo Bosong.
Mo Baisong couldn’t remember his offensive at all. Knowing that the gap between the enemy and the enemy was too big, he turned around and left as planned.
Sida Locke also thought of Mo Baisong. He did not consider the soldiers around him yelling, "Where is the timid thief running?"
Xida Luozhan looked at the rugged mountain road and quickly chased it away.
It was in the process of his pursuit that occasionally big stones rolled down in the mountains, but these were also ignored by him, and nothing could keep him in his footsteps.
Unless it’s a dead valley
Cedaro had to stop, but now he can stop if he wants to.
As soon as his figure appeared in the middle of Death Valley, all the Inca masters of the sacred period, Libo, came crashing in.
This is simply a desperate play.
There are countless stones rolling down the dead valley and dense laser gun attacks.
Sidaluo was unwilling to shout, "Old tricks!"
Death Valley boomed and exploded, and Sida Locke refused to wait and die. He broke out and hit his strongest attack.
The big stone turned to powder.
Laser is scattered by force wave.
Those group wave attacks collided with other wave pairs and became violent winds and waves.
Siddhartha didn’t die. He used energy to hedge and generate air pressure to make his body fly and quickly leave Death Valley.
Everyone on the Inca side was blindsided, and no one dared to pursue it because no one was sure to take Siddhartha.
It’s still fresh in my mind that Sida Locke beat Pu Duo’s head by dividing by three by five. Who dares to go before now?
A wounded beast is still a beast.
Watching from the sidelines, Mo Baisong will go after him if he can’t bear his fighting spirit.
Kun Jian quickly grabbed him and woke up. "Don’t forget to have Lei Sheng."
MoBaiSong hesitated to give up the idea of chasing.
In fact, he also wants to see if Leisheng can leave Sida Luolai or confirm whether the power of a chicken line and nine heavens is the same as that described in the middle.
Pu Duo’s head came running, and finally said, "This is so good. This is so good. We made all the preparations, but he ran away. Unfortunately, the old man’s injury has not healed yet, otherwise he will be chased to the ends of the earth."
MoBoSong hand way "don’t worry, he can’t run"
Bodhidharma’s boss looked at the Wutong Sect and combined with Momodo’s previous words. His heart was sure to have another move.
In fact, Siddhartha was badly hurt, and he ran out of the Inca Mountain with a sigh of relief in his heart.
If someone comes after him at this time, he won’t dare to run in World War I.
Sida Locke looked back at the Inca Mountain and grunted coldly, "Dare you dare to fight the old? You’ll go back and dispatch troops to avenge the Inca faction."
After saying this cruel word, he will continue to move on, but when he turns around, he finds that there is a teenager in front of him.
This teenager is none other than Lei Sheng.
He is looking at Sida Locke with great interest.
"Why didn’t your armor have a helmet? Did someone break it?" Leisheng asked.
Sida Locke didn’t want to meddle, and Nelson’s question immediately alerted him.
"Who are you?"
"I came to watch the fun and beat Reservoir Dogs."
Although Sida Locke didn’t listen to what Bai Reservoir Dogs meant, he obviously didn’t recognize what a good word it was.

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